Lost Book of Enoch?

Does any one have any insight about Enoch or the Book of Enoch, which is missing from the old testament? For any response, thought, or consideration of this question "thank you, " your energy is appreciated.

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  • http://earthacupuncture.info/mythology%20of%20ningishzida.htm

    Mythology of Ningishzida
  • I did read that in the Urantia book which helped spring board me into deeper research.

  • Nathan, have you read the info on Enoch in the Urantia Book?   

    Paper 45 - The Local System Administration

    ...  (514.3) 45:4.13 11. Enoch, the first of the mortals of Urantia to fuse with the Thought Adjuster ...

    Paper 136 - Baptism and The Forty Days

    ... the Son of God, as depicted by the author of the Book of Enoch and by certain of his contemporaries; but never had they for a single ...

    Paper 76 - The Second Garden

    ... married Remona, his distant cousin, and their first son, Enoch, became the head of the Elamite Nodites. And for hundreds of years the ...

  • Another good read with regards to some these teaching is the Kybalion written by the Three Initiates.  The message is simply LOVE.  Have fun you are opening a door of much intrigue, use a sharp eye to discern the chaff from the wheat.  I have been researching this very topic for around 2 decade now.  Use caution many charlatans exist in this field.  

  • Thanks Nathan : )

  • From my understanding Enoch was taken into heaven in a golden(flaming) chariot.  Supposedly he was the first human to reach ascension through humility and embracing his God-Spark or his divine adjuster.  That reason alone explains why the power hungry church of the time didn't want to release the knowledge that man doesn't need organized religion to reach his/her true spiritual potential.  Take a moment to research Enochian magic and rituals which is directly tied with the teaching of ancient Egypt (Hermes Trismegistus) thus possibly Atlantis.  It is my opinion that these books were left in the dark to add power to the socio-religion paradigms of the time.  I hope this helps a bit.

    Be well and Be aware 

    Nathan Lawcynell

  • Ty Star Flower for response. I'm not concerned with why it's missing, more so interested on the perspectives of others regarding Enoch, plus I am looking for a sense of direction to find out more about him, scriptures I read are brief. The name of Enoch is a constant in my mind, don't know why.

  • Are you asking why it is missing from the OT? I don't have the answer to that.

    It is online at http://www.kingjamesversionofthebible.com/the-lost-book-of-enoch.html but I've never been very good at discerning its metaphors. 


    Lost Books of the Bible: Book of Enoch
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