I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH YOU ALL.Lord Ashtar through Michael Elligion Earth Humanity’s Planetary Awakening & Federation of Light Will Neutralize any Attempted ”Negative Alien Invasion” or “Faked E.T. RapturePosted by CmdrAleon on September 8, 2010 at 9:30amSend Message View CmdrAleon's blogGreetings all,This is the latest channeling from Lord Ashtar through Michael .Enjoy.NamasteCmdrAleon"Here is a recent Channeling-Transmission from Lord Ashtar that I received several days ago, on Aug. 29th, about a report of a UFO crash near Fresno, Calif., and the “real story behind the scenes” regarding this incident and the implications for many more of these events that will be occurring as we get closer to 2012."Earth Humanity’s Planetary Awakening & Federation of Light Will Neutralize any Attempted ”Negative Alien Invasion” or “Faked E.T. Rapture”“Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, wishing to comment upon what this Channel read regarding a report of a supposed “crashed” UFO craft near Fresno, Calif., on Aug. 21st. As this channel had initially tuned into, that this was, indeed one of the many such “tests” of these “back-engineered” black op Earth UFO antigravity ships, that have been manufactured for many decades on Earth by the cabal.It is no so-called “accident” that there were some civilian witnesses to this incident, which was partly because of certain factors occurring now around planet Earth regarding the very powerful planetary frequency shifts. These are part of Mother Earth’s Spiritual Ascension out of the old 3 D level into the Higher 5th and Higher Dimensional frequencies that are occurring upon this New Higher Dimensional Time Line, now Overshadowing and merging with the old time line. These black op and much cruder and more limited technologies of the power elite and of that termed the “industrial military complex” can not function as they did in the old 3D time line, where the power elite were able to more easily manipulate Earth’s humanity with all their covert plans and technologies for world control and enslavement.We of the Federation of Light and specifically the Ashtar Command, has been surrounding this planet in Guardian Action for many years, with many more Light Ships from many other fleets and Commands of other galaxies and worlds of the Intergalactic Federation, now recently joining the ranks of those of us who have been here for many decades (actually for many ages, off and on), as we gear up for the long planned mass planetary Divine Intervention & World Wide Evacuation. Those of the cabal have also known about these plans for many years, not only because of our earlier emissaries, messengers and contactees who shared, initially, more general information regarding this ultimate plan that would inevitably occur. And a few, such as Lady Tuella when she was alive on Earth, had channeled the more specific details of these plans beginning the process to more openly Prepare Earth’s humanity for this historical moment, by publishing her “planetary Ground Breaking” book, “Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command”. This book was in many ways a very important mile stone in this Preparation work and mission to help set the stage for when we do, in fact fulfill, what has always been a “Sacred Promise” and “Cosmic Done Deal” by God, our Divine Creator of the Universe and by we of the Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy.And, of course, much more recently, with the publication of this channel’s book, “Prepare For The Landings!” [PrepareFortheLandings.com]. This book which was also very much supported and inspired by those of us in the Federation of Light, has helped to expand this original Preparatory work and mission much more openly now out into the mainstream and masses of Earth’s humanity, as we gear up for this inevitable and Divinely Destined event.It is also a fact, of course, that those of the cabal, secretly amongst themselves, did take these two books, and similar published material from other sincere contactees and clear authentic channels for the Federation, scattered throughout the planet, very seriously, that so many others had earlier received from those of us of the Federation. But, of course, within that termed the UFO community, many of those who claimed to be “professional UFO investigators”, which this channel has learned that when one usually uses that term or phrase, it really means a “spin doctor” or disinformation agent who still has “ties” with the cabal and the black-op, covert “alphabet soup agencies” of the industrial military complex.And as this channel and other sincere and authentic contactees have experienced through the decades since the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s, when our contactees were indeed having physical contacts with us, the UFO community has been used to promote the agenda of suppressing any positive reference to the majority of those of us from other worlds who are benevolent and human appearing. While these so-called “UFO experts” have ridiculed these numerous positive, Empowering and uplifting contacts with those of us of the Federation, they have “promoted” those entities referred to as the greys and of Disempowering tales of negative abductions. which we refer to as “Cosmic Civil-Rights Violation cases”, or just speak of so-called “mysterious unexplained lights in the sky”. Yes, anything, as stated, that is uplifting and Empowering is usually suppressed and ridiculed by so many of these so-called “professionals”--many, who, originally became “UFO experts” literally almost “over night, when they were recruited for the shadow government in their covert agenda to attempt to plan to create an eventual ‘”negative alien invasion” scenario .As anyone who has really been researching, without any