Losing Faith in 2012

There are so many theories about 2012.  I have investigated many of them, sometimes I feel as though I have always had this number looming up at me.  And the question always remains…What If?  What if the world falls into chaos and WW3?  What if our celestial family comes forth for disclosure?  What if nothing happens and we all live our lives the way we are now? 

I’ve always been a bit of an odd duck.  I was “gifted” as a child and put in a special class, but it really didn’t help my life.  I never used my gifts for much, I didn’t even finish school and had to upgrade as an adult.  I made bad choices that I am still paying for.  I’ve had paranormal experiences that scared me when I was young, so I cut that part of myself away… and now I find myself trying to find the pieces and put them back. 

I truly feel one of my purposes in life is to find the signs of the divine force we call God and bring him/her out into the open to be shared and loved.  I do this by researching and finding parallels in information and collating what I’ve learned.  I use my higher reason to figure things out and trust my instincts only as far as they are not influenced by my weaker ego.  We all do this, it is why we are here, I believe, at this site. 

We are all different stripes of Lightworker.  Some of us are system busters, some of us are bridge builders, some of us carry the Light codes, and some of us are natural healers… I could go on, but you know what I mean.  We each have a role to play in these times of change.  And if there is one thing I have learned in my research it is that there IS a God, and he/she has a Plan. 

We get in these circular debates, back and forth about channelings, the Dark Cabal, 2012… we seem to debate a lot about things we don’t even have proof exists, lol.  This is good, it creates synergy around certain ideas that allow them coalesce into this reality.  I think perhaps that is why so many discarnate entities are channeling now with humans, they are trying to merge their realities into ours and giving us a vision of possibilities.  It doesn’t mean that they are right, it means they are trying influence what we believe, which may result in an expanded reality matrix. 

I was struck last night by an idea that I just couldn’t shake.  What if this is all an illusion, what if we’ve been lied to and nothing will change by 2013?  I was watching the news and it was sooo shallow and insincere, it makes me sad to even think about how closed off society has become.  If you really think about society and it’s thoughtforms it really just seems overwhelming to think of it changing…I imagine this behemoth of rage, greed, fear and selfishness rampaging through the streets, the embodiment of all our insecurities and sins brought to life. 

In order for true change to manifest itself and the higher concepts of service for others rather than service for self to emerge the entire system has to be remodeled.  The old matrix of male domination has to go, we’ve been out of balance for eons and this is the result.  Without the Sacred Feminine mankind has lost its inner conscience, its standing one leg and about to fall over. 

How is this going to happen?  That is the question that lurks in my mind when I am living my “regular” life, taking care of my children and going to work.  And how can I bring the needed change to our world?  I come here, like many of you, looking for answers. 

I can tell you for certain that Theosophy has helped me immensely in understanding this world.  It always irks me that so much focus is put on the GFL  and the Dark Cabal and all these theories that have one missing ingredient in them all.  The fact that God and the Hierarchy of Light exists. 

I mean, really?  Do you really think that there is no plan for us?  That we aren’t on a trajectory of evolution and soul growth?  Theosophy was not chosen, it is something that resonates so deeply with me that I don’t feel as though I am learning about it, I feel as though I am remembering it. 

The thing is, though, is that Theosophy doesn’t acknowledge 2012.  Certainly they mention our Galactic Family but they do not emphasize them overly and the message is clear that the Galactics will not interfere with humanity.  The theme in Theosophy is self actualization and the bringing down of the Soul into the physical body.  Sounds a bit like ascension, doesn’t it? 

Theosophists are taught about the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  The angels (devas) have a separate but parallel existence with us humans, and they are evolving apace with us… and those of us who have evolved beyond human flesh, the ones we call Ascended Masters are scheduled to incarnate themselves on this planet… the return of Buddha, of Jesus the Christ… east meets west… male merges with female to end duality… do you see the parallel themes going on? 

But the thing that I could not erase from my mind yesterday, was the immensity of the change needed.  Yes, it’s all fine and easy for someone like me, who is polarized to the Light to talk about overcoming duality and merging with my other self to create a Nova being, a Light body or a Merkaba.  I am not perfect by any means but I believe that the attempt is 90% of the result, if you know what I mean.  However, no one I know cares about the soul.  The people in my world, in my city and at my job think only of their families, and financial success, self esteem through possessions or control… they think about parties and sexual gratification, and having nice clothes and an expensive car… THESE are the things that are important to them.  I don’t want to be in judgement, Lord knows I’m no saint, but I really have a hard time seeing change happen in the world when the people around me cannot raise their heads high enough to see God or even Light and Love around them.   The media has twisted people into caricatures of greed and want. 

