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Letters From The Indigo Children
Spirit of Ma'at December 2008

We sent out a questionnaire in early November asking any and all Indigo Children to share what they are thinking and feeling. The responses came in from all over the world and all we have to say is that these kids understand instinctively the things that many of us have spent over 30 years going to workshops trying to figure out. You will be blown away by their honesty and inner strength. Our thanks go out to all the beautiful spirits who took the time to clue us in. May this piece inspire all of you to listen to the children!

How do you see the future unfolding?
Well there is a difficult question. If there really was such a thing as a "future" I see it as needs to. The only thing that I see as being a detriment to the whole are-we-gonna-survive-this thing is that people are looking for some kind of 'savior' to touch them on the forehead and say, "see there I've made it all better for you now you can worry about something else because I just saved the world." The 'future' lies within us. We are our own saviors and the sooner we figure that out the sooner we get to the good stuff.

What do you think we can do to heal the planet?
No question, heal ourselves and heal the planet.

If you could change the world, how would you change it?
With my mind.

How do you feel about the educational system?
Seems like I am, not always but most of the time, rewarded for being a parrot and regurgitating information. When I ask questions or do something creative I am penalized.

What is important to you?

How do you see relationships? What needs to change there?
Relationships seem to be looked at as a survival tool. Procreation and financial support are not what relationships are about. Giving and receiving whether you’re in love, family, or friends is what will make any relationship work. As soon as that balance is broken (too much giving and no receiving or the other way around) people get hurt. Then again, nothing really needs to change because everyone is in exactly the relationship they need to be in for good of for ill. We get what we need and that is as plain as it gets.