bias or hidden agenda, all of the “UFO & ET” related events that have occurred during and since the early ‘50’s, who uses well developed qualities of Discernment and that termed “Cognitive Deductive Reasoning’ along with an ability to attune to the Higher Frequencies now manifesting all over the planet, as well as to what we of the Light are Cosmically Downloading to those of you who are attuned to Truth and Accountability, it becomes very obvious of this agenda by the power elite. To attempt to suppress and manipulate the true facts about those of us who are having contact with those of you on Earth, and our reasons for this interaction. It also becomes very clear and obvious, of the intent and the plans of these same forces to ATTEMPT to “Fool the Elect’--and especially the masses of humanity with their own faked version(s) of ET activity, for more control and manipulation through F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). But when these three “elements or dynamics of manipulation” are gone, that is F.E.A.R.., surprise and stealth, are no longer able to be used--well, the cabal’s plans and all their hidden agendas always fall apart and become unable to function.This also includes now and more intensely in the very near future, the ending of the actual FUNCTIONING of these covert black op technologies. This is because something designed merely for control and manipulation, which is not in harmony to the Sacred Laws of the Universe as is our Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies,it will ultimately begin to MALFUNCTION SEVERELY AND BREAK DOWN IN “SPIRITUAL ATROPHY. Which is also why this particular black op Earth UFO antigravity craft had been observed having “technical issues” and was forced to come down rather abruptly. And also why these same Higher Cosmic Energies that are forcing Accountability upon everything upon Earth and causing all so-called “conspiracies” and covert activities of the cabal to be totally exposed, also made sure that it would be observed by CIVILIAN WITNESSES, despite the attempt to cover up this event.Never-the-less, these “denial spirits” of the cabal, are right now desperately ATTEMPTING, in their extreme desperation, to ultimately create either a so-called “faked negative alien invasion” or a ‘faked rapture” using their back engineered Earth UFO antigravity fleet and also that termed “project blue beam”. This particular technology has the ability to project false, but realistically appearing holographic images into the sky to make it appear that our Commander-In- Chief of our Intergalactic Federation, Lord Jesus Christ/Sananda, Himself, is really up in the sky floating among clouds, which. of course, He would not be. And to broadcast the images of the different Beings, Avatars and Spiritual Masters who have been worshiped by the various cultures scattered all throughout the planet, to try to somehow manipulate Earth;s humanity with these covert “tricks up their sleeve”. It is true, that “project blue beam” was tested out briefly during the iraqi war, but we of the Federation began to step in and neutralize other attempts to extend this initial holographic manipulation. And we also helped expose this earlier attempt, to certain ones within these other governments to be very Discerning about any future attempts to manipulate and Fool them as the cabal would like to do.It is also true, which I want to confirm, that SOME of what that individual referred to as “anonymous” in that blog/web site listing, who mentioned about how these black op technologies have been demonstrated and tested. This is true, just as we in the Federation, who are in Guardian Action around Earth, have been very closely monitoring these kinds of so-called covert, black op activities, and their PLANS to more officially and openly activate their ultimate agenda of covertly ATTEMPTING to deceive everyone on Earth Yes, I repeat that word--these are the PLANS of the cabal, and they have never been “set in concrete”.As I had requested, and it has been wonderful to see the heart felt response from so many of you, when I asked in that earlier channeling about fulfilling what has been termed “Official Cosmic Petitioning” through “Intergalactic Protocol Procedures” that gives us of the Federation of Light Authority to more openly and overtly Intervene not only in the Gulf oil disaster, but all other planetary challenges that you have been facing.So, too, as with this covert “negative alien invasion” and “faked rapture” agenda, to attempt to fool Earth’s humanity with this kind of desperate tactics to keep control over the fast Awakening masses of humanity. It is also important for humanity to take as much personal responsibility as possible in this matter, and to Officially ask and Petition the Federation of Light with the desire that you do not need such a “test of discernment” that might, in fact, initially, fool some of Earth’s humanity. Since these “possible plans” are now also “officially out of the bag”, so that those three elements that the cabal was able to use in the past: F.E.A.R., surprise and stealth, are now being eliminated by our actions and those on Earth who are hip to these plans, the ability of the cabal to totally and affectively succeed at fooling the masses is about to become almost totally neutralized anyway. But to make these plans totally inoperable, as stated, it is also the ability of the majority of the population to consciously acknowledge and recognize these plans that were in the process of being developed and that it is time to only allow the use of such technologies to be used only for humanitarian purposes rather than for more control and manipulation that has occurred up until now.It is also true, that as has been discussed by this channel and which we have confirmed, that as in a form of “Consciousness