Light emanation from Ashtar, the Phoenix mothership 🌟

Hi All,

The Phoenix mothership has been appearing (openly) here much more since December 2020, in the lead-up to the Solstice's major ascension alignment. Ashtar's command ship has over the years appeared to me as a golden light, or golden-white light, in the nightsky, but this year we're getting much clearer emanations, as the higher dimensional frequencies are more closely converged into/with this 3-4D plane. 

On March 20th 2021 the Phoenix gave one brilliant flash overhead. I took a photo, and the golden-white light is just shimmering through it, projected as a burst of Light from within the ship, and at the left hand side, in a blueish 'fold' of light, you can clearly see a face, of Ashtar/Archangel Michael's soul energies (Ashtar is a soul expression of Archangel Michael, coming through AA Michael's Divine/Universal Father energies)...

Shared with his Love. Onward we go!  💙😇💛









With Love, Joy & Peace to All!  💗🌏🥰


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  • Hi Shashi, thank you for your reply. 💛
    Firstly, about how I view (and photograph) the Phoenix and other higher dimensional ships, I'm not using any high powered zoom, just a pocket-sized automatic camera with some manual functions (manual zoom, which I do use sometimes) and a fairly good lens (the camera I've been using for the last few years is a Sony Cybershot RX-100 Mark 1...dear friend who live nearby and connect with the AC use a Mark 7 and other more powerful cameras that are getting a bit of extra clarity in daytime photos, I think, but not much different at night).

    About the Phoenix mothership, this is such a big and beautiful topic! If you have some questions in mind/heart, would you like to write them in the comments here, and I'll answer them Q&A style (to the best of my ability/understanding), as other readers might be interested too.

    Love & Blessings to you, Joanna ✨🙂
  • Joanna, I liked your post "light emanation from Ashtar..." . I just wish to know more details about the Phoenix Mothership of Ashtar Command and whether you have used any high power zoom light to view it. Blessings. Shashi.
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