IS this what it means to be in the end of the Kali Yuga?  I mean, people are still nice, I don’t think many would consider themselves Godless or selfish, but they are blind to their own predicament.  Imean, seriously look at the economy, isn’t it crashing because our society loves credit over hard earned money?  Is that a good value to possess?  If people were to treat themselves as a garden and plant only the thoughtforms that are helpful and healthy, we would be a much different society…

So, what I am saying in a roundabout way, is that I am losing faith in 2012.  Not in our Hierarchy, but who knows when they are coming, I don’t think there are clocks in heaven, lol.  I am losing faith in the idea that our bloated hot mess of a global society will make changes by 2013.  I know all the theories, and I adhere to a few of them… but I just can’t see a way out of our predicament without complete and utter destruction… I thought the Sacred Feminine would bring balance and usher in the Unity Wave… and I certainly feel ascension coming over me… but more often, perhaps as I raise my vibration, I feel less sure about the rest of the world, even my family.  How are you going to change the minds of billions of people into believing in something like LOVE?

The signs are all around, the Solar Logos is making himself known, the earthquakes, the energy crisis, the economy meltdown, the weather anomalies… definitely something will happen, but I am infected with the disease of Low Expectation that our brothers and sisters out there will get uplifted and I will face the next fifty years with the people of this planet who do not share my values.  Sigh.  And I thought I was lonely growing up, it’s going to be utter hell if I am forced to live here in this decadence/desolation for the rest of my life, knowing that the Hierarchy exists but having them unable to change this world because the Free Will Clause forbids them… and humans, being what they are… will blithely go about being greedy and selfish. 

So, what I am sincerely asking of you, dear reader … is to give me a bit of HOPE that we can make it.  That 2012 isn’t going to be a loooong drawn out process of decades of snail like growth and change.  Give me a reason to wake up on Jan 1, 2013, with my heart aflame for the new tomorrow.  Because the way it sits now, it is going to be painful and slow… and I am losing faith in my fellow humans. 

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  • What if? ..."2012" is coming on the 28th of Oct.2011? What if we all will have to make it happen, to help it to come into fruition? ...what if? Can you, could you, would you help? What if? Do you want to help?

    Trust! Breath! Live! Be!...Call it, it is happening! It is coming into fruition! Check out the info on http://www.mayanmajix.com and watch the 16 Youtube video sessions after you typed "Mayan Calendar Comes North" into the Internet...Love and Peace...
  • What is important is SELF CONVICTION not wishfull thinking, IT IS WITHIN US to believed or not to believed to do or not to do, AS LONG AS WE STILL HAVE FAITH IN THE DEVINE PROVIDENCE that guides our destiny to the next DIMENSIONAL LIFE. Love and Light to you AMIGA.
  • Thank you all so very very much for your advice.  Words cannot express what it means to know that people like you are in your towns and cities, being the wonderful Lightbeings you are and building the grid of Love across the world.  If what the Arcturians say is true, then this love grid is going to transform the earthly inhabitants and mother Gaia herself. 

    I made a list as WeAreOne suggested of all the changes, and it's very obvious that I am on the path of Enlightenment and if I go, perhaps I am dragging the rest of the world with me,lol.  At least that is what I am hoping, I am concentrating on being with Nature at this time, it gives me the most comfort... and the sun is intoxicating these days too.  Too heck with television and media, there is so much fear and violence it sickens me; better to ignore it for now because there isn't anything I can do for the victims of the world other than offer my compassion. 

    Did you all feel something yesterday?  I thought it was a magnetic flare from the sun, but something big was going on, I think.  My sacral chakra felt like it was being pinched and pulled... it's very strange, isn't it?  Trying to find words for these things we are feeling and experiencing.  Perhaps I was clearing some etheric baggage, I'm afraid I don't meditate as often as I would like but I have a very busy life style and little boy who doesn't give me much peace... thank goodness he loves nature too :) 

    Thank you all, I am happy to walk with you on the Path, Happy Mothers Day to you ladies, and much Light and Love to you all, let's blanket the world in a positive pink lovelight  :) 

  • 1HappyKelly can you imagine what it would be like if our current media (TV) went away and a new "program" came on.  Something that was love and light and kindness and truth.  The "sheeple" would be led into a new way of thinking because they are so used to depending on the media to tell them what to wear, how to think, how to act, what to buy, and that these *things* will make us happy or fix us.


