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Unmarked Strip Of Light

There's a place between two stands of trees

Where the grass grows uphill

And the old revolutionary road

Breaks off into shadows near a meetiing-house

Abandoned by the persecuted

Who disappeared into those shadows

I've walked there picking mushrooms

At the e

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Hello everyone.....


Did anyone else read this?!?!'s pretty hard to find now.....but i got a direct link for it below.....
Without further ado may i present to you the latest from China ( confirmed by NASA ) :
April 3, 2011
China's Xinhua New

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A fictional story about Princess Karen Sue Cantrell of the Republic of Aquitaine and her desperate search for that which she has so long been without yet finds comfort in a newly formed relationship with her daughter, Kasiutrella.Chapter OneHer full
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Roaring Lovely replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion There Is No Future For Meat Eaters On Planet Earth ...Plant Based Products Are Taking Over
"No, a cabal and you have the same rights. At least in principle, there are no laws for cabal and some other laws for you. But pple like Kk are advocating isn't an ascension that eradicates suffering of all animals. No no no!! It is perfectly right…"
3 minutes ago
Shashi replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion There Is No Future For Meat Eaters On Planet Earth ...Plant Based Products Are Taking Over
"I love your post Kalki! In a way we are playing"the cabal" towards the loving, trusting, innocent, hapless animals by butchering them. Can we really dream of planet earth minus cruelty to animals? It feels so good to visualise mother earth free of…"
48 minutes ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
 Prayer is the very 1st beginning of the Awakening Process.One day we realize that something is very wrong with the World, we are not Happy, hardly no-one is and then we remember what JC said, that''The world is an Illusion, be in it but not of it''…
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Situation Update – The COSMIC WAR against human civilization – Mike AdamsFebruary 27, 2021 by sharibitsis Share TweetNewsletter Signup 300w,…
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
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Albertha posted a discussion
                                                   Go for it Beloved Human Beings We got this 
4 hours ago
Agarther posted a discussion
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by saying that everything in your world is happening in what rightfully can be called divine order. The plan to transform life on Earth did not originate only two…
5 hours ago

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