What is the older generation missing?
Respect, admiration, appreciation, gratitude...
Final thoughts?
When I look at the world I see distraction everywhere - distraction from knowing who and what we are. This distraction comes from everything from the war to television to spiritual expos. Everyone has the "latest and greatest" thing and we want to see what that is. When I sit back and think about how much time we waste thinking about loosing weight or when are the troops going to pull out or what young blond haired celebrity died this week I get the feeling like something is purposefully distracting me from what really is important. Why is that? Why does it seem that society wants me to fail? I realize now that a lot of other indigos have tried to fight the system, and usually to their detriment, and what I now know is that we can't fight the system. Fighting the system will only give us more 'system'. We have to pull ourselves out of the system and change it by changing ourselves. Indigos are called system breakers but I think this how we are meant to hack the matrix. I feel that more Indigos are going to morph from what you have known them to be into a much more potent force once we get the idea of fighting out of our vocabulary.
The future I would like to see is a more honest (honest with ourselves about who we are and what we are genuinely thinking, feeling and experiencing ) accepting ( of others and their honest experiences ) , basically a world about personal experience and sharing. A world less concerned with who has the biggest house or nicest cars, greenest grass or winning wars. Acceptance of others authentic experiences and processes, and support while we live ours. As far as seeing this unfolding - I see people in general - changing focus to a more internalized focus. Paying more attention to themselves and what they are feeling. Out of this practice when done with HONESTY, comes the experience required to live the lifestyle and practice the perspective above mentioned. Its not what you are doing but how you are doing it and where your attention lies while you do so. I don’t know the future, this is just what I would like to see.
Care about yourself. Not the you that you think you SHOULD BE, but rather - YOUR true SELF!!
Explore yourself, without judgment, with honest eyes. Listen to your heart and what it has to say. Interact with nature and other people from this perspective; I think great healing can come from this practice.
Maybe our education system needs to teach people to learn through experience, rather than books. I don’t mean, that books or reading them is bad. Although I think children need to be told, that what is important while you read and learn is that you listen to your experiences while you do so. The experience you are having during school, religious gatherings, hanging out with friends and family. That is where real learning comes from. Book knowledge helps you translate those experiences in to words and share, and to hear another persons experience and understand their words. But that doesn’t change the fact that experience is what is important to your learning, not your communicative mechanism. Books, events, and interactions, these all provide experiences. Be attentive, be honest, be real. A simple thing - people need to learn to use their mind and heart. We all have them, teach us how to use those in school ) put the focus on what’s real.
Moments are important to me. Sharing those moments with people makes them all the more beautiful. So I suppose I am interested in doing things that create special moments between 2 or more beings, and the personal experiences that come out of those moments.
I see relationships in the current mentality, as generic power struggles. I see dis-honesty between people. I see people afraid of rejection - afraid to have an experience out of fear of being judged. I see people judging others, making assumptions about others based on incomplete data, or hear-say.
I think people need to accept that they are their own personal experience here and that others are their own as well, and know that its okay. In fact that it is beautiful. So many expressions and when people are really, really honest with themselves I believe it all fits together harmoniously and so effortlessly. People need to interact with others, from their truest expression of self. That is what needs to happen now - without fear, and without judgment. BE YOU!! The real you!!! And have that be reciprocated. That is what needs to happen with relationships.
The older generation is too concerned with being right, to be honest with themselves. Lighten up, have some new experiences and have fun. Bathe in the Beauty that you are bringing in to this world through your own personal vehicle. Be your true self, its okay, and safe to do so. If its not safe to do so - who cares!!! It's the only way worth living.
All in all, what I am trying to express is that it doesn’t matter what I say or what the next person says so much. What is important is what you, the reader, are experiencing. Put your attention there, with honest open eyes, without judgment. In my opinion that is the only place to find enlightenment. Not in what you are doing or who you are talking to, but how you are doing so, and where your attention is, and how HONEST you are willing to be toward and about yourself. It can be scary, but I believe in you!!!!
Thanks for hearing me,
Eric Heiser
How do you see the future unfolding?
It mostly depends on us. But now the body of human perception is so spread that it has narrow links between its separate parts, which leads to the inaccurate perception of world and us as human. We expose ourselves to stress of being human, and tend to over-specialize in our knowledge or over-rely on technology. This process is developing exponentially, and in the nearest future we have to see the bigger isolation of people from each other. However the spiritual work started will bring its fruits in molding the new people, less stresses, less isolated. Its springs get a prop are here in the world already. Lets help them being properly rooted.
What do you think we can do to heal the planet?
1. Heal ourselves
2. Understand our close inseparable relation to the planet
3. Find balance between technology and nature in our lives (minds)
4. Take responsibility for our actions
5. Realize the pain we bring by our actions to the world our children will live in
To heal is to bring more live. It can be done out of love, or from better realization of the death we propagate to ourselves.
Love humanity and pray for it.
And bring more consequences of its actions to its consciousness.
If you could change the world, how would you change it?
If I could change the world I would do the same I'm doing now. Cause I CAN change the world, and I do it with every breath. I bring love to this planet with its inhabitants to the extent I can (and try to grow in this, as there's a huge pass to take). I speak with people of what they are doing, just asking questions, and letting them answer or at least think about them.
How do you feel about the educational system?
It differs around the globe. But mostly is inadequate to the speed of life children are exposed to. It's of reactive nature and being established in the past teaches how to survive/prosper in the past. It doesn't prepare for the unknown. It acts as if all facts were found by the time it was created. It needs to prepare new humans for the new unknown worlds, languages, creatures. Educational system needs more consolidated body of basic principles. Rather than isolated branches of human knowledge.
What is important to you?
Consciousness. Of humanity and me as its part. We human live our lives of choices. We do a lot of them. But how many of them we do realize? Would we harm our planet if we knew we could do this harm. We have to grow. And live through more parts of our constituents. We can easily do this if we do this together.
How do you see relationships? What needs to change there?
Again – unity and consciousness. Isolation makes any relationships imperfect. We have to face our century old fears.
What is the older generation missing?
It's missing faith in itself. Missing feeling of the world changing. Missing love towards enimies and fears, which would let them love those enemies and overcome those fears. It's too focused on its personal survival and well-being. It's too isolated.
Blessed be your loving hearts!
I am Jeroen 35M from Belgium. (July 23rd 1972)

You can consider me as a high sensitive, indigo/crystal being. (others call it that way, I just try to live, create and understand my life)

I am a ( recently) Reiki master, visionary, self-expressing, self-healing person, very much into nature, metaphysical, creative, musical, and healing stuff.

