Love and Joy in an Evolving Reality

wes_sunsky.jpgWritten by Wes Annac


Allow harmonious vibrations of the purest order to flow through every facet of your body and spirit. Allow pure bliss and harmony to pervade every fiber of your Being, and just when you think you can’t take-in enough of the good vibrations, affirm that your perception of them be expanded.

See, know and feel that you exist in a reality of pure spiritual energy. Understand that what you’ve known as physical matter is actually this energy, and is much more changeable than you would imagine. Understand that you can make the most profound of changes; in your personal Life and on the world stage. Feel this as you allow bliss to seep-in and pervade your perspective.

It seems as if there’s a lot to be worried about, but worry is an illusion. Therefore, to worry about anything is to cast illusion over it, rather than bringing Light to it.

We can truly feel the most intensely-wonderful perceptions within ourselves, but it’s important for us to make our efforts to attune to them and to allow balance to lead us to a place of understanding that everything, in every moment, is alright. Even if the world seems to be in a state of unrest, you are doing a magnificent thing by spreading the Light and happiness you can begin to find within and the more often you go out of your way to do so, the more often you will be helping yourself and the entire Earth.

It’s time for us to let stress, anger and the mechanism to rebel, fall by the wayside. Yes, there are forces on this Earth in need of widespread exposure but our work to expose them does not have to dampen our perspective or dim the naturally-pure vibrations we can now come to find in ourselves.

It’s time to recognize, understand and love the spiritual aspects of our existence. It’s time to recognize Love for what it really is; not a false or illusory, romanticized concept, but a fundamental energy and emotion that builds and sustains our realities as well as our experiences with one another. Can you imagine the entire collective of Earth finding not just acceptance of each other, but Love for each other?

Can you imagine us all uniting based on what we have in common rather than what we perceive to be our differences, and Loving our fellow man as we would our own family? We are a collective family; a connected Earth-mind tribe. We’ve come to forget this fundamental fact as we allowed ourselves to fight against each other for purely–illusory reasons.

When attuning to those aforementioned blissful vibrations, one begins to steadily awaken to the reality and existence of pure, harmonious Love that is shared throughout every aspect of consciousness on this planet we call Earth. One begins to see that every bit of hatred, fear, separation and oppression has resulted from a sheer lack of Light and Love within oneself, and one also begins to understand that what can be seen as cliché concepts (such as Light or Love) are much realer and more powerful than one would at first imagine.

Personally, I’m brimming with blissful energy that I wish to share with as many of you as possible, because I know and can feel that this energy is meant to be spread. We are here to spread and share as much and as pure higher dimensional energy as we possibly can, and many of us are doing this along with working to spread awareness and helping the awakening Earth public find the states of consciousness of the higher realms.

Exposing souls who have actively worked against our finding of full consciousness is an aspect of helping the Earth public find the higher dimensions, and when that aspect of the work has been done we will be able to collectively find, feel and radiate the purest of Light as we will have completed one of the most difficult aspects of our collective ascension.

I have no desire to dip into negativity in the name of exposing those souls, but the unfortunate acts they have perpetrated needs Light shone onto them, just as any other facet of darkness accompanying this Earth experience does.

I write this to reinforce the ideal that the most brimming and pure of happiness, joy and Love can be attained and radiated despite being exposed to the actions of the cabals and to the negativity accompanying this Earth experience in general. If you ever tend to feel as if the negativity accompanying this experience is a bit too much to handle, follow the advice given at the beginning of this writing and make your effort to attune to states of consciousness that are just incredible to behold.

The fact that we can quite literally attune to the higher realms from our physical bodies in increasingly-pure ways is remarkable and in my view, the entire collective should know of their ability to access infinite states of consciousness that they’ve been led to believe don’t exist.

Along with informing the collective about their metaphysical abilities and the blissful states of consciousness we can all find, I strongly advise utilizing the wonderful abilities we have found to access these states of consciousness in any moment you feel you can, because doing so will see you expand with each attempt you make to find them.

Brimming, almost-silly joy is here to stay on this planet, and we can make it so in every moment by expressing the natural joy and bliss so many of us are finding within. The collective energies will benefit greatly from our doing so, and will aid the Light in finding the “wiggle room” to fully enter the collective consciousness and help to anchor the higher realms upon the surface of our world once again.

Wes Annac – Offering Love and joy in an evolving reality

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  • Dear Wes,

    If there is real love then it brings always Joy...and Blessings...




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