Hey guys,

Hope you are all well, enjoying yourself, i'm taking some time out for myself,away from my laptop, away for my phone, away from work, just chilling by the beach enjoying the shift of season, her in sydney

it is always a good way to reach MANTRA which basically means spritual transformation, although many of us automatically log on as we all work with computers and is a great networking society aswell as our hobby too, we have created a beautiful place were everyone feels free to share beautiful stories and it;s amazing how we are insync with each other,

But this past weekend with working, emails, web conferencing it, got too much and completely feel out of balance.

Technology is and will always be apart of our lives and is great and ever expanding. but sometimes we need to remember to take the time and get out of your office, room, house turn off your phone, take your ipod or if your like sing to yourself LOL,this brings you back to a happy, relax peace of mind,

Yes we seek piece of mind but knowledge also comes with peace of mind as well,

For me the beach is my place i go to clense the sand the water on my feet and peacefully intoxicated by nature.

What was will always be, what is to be will be, know that yes but REMEMBER to be in the moment the now you'll be surprised where father time can take you if you walk insync with him, in pace in balance yet as quick as light.

Namaste beloved brothers and sisters

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