Here are my answers/impressions to you questions:
How do you see the future unfolding?
We can only see the future trough our intentions and beliefs. To me it is way more important to accept and allow our intentions to come to us into life. Until now we have created a lot what we don't want.
Trying to change this will only make the endless circle go on and on, by trying to change it, thus recreating what we don't want. By allowing and releasing INSIDE ourselves everything first, we release ourselves of our karma (past and future) and the self image that doesn't serve us any more.
This will release tremendous energies in and around all of us, that will liberate us to make newer and more truthful, source-connected heart- felt intentions that will get us somewhere.
By daring to live in the now, take responsibility by accepting and releasing what we don't want, and realize it, because we have created it ourselves. And let our plans, dreams, intentions and visions come to us by trust and confidence. We have created them for a good reason, and if we doubt that, we need to simply ask for more information, to allow ourselves to see and realize the bigger picture, the bigger plan, and also what our role in this is.
In short: release the past and the future. And to me: realizing is allowing, is letting go of any judgment.
Sometimes the only way out of a problem is to simply accept that it is there. John Lennon: let it be.
By judging something, we prove to ourselves and others we believe in that energy, and we condemn ourselves to live in that energy. The only way out is to release/accept it and let things be and evolve itself. This needs to be trained. But you can do this 24/7 in every occasion. Our own very lives will guide us individually what we need to experience.
What do you think we can do to heal the planet?
Heal our selves; we are our own doctors, gurus, leaders, politicians, in every way. The more we realize this, the more we become a breathing living example to others in action to change what needs to be changed.
Most leaders need and use others to convince themselves. Most leaders and priests act different than what they preach.
How do we heal the planet?
By accepting the fact that she heals us. That she heals herself, and she invites us to do the same.
How do we reconnect? In and through nature - she is our mother, our playground, our healing pharmacy, our living and breathing example of self renewing and transforming source of life, in constant redefining and creating balance (a consciousness of at least 4 billions years old)
Not only by studying IN nature, we need to be aware that we are part of it, and most of all dependent on it. We are dependent on ourselves. Our lack of respect to nature is a blatant sign that we lack self respect and more: self awareness. How do we solve this? - by asking within for answers.
Science is only one way to look at nature, we are not objective, or separated from nature - without nature we simply would not have a body. Religion is the same. To me religion and science are the same, they base themselves on belief systems (assuming something is true) as being separated from god/the goddess. We are part of our own creation.
Without accepting this we separate ourselves from our own source of life. Reconnecting is the answer and the key.
Science and religion are not the enemy. But they are not gurus either.
If you could change the world, how would you change it?
By accepting/releasing what I cannot change in and outside myself ( blaming others and confiding in others), and find the source of everything more and more inside myself (in EVERY way). You cannot change creation if you are not aware of the source of things. You can kick in the air as long as you want, it won’t change a thing, except adding to the chaos. You CAN however, change your point of view, and how you think and feel about things INSIDE yourself. No need of priests and out of source. We have guides for a reason, and the healing starts inside your self. (Alpha and Omega)
I am the creator of my own suffering/judgment.
I can change the world by realizing/manifesting changing myself in and around myself.
If it helps for me personally to go to Africa, then so be it, if it not me, then I better look within and get to the source of my own spiritual, mental, emotional, idealistic poverty/sickness /dis- ease within.
The western world defines itself as a developed rich country, but spiritually and emotionally and mentally this is way worse than a 3rd world country. We have work to do, right here!
Personally I feel my work is here, were I am and where I am guided to.
There is a wonderful article in a crystal and indigo children and adult website, that talks about this:
How do you feel about the educational system?

