I NAILED ISRAEL WITH 2023 PREDICTION MADE IN 2022! MALCOLM'S 2023 MUNDANE ASTROLOGY PREDICTION OF ISRAEL (verbatim from predictions seminar held in Santa Fe of December of 2022). Got tears?

Below is the astrology-based prediction I made regarding Israel for 2023 (in December 2022, in Santa Fe, NM) ... There are question-marks no doubt in my analysis, but I think I did a good job. EVERYONE: please work for world peace; the world is about to get violent as we approach the beginning of the Age of Aquarius .. We had violence as the age of Aries ended with the Roman Empire's addiction with violence, and we may get to experience similar energy as we approach 2025. The 2023 Israel prediction is as follows. Note the Uranus Opposition Chiron transit explained =>


Pluto Square Ascendant will be within 20’ of being exact in spring of 2023.  This defines some sort of conflict in the environment at a grass roots level, and yes this may include possible violence in the environment (or significant espionage activity).  The Pluto Quincunx Mars transit will be strong from September to November of 2023.  This will be following a Venus Retrograde (from June through July) in which Venus Conjunction Mars will be strong.  The natal placement of Mars in the 10th House (near the star of Regulus) has been traditionally defined as the military branch of Israel, and there is a real possibility of some sort of tension in 2023 involving Israeli military activity or (worst) a military strike involving Israel’s military. The transit of Neptune Square Jupiter will be very strong from June through August of 2023.  This is significant because with transiting Neptune in the 5th House (which rules speculation) forming a Square to Jupiter in the 2nd House (which traditionally represents money on hand), there is a real possibility of a major disappointment in 2023 concerning expenditures or money needed by the state of Israel.  Areas of concern in this area include digital currency, real estate, and military expenditures. Uranus Opposition Chiron takes place in the second half of 2023. This transit appears to represent important Israeli intelligence activities.  Again, there is the possibility of much military activity in 2023 involving the Israeli military in some way.  The Mercury Retrograde in August forms a very strong Sextile to natal Chiron as well, and this adds more emphasis for the possibility of much Israeli intelligence activity. The Saturn Trine Ascendant transit will be strong in late 2023 as Saturn goes Direct in November 2023.  This appears to represent much government presence (in a big way) in the state of Israel, and probably due to possible threats.

Where is the “The Place of a Skull” located? – jannette hicks

The above photo is the area known as "the place of the skull." This is where Jesus was reportedly crucified, and the Age of Pisces began. This Age of Pisces is currently coming to an end in the 21st century, possibly in 20-30 years. Pray for peace.

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