'Mars Mission' Update


Mars, image credit: ESA (European Space Agency)

Dear All,

In Transformations July-Aug 2018, we shared some information and photos showing the initial stage of a multidimensional mission for retrieval and rebirth of the planetary soul of Mars, vibrationally confluent with the total lunar eclipse on July 27th, 2018. Since then, star family of the Ashtar Command, Solar beings and many assisting light beings have continued releasing and transmuting lower astral imprints and heavy grids from the fourth dimensional frequency field of Mars and its moons, along with safeguarding the Earth and other planets and moons from astral-etheric-plasmatic fallout, as entities connected with those grids start to ‘vacate the premises’.

Restoration of the Divine Masculine inner light of Aris (planetary soul of Mars, whom the ancient Greeks intuited as Ares, god of war), free from control grids imprinted with ‘domination through violence’ encodings and transmissions, will have a profound effect throughout the Solar System, and particularly for the inner planets, including Earth.

Imagine the higher dimensional consciousness of Mars remembering and freely emanating Divine Masculine transmissions of strength, steadfast vitality and creative drive in graceful service to Love, Peace and Compassion for All, then imagine the potential for the Earth collective, receiving this uplifted emanation, during the resurrection of sacred Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine awareness in humanity and all 3-4D life on Earth. This is all ‘timed’ at a stage where humanity is placing ever more focus (broader public interest and aspiration, rather than a covert few) on Mars from a 3D perspective as a potential destination/landing place. Where focus goes, energy flows…and it will be to all our advantage if what this collective focus meets and connects with on the subtle levels has transformed into Love (to put it mildly!), along with being confluent with the Solar System’s ascension in vibration as a whole.

Hence this has become a large-scale, multi-faceted focus from our higher dimensional friends and family (aligned through the oversight of the galactic Ascension Council), and star family have given a detailed sequence of imagery in photos through August into early September. We’ll focus here with the nights of August 22nd and 27th, and the beginning of September, with some beautiful ‘visual messages’ reflecting aspects of the Mars retrieval process now underway.

On stepping outside on August 22nd and lifting my camera, a ship zipped from east to west below the Moon and Mars (at its closest to the Moon since the July 27th lunar eclipse) before I could take a photo, and in the moment of thinking, ‘Could you do that again please,’ the same flash moved along the exact same trajectory, as though that second had been rewound, and in the photo the whole movement of the ship showed like a slow motion frame by frame replay in a single frame. While sending this image, star family on board were communicating the delicacy and care of engaging with the Mars spacetime-frame (every planet has its own spacetime curve or ‘dimple’ within the overall 4D level of the Solar System, see this post) while unlatching control grids, devices and associated entities.


Ship flies east to west below the Moon and Mars (upper right of the Moon), August 22nd 2018.

The alignments of orbs in the next few photos represent many light beings and soul groups around the Moon, stabilizing, clearing and shielding its vibrational field. In the second photo, you can also see a pair of orbs flanking Mars upper right of the Moon, equidistant either side of the planet.



Straight, mirroring alignments shifted into a cluster of protecting energy around the Moon in the next two photos; in the orb enlargement below, control codes can be seen contained within in the orb’s light-field, where they were neutralized and transformed to light.




This was followed by a  vertical ‘pillar’ formation toward the Earth shifting into an angled line of five orbs defining a shielding alignment between the Moon and Earth.



During the last week of August, lightships from many star nations have continued flowing and working together around the Moon and Mars, with a stunningly lovely reveal on August 27th from an emerald green cylinder-shaped lightship with three white light spherical ships meeting it; one already docked at the left end of the green ship, two approaching (upper left in photo below). These ships have a Sirian vibration; the green ship originating from a planet we know as Atrami, of the star Sirius B (with mainly mer-beings and Sirian humans on board, some from the Pleiades also) and the white spheres from Toleka, of Sirius A (feline/lion beings and energies radiate from these ships).


Sirian lightships rendez-vous above the Moon (with Mars behind clouds) on August 27th, 2018.



Leading into the next coordinated focus moment after a pause for adjustment in the Mars and lunar fields, this gorgeous cluster of seven bright lightships flashed in the sky over Mandurah, a seaside town south of Perth, on September 1st (just above the palm trees on the left).


Flotilla of seven small lightships flash brilliantly for a second or so above palm trees, September 1st, Mandurah, Western Australia.


When we’re attuning across dimensions, whatever we’re aligning with (mentally and emotionally, but also multidimensionally through ‘higher self’ and higher dimensional soul expressions) converges across various ‘forms’; in this instance, a beautiful cormorant on the canal ‘pointed’ toward the position of the ships both just before and after the moment they flashed. For another example of ‘cormorant pointing’ see this post…and enjoy noticing the little reflective details and signs around you too.



These seven small ships hailed from the Meri’Ashar (Mary’s Star), which is holding a fifth dimensional ‘frequency platform’ while assisting the Earth’s Shift, but is primarily of 7D vibrations, and its ‘signature symbol’ is a seven-pointed star. This 7D vibration ~ divine grace, compassion and love ~ flowed around Mars, with the Meri’Ashar visible in this photo taken two nights later on September 3rd, radiating a huge sphere of soft purple light around the planet (purple vibrates clearing and transformation through compassion, and surrender to Divine Love).  The Meri’Ashar is the smaller light on the left, Mars on the right, its light arcing brightly as its energy ‘shifted’ momentarily.