    I had a vision some time ago, where all of the electricity (power lines) and electrical devices had a red light running through them as a current.  Something then shifted, and a violet light started to run through all of these lines and changed the program, changed the energy.  In this vision everyone that had tv or any sort of electrical devices were "plugged in" to that program. The violet light that streamed through these lines basically changed the channel and everyone was downloaded a new operating system for their brains! Please excuse the geek speak here, but that's what I liken it to -- more computer speak than tv speak, but somewhat similar lol.


    The comment that had to do with soul shards, wow! Just the other day I was FEELING and SEEING this. It was so weird! It definitely had to do with trauma. I was seeing glimpses of each sort of trauma I've experienced in this life and each one carried a shard away from my soul.


    I've been calling on whoever is out there and assigned to me as my socialworker or caregiver or healer/doctor/medic. The ones who are supposed to assist each and every one of us after the disclosure happens.  I hadn't seen any sort of sign.  I don't do channeling or anything like that.  Yesterday while my partner and I were driving I felt another surge of sorrow over financial woes, the trauma, etc...  I saw this blue being above me etherically and it was sending light to me in this cone shape of spiral strands of light swirling right to my body and heart. I felt an immediate calmness wash over me and a sense of peace.  Maybe you should call on whoever is assigned to you? It's just a thought. I wasn't even sure of it myself but did experience that yesterday and it was really cool! 


    This is getting to be a really long response, but I wanted to mention a couple more things.  This may be more related to me because of the financial stuff - just wish it wasn't so important to have money to exist in this society, but anyways...  I hadn't really been following the Salusa channellings, but my partner does and mentions the info to me from time to time. There have been all sorts of really weird synchronicities with that. Like he'll say something to me and I actually felt or thought it too.  I can't remember all of them because I get distracted with daily life.  One had to do with what the climate is going to be like here once everything changes. Now this could be me psychically picking up on his thoughts or something?  One of the situations though, I had a vision the night before he told me.  I saw these people come and talk to Obama or the high up (I'm *so* not politically savvy, so excuse the lack of term there) Anyways, these beings/people threw down stacks of gold onto this HUGE long table where a bunch of people were sitting at.  The beings/people were basically like HERE'S the gold, we're not joking around here! That vision was maybe a month ago or something?  The next day my partner mentioned something of the nature from one of the Salusa channelings.  Now maybe that type of thing has been discussed often in these writings but it just seemed like a really really big coincidence.


    The other thing I was going to say is that the other day I felt so down like you were feeling when writing your post. I felt much fear and distrust. Even though I felt this fear and distrust there was an inner knowing that it's GOING to happen -- like in a very good way. The feeling of fear and distrust and wondering if it's all just a big lie... Then I had this inner knowing that this stuff is surfacing because it's related to Atlantis or what's the other one? I'm having a brain fart here, lol! Oh Lemuria! I haven't read much about these places/times, and sort of feel like a dork for it because there are people here that know so much more, like studied this stuff. The feeling was real and was there though. The feeling was that this is in our cellular memory because we were betrayed in the past. This fear and distrust is surfacing so it can be healed and released.


    I do feel like things are going to happen soon. My energetic tone has completely changed since that day. Now it could be because I read that it's coming soon in the Salusa channeling here. Now that I'm here I'm going to keep up with the readings. Something just feels DIFFERENT though.  I don't watch tv or read the news because that stuff always depresses me.  I feel something shifting. I mean if I read the same channelling last week I may have had the fear and distrust you know? Maybe whatever that person/being did to assist me with that rotating spiral cone of energy helped clear that too.


    Basically what I'm saying is that maybe you're clearing some of that cellular memory too. When things get you down, call on your angels/lightbeings. Sometimes you may have to scream, lol! I did! I don't mean to sound like a cheeze but some of the trauma I've endured has brought about this primal scream to the light energies out there to just *hellllppppp!!* I now trust that I'm going to have someone to help me during this transition. I mean I've never really been one to seek out healers in the past, but with everything that's gone on in my life over the past 3 years, it definitely would be awesome to have some sort of lightfilled therapist/healer to connect with and work through all of this stuff.