Time Travel”, that many of those of you who are reading this Channeling-Transmission, are part of a “Cosmic Team of Consciousness Time Travelers”. Whose Future Over Soul Selves, from the future have merged back into this present-past time line that is now in the process at this very moment of being altered so that these plans to “Fool the Elect” and the masses with a faked alien invasion scenario, which did, briefly occur on the old time line, is now being changed and will not occur as this newer time line is being created in place of the other.I wish to again state very passionately for the record that we in the Federation of Light will be helping these very powerful Cosmic Energies of Light and Love and Joy and Accountability to end the reign of the cabal and their control over Mother Earth and the Awakening masses of humanity. We will not stand by and allow Earth’s humanity to continue to be manipulated against their will when it is obvious that most on Earth truly desire the end of all war and all forms of control and manipulation, It is not only unfair that such tactics are allowed to be used to FOOL THE MASSES with the use of such sophisticated technologies--without us at least balancing the slate, by helping to Overshadow and influencing everyone on Earth who truly desires greater Freedom and sovereignty and choice, with the greater ability to discern and use their God-Given Cognitive Deductive Reasoning, which is also connected with these new Cosmic Frequencies now sweeping over the planet.There will be many more dramatic crashes and malfunctions of the cabal’s technologies as they are observed and documented by more and more witnesses, as many of their own original programed black op agents and personnel DEFECT TO THE LIGHT. Just like the thousands who have already in recent years chosen to go “spiritually awol” and have become “whistle blowers” against the cabal [such as those on “Project Camelot” on the internet]. There are to be many thousands more as a vast majority will accept our invitation for what we have termed the “Cosmic Silent Witnesses Program”. Except in our Program, these “Witnesses and government whistle blowers do NOT HAVE TO BE SILENT--AND IN FACT, MUST SPEAK OUT WITH PASSION--as we of the Federation protect them--AS THEY REGAIN THEIR INTEGRITY AND BALANCE OUT THEIR NEGATIVE KARMA, THROUGH THE “COSMIC LAW OF GRACE”. They are forgiven for any of those things that they were ordered to do that compromised their innocence and ethical standards of truth and justice.It is also true that right now, as this channel and others have observed through 3rd generation military grade night vision goggles, of the intense “Cleansing of the Heavens” that is going on as was prophesied in Revelation of the Bible. As we who are termed the “Angels of the Harvest” of the Celestial Host, clears the skies around Earth of any “Cosmic rift-raft” of the last vestiges of any renegade alien forces, as well as those ships of the cabal who have attempted to leave Earth and go to other places. These craft, which as this channel has used the very rough analogy of comparing them as “model T’s” with our Merkabah Light Ships being “Jaguars and Maseratis”. These battles that have been observed through night vision goggles are always one sided, because when Earth UFO craft actually are ordered by their cabal leaders to fire upon our ships, the particle beams from their ships bounce back and ends up blowing themselves up, even though we warn them to please do not attempt to fire at our Federation ships.But as in numerous other more mundane cases in years past, of the more recognized military such as Air Force pilots being ordered to fire upon our ships, we always made sure that we would not endanger these military pilots. In a few instances because of what they were ordered to do which would have endangered their lives, we took evasion action that saved the life of the pilot, even though their aircraft ended up crashing back on Earth. These pilots usually chose to stay with us rather than going back to earth to actually be imprisoned and in many cases forced to end their military careers and locked away as a “prisoner of conscious”. As it was very clear to them, once having had contact with us and being around those of us of the Federation, and the wonderful loving consciousness and fellowship that we enjoy on our level, most, as stated do not want to return back to their more mundane and lower consciousness level of Earth.Also, in many cases, besides this wonderful Fellowship and Higher vibrations of spiritual love that they experienced, they had also come into contact with their Cosmic True Love, one of our gorgeous Goddesses, Ladies, female Commanderesses aboard our Light Ships, that they had known prior to taking Earth embodiment. And in fact, many of these incidents were actually part of their mission to have such an encounter of returning, of having actually written this incident into their Life Script prior to taking Earth embodiment. In a benevolent sense, to have “infiltrated the war machine on planet Earth” and by their experience, they are able to help to eventually end the “National Security State” that has allowed the war machine to continue to operate for the power elite.So, too, these black op military crews who have been trained to pilot the Earth UFO anti gravity ships of the terrestrial cabal space fleet, who are programed and ordered to attack and fire upon our ships, we compassionately understand this intense mind control and indoctrination of being made into “superior feeling Universal soldiers”. But usually, when their own ship is about to blow up from their own weapon’s beam bouncing harmlessly off of our force field, and we beam them off of their exploding-disintegrating craft, they usually experience suddenly being freed from all of this