Mars Mission Is Ridiculous

Over and over you hear people trying to convince us that though they cannot build a village in Antarctica, they can build a city on mars! If you cannot build a village at distace 3000 kilometers away from the sun, how can you buld a city over 50 million kilometres away from the sun? Others even say they have already colonized it. God forbid! After all they also say that there are some who joyfully dwell on venus! In summer, it is often almost unbearable in the northern hemisphere  and yet the earth is merely tilted towards the sun. Just tilting towards the sun makes the earth extreemly hot. This means that we must question the landing on moon during the waxing crescent phase. You can only manage the hostile sun, or the similarly hostile freeze if you move othorgonally from the sun, and even so, you must not move too far!

We  cannot allways tell when the phrase 'never say never' is an healthy motive to help us persue, with determinance, an achievable goal, from when it turns into an hubris.  Often someone will say something like 'they were once saying that moving faster than the sound is impossible..'. But we must note that a previous successes can mislead us. We must also have in mind that there are examples of such 'never' that stood! People may have been guided by insisting 'never say no one can climb to the apex of Mount Everest ' . That is why the mountain has become the highest cemetery never allocated! There are other examples also. Someone want to break record by eating a dry loaf of bread at the shortest time possible, only to be strangled to death by the loaf! Someone says he wants to kiss a cobra, only to be bitten! Yes, Americans said that they wanted to transform Afghanistan and completely defeat Taliban, only stampede out of that country in an embarrassing manner! So yes, not everything we can aim at is achievable. The fact that people once said 'such was impossible but now it is possible' does not mean that everything is achievable. Donnot be misled by this common fallacy!

Obviously we cannot go everywhere with a rocket. What will 'the next Elon Musk' do if all the 'Musks' launch succesfull missions to all the planets? Will he try 'mission to the sun'? Clearly we must stop this lunacy somewhere, and perhaps the best place to stop it is right here on earth, right now! If we postpone it to tomorrow, the 'tomorrow' will never come.One thing that we realy don't like to see is to eagerly wait (for a centuary) for 'the first man on mars' only for corpses to be such 'first men on mars'. Furthermore, having to wait for yet another centuary for another 'first man to reach mars alife'. Again remember that there are over 300 corpses along Mount Everest. So watch out! If we insist too much on 'mission to mars', it is very likely that many will die in such a persuit, forever staining the 'space travel'. Indeed mount Everest should teach us a lesson. Trying to climb a merely 8 km up can be fatal. How about going 50 million km away?

Imagine placing only seven or so human beings in a tight cabin-like space, wearing 100 kg suits,10kg helmet, hiding behind 6 inches thick glass for 2 years in a never done journey!  Being a must to wear such suits, You cannot take a bath for two years, of course. But you must 'go to toilet', of course! You must be able to somehow do that without removing the suits! You will be in a terrible, unnatural environment for over two years! You will be constantly worrying, knowing that you can die any minute! If  you  get sick, almost no one will nurse you. I might have to vomit somehow without removing the helmet and the glass! You will have to eat unnatural, processed food daily for two years! Something then rings a bell! Soldiers? Over years, humans have had the habit of 'programing' some of us to become like dogs so they may serve our egos! Likewise, the space-travellers are pawns in the game. They are the ones to risk their lifes but the ones to rip all the bennefits are the egotistic tycoons sitting comfortably somewhere, such as Musk et al, cheered by chauvinistic masses from those respective countries!

There are non more misguided than those 'programed' by NASA that such purely showy pursuits as 'going to mass' are somehow 'important'. To be sure, everything is important.  A marathon runner finishing in less that 2 hours (a fleat widely thought to be impossible) is 'important to humanity'. Climbing Mt Everest is 'important to humanity'. Kissing a snake is 'important to humanity'. Eating a full loaf of bread in one second is 'important to humanity'.We can see importance in anything we do, if we try hard enough. However, not everything is urgent enough! That is the trick! Who would die tommorow if Kipchoge did not run the Marathon in less than two hours? Similarly, who will not be able to have a lunch because tycoons have failed to land man on mars? Tied to such, of course, is priorities. Is it more urgent to build a floating city in orbit, which only tycoons can afford, or urgent to build houses on earth?Think about this having in mind that even in America, there are still surprisingly many homeless people. The strangely don't find it prestigious to build beautiful houses in California but will say that 'they want to buld floating Cities for the benefit of mankind'. Suddenly, these highly individualists turn and now become 'the champions of mankind' when they want to smash your taxes in persuits that merely serve the egos of tycoons!! I mean they always say 'each individual should make their choices and should work for his own good'. Why are they not saying this in this 'mars mission' and other 'space programs'? Why are the dragging the whole 'humanity' into it, instead of leaving the issue of space adventure to individual choises?


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  • So how can this purely super power hoopla be some 'of benefit to all mankind'?. Specifically, we must settle something: is landing on moon a 'service to mankind' or is it an event meant purely to serve US and Russia's cold war prestige? Was going to moon part of everyone's plan on earth? Then why are nations doing it in a RACE rather than in a COOPERATION? Why don't Americans, when the discover oil somewhere, say 'this oil is for the benefit of all mankind', and the dish it out for needy pple to improve their lifes? These are what 'mankind' need. A visit to a useless rock up there in the sky is of no benefit on any leaving thing here on earth, and that is why nature never gave us any natural means of getting there.
  • THE HORSE: Who won the 'race to moon'? Russians or Americans?
    THE LION: Neither! Dogs won! Don't you remember the 'hair and the chameleon' story?

    The hair was bragging to the chameleon that it can ran 10 times faster than the chameleon. But the chameleon said no! I am the faster. Then the hair said 'alright, lets see who will be the first to sit on that chair, 100 meters away.

    On your marks, set, go...

    Then the chameleon jumped onto the hair's tail. So the hair ran with it all the way to the end. Reaching there, when the hair tried to turn around, the chameleon jumped off the tail and sat on the chair, shouting 'don't sit on me, hair, I have arrived the first'.

    So the chameleon won! He made use of hairs effort to beat him in his own game! Such is how dogs won the 'race' to moon!
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