I have a degree in being an art teacher for high school kids.
I just stumbled into this education, but until now refused to teach because I felt that I was not ready, not strong enough, not radiant enough or not a good example of who I AM. (And I judged the system too much)
I LOVE to teach, but in a personal, same level, preferably one on one, in an up close, human way.
I did some art teaching experiments on a personal level for a maximum 4 persons.
It is all about sharing, about consciousness, about BEING an example, way more than in what you say, or think it should be.
I am a hands on person, and if a school system didn't serve my needs, I said, “screw it, I'm going to do it myself”
That way, I taught myself to play piano intuitively, express my feelings,
I have been thinking so much about how to draw and paint, make mandalas, dream catchers, platonic solids, small architecture projects, and my latest is teaching myself ( metaphysical and symbolical) silver and goldsmithing, and setting stones myself.
Since I was a kid the reason I allowed myself to learn and discover things by myself was:
“I cannot do this now, but while doing, trying it out, one day I will succeed”
To me the biggest mistake in educational systems, Is the “ex-cathedrae” method.
In other words: the teacher/preacher is the boss and everybody listens (I know best, and you shut up)
The teacher must realize that he/she needs to be thought him/herself. The students are teachers too.
It is all about conversation and sharing.
Plus: the school systems are a sign of how society works, what society believes in.
Are schools a preparation and training for what is needed in the system, preparing youth for a systems, or is it all about consciousness growth, making people aware of themselves and help them to grow self respect and self reliance and allow them to discover themselves?
· Is a school “system” a way of discovering your uniqueness and what you do best, or is it merely a way to survival, make money, or define which step you fit in to the pyramid?
· We are not just batteries needing to be prepared for a matrix; we are breathing and living consciousness.
· Jerry Brown from Sunriver, Oregon has a plan for this, (to redefine society) and can explain way more than I can.
He agreed to the universe to live completely on guidance, and If you want to know more, he wrote a book,” the power of doing nothing” and I'll connect you to him if you want to.
What is important to you?
To realize myself to my full potential and share it with the world, by being and radiating, who I AM.
To live from the heart, in balance with my mind. From the heart, means also and maybe most importantly: connect and realize my own source and connection to the world.
Evolution as the main life goal becomes more and more important, rather than a goal outside myself.
The way, the path itself becomes more present.
How do you see relationships? What needs to change there?
We connect to others through ourselves, there is no other way.
The clearer I connect with my own source, the clearer my connection and mirror/radiance to others will be. The love I feel is meant for me in the first place. How it comes out, that is me and how others perceive me. In this way I empower myself and others, and am actually able to take responsibility towards myself and others.
We need to redefine our relationship towards our-selves. What works for us and what does not work anymore for ourselves and towards others.
Find creative ways to grow and evolve out of co- dependency towards co- creating.
In the most literal sense of the word, in order to do this we must discover ourselves (reconnect with our self more consciously, but also with and through others, through the mirror of ourselves in others discover what we are through the mirror of what we are not)
What is the older generation missing?
Nothing - except maybe lack of love or lack of self awareness. They did their best, (or their worst) and we must do our best not to judge them.
If we do not agree with something, we have to go deeper inside ourselves, and find the source or what's hidden behind that judgment, fear or anger. There is always a solution, because there is always source energy behind it, being: love that is hidden, that is still occult. They are our teachers, the ones that have gone before us and laid the path – the path our foundations are based on.
They are not gurus, and we are not meant to just swallow what they teach us, but in their actions, in who they ARE (a part of source energy), they can help us re-define ourselves. We will be elders too one day, and the next generations will learn from our mistakes, our experiments, our lack of self awareness and self love.
It is not a blaming game; life expands and evolves and destroys and regenerates into infinity.
Accepting that all that is life is not perfect might be a good start, and it starts and ends with ourselves.
Let's not make the same ancient old mistake: they did it wrong, and we do it right. In that vision, we re-create misery and suffering into eternity (rebellion is another proof of believing the same thing.) Let's not base our lives on the mistakes of others, and thus re create it in another form. If there is one thing to change, it is that. We are all one, and some have gone before us and some will come after us. It is as simple as that.
Let's do a new thing: believe in life, in love, oneness, let's clean up our lives, our inner lives, let's forget the past and the future, release and accept it as a fact (let it be) and go on. This way we might be worthy of living on a planet in a 5th dimension.
What do you personally want to share with the world?
That I am here, that I am (still) alive, that it is possible as a human angel to live, breathe, love, and co-create. That being highly sensitive is doable. That it is worth to live, that there is a lot to share, to grow, to heal.
That in a way we are tremendously powerful beings, able to create and destroy - that life is real. That living can be more than an addiction, that there is SO much love and light that really wants to come out and to be shared with the world AND myself. That there is more to every breathing and living soul in the world, that we are all angels in 6 billion different ways. Simply said: “we can do it”.
What is your unique talent and how do want it to fit into your life and share with the world?
Of all the questions I rattled on like crazy, this one stuns me, confronts me, and dares me to REALLY go within:
I am a teacher in all facts of life - towards myself in the first place - creatively, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, metaphysically.
I listen to myself; I listen to the illusion and duality in and around me, and dare to go deeper, to go to the source of things. I want to be able to find the 3rd way as I call it, the way of the Self.
I am a transformer, to unveil what is hidden, occult, “yet-to-be-brought-into-light” I want it applied to myself, to be my own example. In that way I can test and prove to myself and the world, it is for real.
I am my own angel/healer. I have my own library of experiences.
My talent is like a rainbow, a scale of different means, and ways.
If my heart is into something, it will guide me to be able to do the impossible.
The uniqueness about me is that, I am.
I do have websites though, where I can show examples of what I do:
Old sites:
(Oldest one)
(Go to the art page for photos)
And recently, just started and still messing with it until I get something right:

From Adrian

How do you see the future unfolding?

