Looking for your truth? techniques and advice

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Just a quick note, do many of you search for your truth web surfing? Do you find yourself googling different words that associate to you?

If so here is some advice,

Researching certain topics that you feel you have a connection to is fine, also meeting others and discovering there strories is great as well, we get to see how others see the universe.

but just remember any information on the internet could not be your truth, we all have different perceptions of reality ultimately it is the same but just seen in a different light. I CAN''T STRESS THIS ENOUGHT ''TREAT EACH OTHERS TRUTH WITH THE GREATEST RESPECT""

My advice to you is to use the web to verify what you feel inside of you and speaking from experience sometimes our ego will drive us to the point were we spend hours search for ourselves on the web to the point that we end up going in circles. The answers you seek will come to you but through experiences you have, spend sometime out and about, i went to a water park last week, had the most fun, in the water, under a tree on the grass, feeling the sun''s rays, yes we are here to learn but also play too, and sometimes the answers you seek come to you in a place you didn't expect, like that ufo sighting here in australa a few weeks ago.

Reflect within yourself first and foremost, listen to music, talk to other spiritual people, the internet is fantastic yes, it has enabled us to connect to everyone in the world and of course sharing our truth with the intent it will assist others, '

One other thing regarding news and media, be aware that sometimes they either strech the truth to create fear and control or lie to keep certain things hidden,

BenArion has mention this many times and to i have seen it straight from the source itself. But this is my truth and if it aplies to you take it or ignore it.

The truth of humanity will eventually come out, i can sense the energies of our universal family, and it is clear history is about to crack open, my gut feeling tells me this first and foremost and others share the same truth, thats how i know and apply it to my truth,

For those who need assistance with discovering your truth i suggest you subscribe to BenArion;s Ebook, it is filled with simplie lessens that are practical and personalise to you.

Love and light Michael


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  • thank you for this brother. ~timely.~ time & time again. ~ we "personalize far TOO much. it is the way of the ego. not a deficiency, merely a lower~mode of functionality...

    simple truth is: respect YOUR own truth as much as the truth of others.. can be a slippery slope though.. as so well put by so many who have come to 'know' (subjective) through trial~by~fire.. therein lies the paradox...

    TRUTH is SUBJECTIVE... & that's okay! be okay with it.. just mind the flame throwers at the carnival as you explore, choose & peruse.. ~ ;0) ~
  • thanks guys for all your comments, hopefully it has helped out others out there
  • Here is a pome I wrote about truth a few years ago. Cheers

    What’s true today is gone tomorrow,
    Truth is sometimes filled with sorrow.

    Each believes theirs is the one,
    But you decide how truth is done.

    As you grow it changes fast,
    So put that old truth in the past.

    To find another can be fun,
    For your search for truth has just begun.

    To understand it changes daily,
    Is the highest truth, which can be scary.

    Because they quickly become old,
    Be gentle, be kind, to the truth(s) you hold.

    So with this knowledge I do endow,
    Go fourth, experience, do it now.
    © 1997 Richard Siena
    done - forside
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  • great
  • Oh thank you so much for this
    Eisene X
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    Illustration of the internet
  • Great message Michael ! Its a good reminder. *AUM* --<-@
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