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Life is an expression of molecular reality.

life is an expression of molecular reality. Everything in life from Carbon molecules to automobiles. Consciousness is experiencing this molecular reality in the form of brains inside bodies. People explain the pictures and sounds in our brains as ideas or thoughts but i like to think of them as visions, because the word vision is a much more powerfull and meaningful term than the words idea or thought. A vision is something divine, from the higher forces, from consciousness. Every thought in our minds is important because its adds to the experience of consciousness. I have also come to wonder if consciousness has been slowly evolving into these bodies or if a higher force than consciousness created all of this for consciousness. A soul must be brave to even consider living life because life is indeed a challenge. One can be taken out at any moment and has to survive in an anamalistic world ruled by greed and power. Life is also beautiful amazing beyond words in an infinite amount of ways. There is a constant balance of happy sad, good and bad. It is truly a world of Light and Dark, learning the understanding of morality and personal choice, a chance to experience happiness and sadness at levels unlike any other. This life is a random place built from chaos and ruled by order. It is a place to roam the depths of reality and push the limits, a place to fight for freedom.

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Comment by Ara on January 7, 2015 at 2:42am

Nice ... ;))

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