This only saving solution will come from the kids. I hope the new coming ice age will not kill them as the program for chemtrails and such is a mass murdering application.

What do you think we can do to heal the planet?

Fire all government employee, retrain them and hire back the one working for us and that's it. If you could change the world, how would you change it? See above.

How do you feel about the educational system?
see above again.

What is important to you?

The energy and the kids in the future.

How do you see relationships? What needs to change there?

Fire them, that all.

What is the older generation missing?

The fact that they "vote" and there sin produce this mass criminal activity and no way to stop it, yet.

Show my answers to Drunvalo. We may have a solution and I can help, I think.

Thank you for your continued efforts to seek out the Truth in our daily lives, sharing what you believe to be helpful for those around you. None of us is smarter than us All. Regarding one of your questions below, to pose to our Youth, I'd like to share from my own thoughts something that might be of use: I recommend we all consider that there is an entity alive whom we can call the Living God. To use the generic gender of Male, I say let's pursue our ability to understand that "he"
may not only exist, but also that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. There is an interesting verse in the Christian bible that mentions the healing of our land - the context involves the demeanor of our daily thoughts, and extending even to the effective repair of the land we live in:

'If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.' – 2 Chronicles 7:14

This offers critical implications regarding our inner thoughts, a system of values with which we can align ourselves, and the Mind of a Living God who can evaluate the hearts humanity en masse.

I hope this email finds you well and enjoy the West!

Dave Parham - Web and IT Support
Raleigh NC
Greetings Maat,

As the mother of two Indigo children and one Crystal child, 16,13 and 8, they have been my greatest teachers. I have also had the gift of working with families with Indigo children and currently work with the online magazine Children of the New Earth Magazine as well as Cosmikids in creating a new publication just for children that is due to launch in 2008, this magazine will allow children an avenue to share, discover and inspire their natural gifts.

How do you see the future unfolding?

I am very excited and optimistic about our future, the Universe is vibrating at light speed to accommodate the energies coming in and more parents are tuning into that energy of these children.

What do you think we can do to heal the planet?

Wow, this is a huge topic! First and foremost is bringing awareness to people that children might actually have the answers, society has made it so that children some how are viewed less than, adults must be the authority on all matters, not so! When adults began to recognize each child as a radiant source of light, a being of true wisdom, the healing will began! of course this thought process will scare the heck out of most adults, it is a must and eventually inevitable in the process of
healing the planet.

In that many children have as you know been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/Autism and what they have found is a diet change, a primarily vegetarian/vegan diet, no surprise as this will help heal the planet in enormous ways by maintaining a diet that is not animal based allows the child to tune into a positive nature force, which Indigo/Crystal children adapt to very easily and without hesitation.

Which brings me to the nature/environment aspect - we as a whole will want to give gratitude for each insect, plant, human being, know that everything is life, everything carries and resonates energy, everything! This too comes very easy to these children, it is the parents who sometimes find the challenge, when Sarah says "Dad let's put the environmentally friendly light bulbs" does Dad do it? Perhaps, but sometimes not, so number one listening to the child, two actually doing it. Nature is our greatest teacher as well and we will want to listen to nature’s lessons, it has cried out to us in so many ways, through the beaching of dolphins, whales, to the chimps in the rain-forest and their habitats, to the very fact that there is now a label "Global Warming" which I believe is reversible. In our thought processes, as well as the way we listen to children, to the way we buy/consume, to the way we listen to nature. I wrote a children's story for Children of the New Earth on "Global
Warming" in the reverse, please go to click under Author Archives, click to my name, click the story "Global Warming" enjoy!

If you could change the world, how would you change it?

