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8108767899?profile=originalMillennia ago, societies were matriarchal by nature, which meant they were egalitarian. The lineage of power was passed through the women and for the early part of civilization, personal power was undeveloped as beings struggled to survive, using their first and second chakras for this purpose, I.e. survival and procreation, the two primary instincts. Occasionally a being with Power would incarnate to lead, accelerate evolution or to anchor spiritual frequencies on the planet.


Yet, many beings were deeply connected to the Mother as their source. They continually witnessed the miracle of birth, observing the role of mother in this great actor creation. Men remained humbled and served the communities as equals while the tribes were organized by matriarchal lineages. They paid homage to the Mother, in hopes that She would insure the continuation of their lives.


At one moment in our evolution, the planet was visited by a race, superior in intelligence. They traveled here to obtain gold, much needed for their survival. They soon realized that by interbreeding with the early humans, they could create a slave race to work for them. They were able to program consciousness to suppress the impulse towards to revere the Mother and created themselves as gods and superhumans.


Still, many cultures clung to the Feminine, so the myths regarding the gods and goddesses were instigated and infused with the personalities and ego traits of humans. Struggles between them persisted in these early tales of power.


In all of this, men began to see themselves as an equal or greater component in the creation act, now knowing that they were part of the equation. Men, being stronger and larger, began to take control of tribal leadership and in an effort to expand their holdings, began to covet their neighbor's land, women and cattle. This was the beginning of hierarchical society and subsequently, war. This trend has continued to this moment in earth history.


Those interlopers knew the power of the feminine, both in reality and in the minds and hearts of the people. They sought to diminish Her influence. This proved difficult, even with the onset of Christianity, so torture and imprisonment were introduced to enforce their control patterns. Many beings here on the planet remember the punishment they endured to remain connected to the Feminine. Extreme psychological tactics were used to infuse fear and terror. Through the millennia, many lost their connection to the Mother completely.


So, it is easy to surmise why many have no connection to the planet, Gaia or to Her deeper nature, the Divine Feminine. They block it for fear of reprisal. They have no recollection of this essential component. In addition, humans have been taught to sublimate their emotions individually and collectively. This has created the morass we call the Densities. Instinctively humans recoil from feeling their emotions. They anchor their awareness in their thoughts, however unconscious, rather than their human bodies. They certainly do not conscious delve deeply into their psyches, for their they will encounter their shadow and the shadow of the planet, the Densities. For to reach the Cauldron, or the Repository of the Divine Feminine, one must clear and create a safe passage rough the Shadow and the Densities. This has been our work in the last year with the Corridor and the Form. That is to say, we have become aware of our human configuration via the Corridor: id, ego, personality, shadow and circular mind.


In addition, we also became aware and abolished the Form, the devious programming of limitation by the controllers, created to insure the enslavement of the majority of humanity, to the benefit of a small percentage. We are aware of the extreme polarization on the planet between the wealthy and the poor to very poor.


At the moment that we began to bring in the 5D energies and then to break down the Form, movements to call out the controllers via corporations and the large family cartels began to emerge. Society needs to reconfigure, yet it cannot be truly balanced or successful without each being reconnected to their innate power. To do this, they must address issues of denial and limiting beliefs that they have assumed, unchallenged.


So to this end, each human who is intent on waking up, must attend to their shadow and plumb the depths to the Cauldron. No one could be expected to take on the Densities. They must instead create a protected pathway through them, until they reach their goal of reconnecting with the Mother.


Knowledge is Power. Now that you know, you must protect yourself as you actualize more and more of your Power. How may we be in our power, without it corrupting us or without it attracting the wrong sources? There are many answers to this question.


Always align yourself with the highest frequencies possible. Align with the Divine in any context that you resonate to in your life. Maintain clear boundaries. Do not let others feed off of you or expect others to feed you energetically. Shore up your energy with mantras, prayers and your practices. Keep your thoughts positive, purposeful and poised. Maintain your body as a temple of your life force. Be aware of what is your energy and if there is a breech in your field. Then know how to maintain your energetic container, to protect it, energize it and fill it. This is your job as a being of Power.


To protect yourself, ascribe to the practices given to you by your teachers. We use mantras, amulets and energetic practices. Create clear spaces to do your work at home or in your work place. Create altars of protection, if even in a window sill. Protect yourself especially at night or in public places where people may not take care of their energy. Be aware of indulging in or experimenting with practices not on your path.


Above all, monitor your thoughts and maintain intentionality. This is your greatest protection against the controllers. When you become acquainted with Power, you may indeed become targeted and indeed, this is when you must regulate their prime tool in keeping you enslaved: through your thoughts, through mind.


Maintain your Power through all of the 5M practices. However, maintain intentionality. Breathe your heart desires into being by maintaining clear thoughts, energizing your intentions with your practices. When you are able to do this, then shall you step into your power. Each step then brings you closer to the true source of Power: the Divine Feminine.


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