As I awoke this morning, I was shocked to have received such a real powerful vision. I could hear a news anchor man addressing the public on live TV, as earth leaders from other countries, are startinga mass gathering in America to set trials for crimes against humanity. I had to share this, as I had a vision of universal light beaming on a news station a few days ago, like a activation.. please stay tuned, will post more if I receive more visions


Tiamacious and the council of 13

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  • Tiam, this just sounds silly to me.  I'm sorry, but I don't see how any rational person can think that they're going to "arrest" the global cabal that's been manipulating the currency/politics.  How does this entity get people to believe this malarky is beyond me.  Also, there are malicious entities that appear to be working for the light folks, we can't be taken in with what is obviously a devised scenario of wishful thinking.  As far as visions go, I know these go the same way.  We are weak creatures who are easily taken in by crafty, clever manipulations that play to our wishes and hopes.   It just is such absolute g@%damn nonsense, I can't see how anyone can even pretend to believe it.  If you believe this, I have a microchip that I would like to insert in your brain to make your life easier and "tune" you in to the 3d consciousness, so we can all "be one".  You too can be part of the hive mentality and be a complete slave to the system.


    Come on folks, WAKE UP!

  • Bless you Light Diva, yes we have all been there some more intensely than others including Mother Earth, but justice will come in it's own divine time and believe me it will come. Hang in there, just give lots of daily love and healing affirmations to yourself and Mother Earth every day, tell yourself that you are a beautiful loving being and you are worth it, karma has an amazing way of handling things nothing goes unnoticed. Lots of love to you

  • Yes! That could not bee enything more than true, that forgivness is a part of Love! I have no problem in forgiving this people what they have don as much I have had no problem in forgiving the men that has abused me mentaly, fysically and sexually. Nor have I had the  problem in forgiving the people that have bullied me or make me feel real terrorising mental and fysical pain. I have never felt hatred towards thous people. Infact I have felt more pitty for them. So yes, I have no problem in forgiving the dark cabal or the illuminati. But they still need to bee put behind bars so that they can start to think about how much they have made mother earth and the humans suffer. And hopefully they will sooner or later realise their madness and come clean and join the light...

  • nice post nancy! You can and will have this experience again! But even better than 1961!! I also had a vision of the mayan calendar when I was in Ecuador. It was a round stone, on top of a base rotating slowly! It is crucial to maintain high frequencies of love. I understand your frustration light Diva, but we must forgive.. that is what true love is... ego seeks revenge. Good post coulove! Arun, I also understand your heart brother, we are all children of GOD, and god loves you!!!


  • The sooner this bastards gets arrested the beter. I do not need eny mass media to tell me that the arrest will happen. Cause I know it will happen, cause the the truth depth in my heart convinses it that it will happen and so my instincts or intiution if you so will call it says so! The illuminati would need to get arrested as well! But it is good when they start somehere! But the most power hungry bastards will bee arrested fisrt. And when the darc cabal is arresnted, Illuminati can say bye bye! OH how I wait for this bastards arrest! I´ll sing HALLELUJA the days this bastards are put behind bars for good, that means dark cabal and Illuminati! THROW THEM BEHIND BARS AND THAT´S FAST! They have don enough damage to this world and its people alredy! Enough is ENOUGH!!!!

  • Patience is a great virtue, however, we all need to open our hearts & see what IS going on around us & around the world. You won't find the truth in the mainstream media just yet. Just keep your high heart open & you WILL Know the Truth.

  • The Noose

    We all know that the current debt based monetary system (Central Banking System) is unsustainable. "They" know & "in your heart", you know. It IS unsustainable unless "they" start a massive, worldwide genocide. (Gee, is that what they had planned all along?)
    So, picture this. You ARE on the gallows. Your hands are tied behind your back. The one (and only) executioner has one long arm outstretched trying to hold a board in place so the gallows won't collapse. His other hand is attempting to place the noose around your neck. Your friends, family & neighbors are being held back from helping you by riot gear adorned mercenaries. You know that about half of the mercenaries are ready to turn on "them". You also know that saving everyone and Mother Earth is dependant upon you getting out of this mess. In a flash, as your executioner tries to maneuver you into the noose and onto trap door, you kick out the executioner's knee while head butting the lever for trap door. The trap door opens. The executioner falls through and lets go of the board. The entire gallows thunder onto the ground. You do a tuck and roll and come to your feet unscathed. Half the mercenaries turn on the others with all your friends, family & neighbors behind them starring lovingly into the eyes and hearts of the remaining mercenaries. They all drop their weapons and start removing their riot gear.
    A triumphant roar surges over the land. New joy fills hearts near & far. The sky opens up & a heavenly chorus of Musical Rapture envelops Mother Earth. You see magnificence in the sky you have never experienced before. The weapons & riot gear seem to disappear into Mother Earth. A feeling of unparalleled peace surges through your veins. Dogs romp with glee. Cats purr with contentment. Children squeal with delight and the play innocently in the new grassy fields. The fields are adorned with deliciously fragrant flowers. Fruit trees appear everywhere along with verdant vegetable plants. In the blink of eye, Mother Earth is her pristine self once again. Everything that was not of the highest & best good for all has been sent to her molten core for purification.
    Rejoice, you made the right move at the right time. Have no fear, that time is now.
  • Thank you Tiamacious fpr sharing this powerful vision, only unconditional Love and Light can bring everything out in the open all will be revealed eventually - bring it on. Much love to you (-:

  • Thank you for sharing your vision Tiamacious. I think it is a collective shared dream vision from all of us to want whatever is needed to be cleared and clarified so the blockages for renewal can be removed. If we maintain the focus and concentration in the here and now towards a Golden age based on the foundation of Love then the required Universal process will manifest whatever is needed to achieve this goal. You get what you concentrate on and the point of power is in the present.

    Love and blessings

  • Excelent! Thanks for chearing this vission to us! LOVE AND LIGHT!

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