Wow again! I think it starts right from the get go as they say,

1. That you are Goddess/God, and that this union of man and woman, woman/woman, man/man is a sacred union and in that we are magnificent beings of transformational light that can create the infinite!
2. That each child is heard before conception, and is listened to before, during and after birth. If each union were to tap into that energy of listening to their unborn before conception, they would hear very clearly the message of when to conceive, what will nurture their soul, through food, exercise, sound, everything will revel itself while listening to the child. Thus a child is not born out of a one night of passion but rather conceived in the divine timing for you and the child - "Spiritual Parenting"
3. That the children share with us the most grandest of gifts, they have come to share their knowledge - let us be still in quietness and listen!
4. Feed ourselves and our children spiritual food, "manna" mind, body and spirit... choosing organic, or plant a few/large portion - yourself. Share spiritual practices such as breath, yoga, reiki, homeopathy in your life. Many think these are new practices, but actually they are quite ancient. This new paradigm welcomes this with open arms.

How do you feel about the educational system?

This one always strikes a bell in me. My oldest was the one who introduced home schooling to me in third grade. After I took her out, I felt like I could not do it, then in fourth grade she cried for me to take her out and home school. She said "school is squashing my spirit!" We have been home schooling ever since - actually we Unschool, for those of you who are not familiar with-this form of
education, which indeed it is and is recognized as a form of education, simply put the child learns what they want to-learn, when they want to learn it - ok I can hear some of you now, I share with you the following article I wrote. and as Fred Alan Wolf says at the end of "What the Bleep" Ponder that for a while!

Unschooling/Life Learning/Self Directed Learning

’Is it possible to allow your child to be a self-taught learner? YES! – In every sense of the word.
How is it though that society has some how assumed the role of knowing what is best for our children. How did we allow schools and society to decide and dictate what children should learn? Where many adults feel they have the answers and children are some how meant to be taught in a
classroom setting being told what to learn, how to learn, and where to learn.
Sitting in a classroom for six to seven hours daily where recess time is equivalent to less than 30 minutes, lunch is less than 20 minutes - surely this is not what children need or want. It is true not all schools are of this nature but many are and many are returning to traditional modalities, uniforms, excessive homework, memorization of 50 spelling words per week, the list seems to be never ending, we want children to succeed but with these messages are we saying to children
If the child is not at grade level for any required subject they are often labeled slow and if they exceed they are labeled gifted, let’s think a minute, so Sarah is not reading at the third grade level, but she excels in the arts, music and other areas of interest, but still labeled slow? Now Adam on the other hand is punching out calculus and reading beyond grade level, but yet does not share an artist talent nor, does he play an instrument, but yet he is labeled gifted? All in relevance to exceeding in academics and as to what society has labeled success.
I have often characterized the school system as being one huge printing machine, it is like a human copier, we put the child in school expect him/her to learn everything at the same time, same pace, same setting and viola we have another human being who has passed grade three, just like everyone else.
Just as you would on your copier at home, printing an image of a picture, if you print 30 pictures of the same image, chances are you will get the same image, but each with a slightly different edge to
them, some clearer, some not as clear, the school system clearly wants each image to be the same; they want everyone who is at a certain grade level to be at that level in all areas and subject matter. Not going to happen!
So many of the new/now generation of children can not and will not tolerate this type of schooling, we see evidence of this already, labels of ADD/ADHD are astounding, labeled slow learner, acting out, causes trouble in the classroom, not to mention the physical effects on the body of these precious souls, there is an influx of more colds, not from being with kids at school but rather stress induced from pressure to do, creating more frustration, thus acting it out on themselves or society.
Today’s children need alternative ways of learning and experiencing their world of learning, where they are the teachers and guardians of their education, wherever, whenever and however that plays out for them, and we as adults can nurture, guide, and embrace the idea of Sarah wanting dreams of being the next Georgia O’Keeffe, buy her paints, beeswax crayons, a canvas, or better yet if you dare, let her have one wall in the house where she can draw anytime with markers and colored pencils, (if you move you can always paint over it) So what is Self-directed learning, Life learning, Unschooling, there are many names given to this type of education and how does it work? John Holt ( was the forerunner for this type of schooling, in his book “What Do I Do On Monday? He wrote “We can see that learning is no difference between living and learning, that living is learning, that it is impossible, and misleading, and harmful to think of them as separate. We say to children, “you come to school to learn. “We say educators our job is to teach children to learn, but the children have been learning, all the time, for all of their lives before they met us. What is more, they are very likely to be much better at learning than most of us who plan to teach them something.”
Unschoolers learn from everyday living, life is their curriculum. If their interest lies in airplanes then by all means let them fly with it, take them to tour an airport, see if they have field trips for kids to get into the plane and check out the cockpit, check with a small airport and see if they would let you take a test flight.
If their interest is in gardening, then we plant, we go to nurseries, we visit local organic gardeners in the area, learn about sustainable living, if it’s history then they search and research, read, explore,
experience, we visit museums, we might even fly to that area of history that interest them. but all of this is done, when they want and how they want. How will they learn to read? They will
1. Because it is innate in us all to want to learn,
2. Because we are surrounded by words,
3. Because it is natural. And
4. Because you’re having fun, cut out words to create a story, have them
write a story, don’t worry about the spelling you can always go back
and correct it, and they will learn it, read to them, this incorporates
spelling too, the possibilities are endless.
How will they learn Math? Lot’s of ways to incorporate math, go to the store and weigh those apples, measure how long your arm is, plant a garden and figure out the square footage you will need, the money it will cost you?
How will they learn to handle money if they don’t learn so called proper arithmetic? Money is fascinating to all of us and children learn early on that money holds value, so they will often count, divide, add, subtract, any money put in front of them, try it! Let them help with the checkbook this is a good one. (Our eight year old loves to help my husband with the checkbook, really!) It’s ndless.
What about socialization? Everyday we go out into the world and interact, whether it is with a cashier at the store, our neighbors, involvement in community service, and there are groups for Unschoolers.
This planet is abundant with people everywhere, and again it is natural for all of us to learn whether it’s reading, math or communicating. Will they really learn everything they need to know? Well I guess that depends on who you ask, and what is it that they really need to know, according to who and what?
If you ask most in society or the school system you probably will hear “no,” if you ask a Mother who has been being this type of a guardian, then you will hear, “most definitely,” if you ask the child, which I did and I got this answer, “I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me how smart I am.”
When and if you decide to take on this type of learning know that all in all it is our future generation of children who will make a difference in our world and you were there to guide them.
There is a whole wide world out there just waiting for you and your kids to explore, enjoy the infinite possibilities of learning through the natural wonders of the universe.