The Meri’Ashar next to Mars, with the ship’s energy field visible as a sphere of  soft light around the planet (mostly purple spectrum, with some golden and green vibrating through it), September 3rd 2018.

This deep Mars clearing, transforming, recallibrating and rebirthing process ~ like that of the Earth ~ is continuing, and multi-layered in its complexity; however, star family are very happy the Mars Shift is also in progress now, and send love and reassurance with these images to all ‘love anchors on Earth’, that energies from beyond this planet connected with the dense polarity and mind-state of separation here are also changing, both within the Solar System’s rising vibrational field as a whole, and indeed galactically. It’s all connected, this vast interweaving vibrational fabric, in this journey of divine realignment.

Keep your focus on all that inspires and uplifts you, where you feel most peaceful and unified with creation, moment to moment, dear fellow travellers, helpers and lovers of the New Earth. With love and blessings to All,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  <3

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  • Hi All, this post is now a little late for the Equinox, but continues updating the Mars transformation process, with some photos of the last couple of weeks of ships, orbs and Mars..things are moving along brilliantly up there! Which reverberates in the Earth energy field and collective here too:


    Enjoy the post-Equinox-Full Moon light wave, Joanna  :)

    September Equinox Update
    Golden gateway and golden ship, photos taken May 15th 2016. Dear All, On the eve of the September Equinox 2018 (September 22nd or 23rd, depending on…
  • There's still much happening around Mars, will update again soon; for now here's a photo from last night, of Mars & orb (with a pink&grey galah flying by on the right!)... :)


  • Blessings to you too, Drekx.

    With respect to your views, the beings/people in these ships are well known to my Twin Flame&I; we have Sirian soul expressions, among others, and have soul family and friends on board....hence the clarity of the photo, as kindred energies tend to come through 'crystal clear'... :)

    Ships that decloak here often appear next to stars or planets they are soul-connected with, or are working with in various ways at that moment. For example, night before last, there were (Earth embodied) friends visiting, and as we stood in the driveway at night, we saw a series of perhaps a dozen soft flashes around the star Antares...mentioning this here in relation to Mars/the Mars Mission underway, as 'Ant-Ares' means 'rival of Ares/Mars'....and from my/our remembering, Antares went through a heavy factional war state before its Ascension...and the Antarians are well-versed in transmuting the specific type of energy locks around Mars.  

    For anyone who resonates with Antarians, there are a couple of posts I'll link here, for connecting with them:

    Antarian Connection

    Antares & the Golden Light of Lyra

    'Antarian Connection' recounts my first experience of conscious reconnection of the Antarians, and how/why I initially misperceived their energy as Pleiadian...and the process of fine-tuning to a point of deeper clarity about them (along with a flood of remembrance as their ships came overhead). It's always beautiful to see/feel them above, and tune into the work they do behind the scenes...currently focused with clearing the Martian grids.  There's a practice in that post I found useful for refining the clarity of my attunement, and it could he helpful to some here too.

    Love to all, Joanna. 

    Antarian Connection
    Red is the base. Red is foundation. Life force circulates through your third dimension arteries, nourishing your body, carrying life. Out of balance,…
  • sorry, but no. the mothership [cylinder hull] possessed a few plejare personnel, along with mostly atarmunk [galactic human] sirians....both mothership and three scouts originate sirius b3. sorry if this dissapoints, but is confirmed by federation security duty roster for inner planets, sol system. i like the pschat, also, wish they were mission assigned here. blessings to you. good pix. ;-]

  • Hello Drekx, from communications with the beings on board, there are/were that night mostly paschata (feline beings) in the white sphere ships, and a mixture of aquatic beings and humans on board the emerald green cylinder ship. 

    Namaste, Joanna.

  • Hello Pet Rock, well, we are focusing with 'higher spirit influences and frequencies'...and denser layers can shift and re-form in response to higher frequencies aligned through to them, whether on Earth or Mars...;)

    As you say, 4D can look/feel very similar to 3D (or not), as it also has polarity attributes, and is based in space and time, but works in a different mode to 3D, vortex rather than linear. But it's still relative, like 3D, so what you see/feel/experience through 4D frequency bands can mirror aspects of your personal and/or the collective 3D 'reality construct', if that is your focus...or it can appear very different...all psychic projections vibrate in the 4D astral/etheric, and with enough focus and energy become imprinted...which in our planetary neighbourhood has become dense and congested with shadows and veils...until they are cleared and transmuted back to Light, and the 4D flows clear and in peace again.... which is underway.... :)

    This post about dimensions might interest you too: Multidimensionality

    All the best to you, Joanna. 

    Dear All, Firstly, warm thanks to those of you who’ve sent in email messages and photos in the last few weeks/months. I reply as much as possible, bu…
  • to be correct, sirian star nation ships here are scouts from sirius b3; planet atarmunk. like sirius b4 scouts of neighbouring planet; samanet, they vector in atypical triad formation...spherical hulls and humanoid sirians. unlike the leonine inhabitants of sirius a.

  • this is interesting seeing as I shift to 4d everyday-not much difference at 1st level in-just our relatives brought back from spirit a varying ages and everything is the same as far as jobs, vehicles, pollution, population, aggession-good luck-Mars is a freezing desert and terra forming at any level will take a long time-higher spirit influences and frequencies are needed along with an atmosphere to match Earths' etc.

This reply was deleted.

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