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"Life has no beginning, no end.It is never born, nor does it die.It is existential division-less divinity.Life is not interested in any 'after life'.It is the idea about life, it is the silly separation from life, it is the illusion 'I', with which you are so obsessed --- that bothers about what happens after death.Life, expressed in a limited being, comes to an end.An inhalation has to end in exhalation which is a part & parcel of inhalation.Inhalation, therefore, can not be against exhalation.Life thus has to end in death which is a part & parcel of life.Life, therefore, can not be against death.It is the little 'I', that is against death and it goes on speculating about 'states' after death with high sounding phrases and holy concepts, with pious and beautiful lies.There is no way your 'I' can know the unlimited, the unknowable Life which is Divinity.You have the instrument to know only the limited, the knowable.The question and the questioner would have been dissolved, had you listened attentively.Even now, this communication is useless."...and yet ...... there is the wisdom about

and here the answerLife has innumerable beginnings and ends. It gets born and dies everyinstant. It divides and conquers, remains indivisible and inconquerable.It's interested in anything in which interest can be invested, includingall fanciful flights of the hereafter. Thinking of yourself as aparticular something or someone, then thinking of that someone's demise,you look for a way around it, an existence beyond your person. Notarriving at any conclusive answers, you become obsessed. At times youforget your obsession or exchange it for a newer model. Consequentiallogic would lead us to believe that without the prior obsessions, thecurrent obsession would not be experienced as it currently is. There'sno curve the lineage doesn't cover. It dissolves hierarchy in the sensethat each form of obsession is as much a part of you as any otheractivity you engage in. Each of these obsessions, these parts, though attimes seemingly at odds with one another, are also part of a continuum,are vital and necessary complements of one another, without any one ofwhich, the entirety vanishes down a black hole of interdependence. Thoughthe parts are unified, they are still at odds, are as much 'against' oneanother as they are 'with.' We don't know this but we pose it, pose it tothe point that we feel we know it. The speculations need each other, aswe need the speculations, they a part of we that we cannot live without.We arrange them as we see fit, fascinated by the way our mental crystalsglimmer in the light. We want to hold the light itself but it ever escapesour grasp. We turn off the switch and the darkness is no more graspable.We call it useless, the impossibility of it, but without using, withoutbeing used, we would never have arrived at this most inconclusive ofconclusions.__._,_.___
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