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Dear Friends,

                The topic I would like to discuss with you is Light Momentum. It is easy in this world to  bemoan our fate, chastise, condemn, criticize and condemn the events and circumstances in our life experience which do not resonate with us. Every time we participate in this behavior we create an electric charge within our system which acts as an attractive vibration within our energetic field. In effect while holding this charge within your system as a vibration you unconsciously begin to create more of like in kind. Each thought form is likened to your own personal exhaust being put out into the collective consciousness of pollution to the field. This the trick the media use on us....more fear, more chaos, more judge shows, more violence, more rebellion. When you identify and attach vibration to the "event" in the form of negative thought forms, emotions or actions you create a charge which not only depletes your energy field but also keeps you trapped in the cycles of duality. This is what Einstein meant when he said the solutions for our problems cannot come from the same consciousness which created the problems because you are vibrating on the level of the problem(See Jesus, See Ghandi, Buddha the greatest conquerors of all did so by mastering their selves, not distorting their own energy by vibrating with the illusion). The most detrimental part of existing within this consciousness is that it puts you out of alignment with God, Source Energy, the true nature of your Soul which knows no lack, no fear, no conflict....only perfection. We have to recover the mastery over our energy as some awaken for the first time and others remember who they really are. 
    Light Momentum as I have experienced has everything to do with identifying with that which creates all things, that God presence which we live, swim and have our being in. I have experienced as I intend to be one my Father, there is a reciprocal effect of profound love, joy, serenity poured back upon my being. What we are seeking is absolutely seeking us. I feel as if I am being magnetized toward Spirit. We are in a free will environment, with our wills being manipulated, sabotaged and distorted by the many attacks and psycho spiritual warfare that is currently practiced on this planet. However once you stop leaking energy to aversions, lower vibration desires and all manner of can Now live in that presence, you have the full availability of your Spiritual energy to create, heal, manifest and express. From a point of nonlinear detachment in which you know you have an abundance of resources seen and unseen ready to assist you in all that which supports Divine Universal Consciousness. Every where we go we are either expanding love and light, or coming to an agreement to the current density to which exist on this planet. Our existence is an absolutely positive affirmation to our own being. To not let the dark smudges along the background of the screen of light become your identity. When the media puts ideas of fear in peoples minds they are expanding the momentum of Darkness or duality consciousness. When we tell a stranger "have a good day", "be well", God bless you, we are in those simple moments using our intention to express light. Light which sustains all things. Just like the energy of the Sun, sustains all life on this planet....the energy of our Soul expressed in the form of our intention is what sustains and amplifies our being. Pray with out ceasing, consciously and continuously call in that Divine energy, God force to be with you. You will begin to live a life in which your love is constantly out pouring. It is only the Ego which disrupts your love and light, the ego that believes it can really be hurt or that a hurt can not be forgiven. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions can be set up in a way that reflects the order, harmony, truth and divinity of the Universe. It is all up to you.....the way you are using your intention. All information you take in(food, media, hygiene products, conversation, knowledge) is tuning your mind and your entire system to frequencies that vibrate in kind with that information. Chaos-Darkness....your mind an body will respond in kind, Love-Light your mind and body will respond in kind,  living in this world of Duality, which is not necessarily vibrating at level of a Loving, Supportive Divine Universe one must become a master of their own energy field, which is allowing the information to come from your Source to be the primary director of your being. That energy which continuously beats your heart with out you being wholly conscious of that activity. There should be a silent thank you God for allowing me this vessel to experience my Souls evolution each time your heart beats. Gratitude sets up a reciprocal effect in which you are aware of the blessings that have been bestowed upon you, which leads to an increasing awareness of that Divine energy which sustains all things, the increased awareness will allow a greater influx of that energy in many different forms. However in an ego stance of complaining, criticizing and have aligned your awareness with the limitation, with the lack, which can be considered a severance of that divine energy which is always abundant and full to overflow to those who can tap into it. I am now increasing my Light momentum....with my intention to inspire another to increase their own Light momentum. I thank you for reading and may God bless you, always in proportion to which you call in, appreciate and recognize his blessing. 

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Comment by Jason1lovedivine on December 4, 2011 at 1:34am

Thanks for the applause and i am truly glad you appreciate it. God bless all of you.

Comment by Karma's Helper on December 3, 2011 at 4:47am

Brilliant!!.......Eloquent words, from an "eloquent" soul......




Comment by VioletRay on December 3, 2011 at 1:37am

Hi jason, hard to find any flaws in that, thanks for sharing. And my experience thus far, has shown me that what you are saying is truthful.

peace love light


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