intense, heavy and negative programing. They usually, quite quickly, come back around to the Light and willingly choose to join us, and to help us to also “recruit” numerous other fellow former black op terrestrial space fleet personnel. These “Cosmic Recruiting Tactics of Universal Fellowship and Compassion” and regaining their true sovereignty once again, with all the unconditional love and joy that they are allowed to experience is a MIGHTY “WEAPON” AGAINST THE TACTICS OF THE CABAL AND ALL THE INTENSE and so-called fail safe “Manchurian candidate MK-Ultra” type brainwashing & programing that these black op warriors are put through. This earth level reprogramming used to be much more able to control these members of the covert military “alphabet soup agencies”. But our Master “Cosmic Psychotherapists”, like Voltra and other experts who have developed very powerfully effective “Cosmic Psychotherapy Techniques” through our “Elohim Consciousness Technologies”, these negative programing techniques of the cabal are no match for our more powerful Technologies and techniques. In short, we are in the process of “Cosmic Consciousness Recruiting Program for the Light” of these former agents and personnel of the cabal. And as “Cosmic Consciousness” now replaces their former negative programed state, they are, of course, no longer of use to the cabal, and we welcome them back into their and your “Cosmic Extended Family” and as official members of the Federation of Light!”So do “Keep Your Eyes On the Skies” as these type of witnessed incidents do occur now more often as your “Deliverance Draweth Near” and ever closer and as we of the Celestial Host finish up the “Cleansing of the Heavens”--and the Recruiting and salvaging of many souls who have been controlled and used by the cabal. Now you also have a much clearer and thorough understanding of what is happening “behind the scenes” all over Earth and in the Heavens. Many BLessing in the Light to you all, This has been Lord Ashtar for the Ashtar Command and Federation of Light now signing out! Adonai Vassu Berrogus!”Michael: That was a most enlightening and insightful communication that I just received from Lord Ashtar regarding this and many other related incidents with the black op forces of the cabal, and confirming what many of us had already known or suspected, but giving more detail to the plans of the cabal.I Am sure that many of you may have heard about British UFO researcher Gary McKinnon, who was arrested for “hacking” into the the highly classified UFO files of the Pentagon that actually listed and documented the members of this terrestrial anti gravity Earth space fleet. The U.S. government wanted to force him to come over to the U.S. to face charges for his supposed “crime” of “hacking” into the Pentagon computers. The only reason that the officials were so upset about this particular case of so-called “hacking” was because of the particular type of information that he uncovered and exposed to the public, which did, as stated, verify and document the fact that this “terrestrial space fleet of black op antigravity ships does in fact exist.The statement by the “Anonymous” person that Ashtar was referring to that was mentioned at the end of the article about this “UFO crash” incident, is quoted here: (For those wanting to read more about this incident, go to latest-UFO-sightings.net Also, James Gililand, who I have recently interviewed again on my “Cosmic Connection” show, at VortexNetworkNews.com, posted this article at his ECETI News posting on 8/28/10 at 3;20:24 PM):Anonymous said: .“I witnessed one of these craft while on a training operation while in the Guard. These are partially lighter than air craft with static lift and also turbine lift engines on each corner. These are to be used in a disinfo campaign. I do not know the reason, but a project blue beam type of faked Alien invasion was brought up at the breakfast table by the other Guard and Air Guard folks who also witnessed this craft. They also mentioned our holographic tech, and the real reason Iraqi troops gave up w/out a fight in Gulf War I. It was not carpet bombing but them believing they were seeing their great prophet in the clouds speaking to them. The craft we saw, well it ws not just big, It was HUGE, this was a day light sighting so certain components were very visible. Draw your own conclusions, but if you see an announcement that we are at conflict w/an Alien race with live video of MANY dozens of these craft around the world in an Independence Day type of scenario. Do not drop to your knee's and give up all of your rights out of fear. Nor if you see the prophet of your religion on the clouds. Many will be deceived. They say intel ops are like magician shows. People believe w/they see way to easily My 2 Cents on this obvious and by the book disinfo project.”.3:57 AM, August 29, 2010This was indeed, if we accept [most or at least some] of what this person has stated as truth, quite an “eye-opener” for most people. Though I have heard other similar stories from other whistle blowers, many who have shared their experiences on Project Camelot and at some UFO and Conspiracy conferences in recent years. Ashtar and the Federation of Light had already communicated to me briefly about these events, but now with this Channeling he had verified much more in detail of these events, and this quote from “Anonymous” only was one more of many verifications and confirmations that such activity has indeed been going on. Except that now it is wonderful to understand how the Federation of LIght has also been in the process of recruiting many of these former members of this cabal terrestrial space fleet and that such incidents will most likely become more prevalent as we approach 2012 and beyond.
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