    Wow I got really long with this....


    Hugs and Light and Love and Peace and Goodness and *Free and Open Source Software downloads for Everyone!* (sorry I had to throw that one in there. My partner and I are geeks, lol! It kinda ties in with that "programming/tv show" paragraph above) Here's something that sorta explains it:


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODQ4WiDsEBQ (Nelson Mandela Interview)




    <3, Sü

  • We need no prophecies or theories to move on, evolution of every species, of every civilization whether it is physical or spiritual has an order to happen, it's unstoppable and it happens all the time, it happens in nature, in cycles, in everything.


    It won't happen over night, it won't happen in 2012, it's going on right now, statistics and every kind of collective information gathered can show this, the way you feel shows that something very large is happening, you don't need anyone to tell you.


    A few days ago I was going through very rough energies, thinking I was far from ascension, that it just wouldn't happen to me, but then I got to remember... this is it, beating old demons and new ones, salusa said in a channeling "try to feel love and carry that energy with everything you do, I know it's hard, but it's what you came here to do".



    I'll just say this last thing, if ascension was an easy thing, none of us would be here anyway.

  • Kelly, I know exactly how you feel. I went through a phase awhile back called the "dark night of the soul" where I felt so disappointed that things were not moving as quickly as I had hoped and felt like things were never going to change. I got so burnt out because I wanted to learn everything and wanted things to happen right then, I was basically living in the future. Archangel Michael told me to stop living in the future and to focus on the present. Because I was missing out on life worrying about the future. So I took his advice and started focusing on the present and allowing the process to just flow. So even though we all want everything to change as planned, all we can do is wait and see but still focus on the best outcome. Remember if things don't work out - worst case scenario - at least we get to go HOME. I know I've been extremely homesick but I also know I have a mission that I must see through to make this world a better place for my children and for generations after that. So I won't give up. Just remember to continue to shine your light with everyone around you and if we all do that, we can create miracles! 

  • remember our upgrades are dna mods and such are causes of head pain  and faintness we are told to relax and go with it and to allow it  ya i am in a rush to go also
  • Thank you all so much for your kindness and wonderful words of wisdom.  I will respond more when I have a bit more time later today.  I am at work so I have to make this brief, but I just wanted to share how much you have touched my heart, and I've taken all you've had to say seriously and with gratitude. 

    I'm not sure exactly what will happen in 2012, we all have theories but until it happens it is all just conjecture.  But I know that with people like you it isn't going to be so bad :)  Now if only we could all live in the same city, wouldn't that be marvelous? 

    Much Love and Light to you, I look forward to sharing with you :)

  • when you consider a yruga is 25,800 then the change over from the age of iron to the golden age may take a little time.... at this time we areplanting the seed for the next golden age.... by 2300 the age will be established and Shambala will be the entire Earth.... it is an amzing time of massive change.... it relates to Sovereignty of All beings, and the transcendence for the need of governance... in the meantime there are stepping stones.. in late 2012 Earth Embassies around the planet will unite and call for the worlds first vote in 2016... this vote in itself will represent an anchoring of global consciousness (which is a prerequiste for Universal consciousness)... Chane the United Nations (UN) to Earth Council (EC)? Yes/No .....


    Earth Embassy is an international cooperative who were influenced by native wsidom, especially the women Pitinjari Elders (nera Uluru; Ayers Rock Australia), who made clear the need for the divine feminine to bring balance to this world... refer Earth Council Triangle on website www.ec2012.org to view this peace plan, which is realistic and acheivable....


    So please share this framework for peace, and become an ambassador by sharing it... this way we become part of the change we wish to see, and bypass the mainstream media which has no interest in peace or ecological standards....


    Be Ing (cmmunications ECE Australia)... my private email dreamtnkgateway@gmail.com if you wish to follow up.... lol

  • Hi Kelly.


    All I can say is "One surprise me"  I'm ready and willing for a big surprise.


    But hey, how can I surprise myself?


    By deliberately not knowing what is going to happen and believing that past and future really exist.


    Love, B.


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