Love Chain Family Event

Please join the love chain family event and share your talents with the world.  It has already traveled to many places including USA, Africa, United Kingdom and India.  Create a video of your talent based on the message in the first video on the pinned post called “Share the Document, Abundance for All, upload it to youtube and put this statement with the link in the description under the video… Join the love chain family and become an unbreakable link.  It is easy and fun! Share your talents or share the posts!

You may think you don’t have talents.  You all do.  It is what you love to do.  If you love to sing or dance you can create your own song or create a new melody to the lyrics I wrote.  If you love art, create an artistic creation.  If you love to garden, create a video about the love of plants and how people should nurture these beautiful living creatures.  If you love sports, create a video about sportsmanship.  If you love games, design a new game.  If you love architecture, create a replica of future communities.  If you love cooking, create a video of your favorite recipe.  If you love cleaning, create a video picking up garbage around Mother Earth.  The ideas are endless.  Allow your imaginations to go wild. 

The energy of the love chain family will help you obtain your dreams quickly.  A family supports each of its members to obtain all their goals.  We are waiting to support you in your magnificent talents and passions.  If you would prefer to simply share the posts on the page, you still become an unbreakable link which means you are part of the Love Chain Family.  Love and blessings!

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  • You are definitely knowledgeable! The answer lies in your heart! Thanks so much! We are excited to show you that manifestation is real! Love and blessings!

  • Please tell us what video you will be creating to share with the Love Chain Family.  Thank you so much Amparo.  We look forward to supporting you to obtain your dream!  Love and blessings!

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"Sometimes i feel were the Water is. The Air feels from that direction always a little bit cold."
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"The current state of play for the deep state agenda, suggests dire straits for them....They are panicking and have been out-manoeuvred by the white knight patriots, every step of the way...

Listen to this X22 report by Dave and as usual I recommend…"
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"Thanks Sohini.....and water is a very interesting substance from which we may extract aetheric energy, in accord with the researches of Viktor Schauberger....
I have several aetheric energy producing devices, which utilize imploded water...
There is…"
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"Dear Drekx Omega,
Sounds from water we have experienced many times with different sources.
A stream, A River, Fall from the Hieght...depending upon the quantity and force, If it's coming from the Ocean...
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"welcome to my city
Just klick on the Words there with the big Letters. Like HOME. All these are linked and you see pictures. Anyway if you Google for: Tea Kontor Wasserschloss (means Water Castel)"
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