2. Bhagavat & Jaiv Dharma say that only the most intelligent & non-crooked accept & chant Gauranga mantra from shastra as it's hidden like Gaur

3. Nitai & Bhaktivinod awakened a rock like me to preach Nityananda & Gauranga Nam openly & widely. I hope more qualified preachers will do so.

4. As only Harinam may take billions of years to give us love, Balai & Kanai came as Nitai & Nimai with Their Names which give love in few days

5. Staunch faith is Gauranga's name comes just before enlightenment as we get it after worshiping Radha Krishna for atleast a 100 lives in Vraj

6. Krpasiddhi means chanting Nityananda Gauranga Nam since if one does so Krsnaprem seeks out him or her in few days. No other faster shortcut.

7. I know that even if the whole world leaves me & Gaur Radha Krishna reject me as unqualified, Nitai will somehow lift & bring me before Them.

8. I can feel the causeless mercy and hope in Nityananda's name due to which I can now hope to attain the unattainable Goloka in this very life

9. All our temporary worldly problems & worrries are insignificant in front of the Vrajprem Nityananda Gauranga Nam grant us in this very life.

10. One who comes to Radha Kund becomes famous in creation as demigods shower flowers and Radha begins thinking how to bring that soul to Her.8109172876?profile=original

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