What does education often do? It makes a straight - cut ditch of a free meandering brook.
— Henry David Thoreau

What is important to you?

Life, Peace, Love, Environment, Families, Thought Consciousness.

How do you see relationships? What needs to change there?

I think what I shared before that woman and men alike need to see themselves as Goddess/Gods and to treasure themselves for the light they are, thus when the union becomes one, there is less chance for separation, which I must share, my goddess was long after I was married, but have been with the same god since the beginning for over 20 years. And in those 20 years these are the gifts/gems that have made the ripple in the stream a little easier.

Listen and Share from the depths of your soul, share your feelings, hopes and dreams with each other for yourself, your partner and the Universe. Carl Rodgers said “If you cannot be open to your feelings, you cannot be open to actualization” What is actualization? Abraham Maslow gave this definition “Self actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.” In other words it is the inborn/natural growth already in us and/or any being/living thing. So it is inborn in us to listen to each other from the depths of our soul and to grow and share with each other so that we may each come to the place of actualization. This is one of the greatest senses of peace to our self and others, to listen and share.

Live in the Now:
Don’t go back and regurgitate old harbored feelings of the past whether they’re from your past or your partners or of those together, live for today, create each new day by living in the now. Heal those areas that call you to heal and move on into the light of each other. Because in reality all we really have is "Now" and how precious it is.

Be Creative:
Each of you has many gifts, talents to share with each other and the world, do so in that quiet time of solitude whether it’s painting, writing, running, sailing, whatever it is that is creative for you.
There are times as well that you may want to create together such as remodeling a part of your home/apartment in which one will paint, while the other inlays tile, or landscape a front yard together, the process is endless in it’s desire to create. You may even find that you create something for each other. However and whatever it is you do create, create, create! When you do this you are creating with the divine source, the Creator.
Create ways to express peace together by exchanging peace with one another, let the other know that you see them as peace when they are engaged in simple acts of kindness, holding the door open for another, picking up trash, or maybe they made your favorite meal or dessert, all of those are peace acts that seen through the eyes of each other is creation.

This most of all is one that we as big kids have left for the daring! When’s the last time you walked through the store skipping? Or stood out in the middle of a rainstorm and danced? Laughed out loud together just for the glory of hearing each other’s laugh? Or even played a game together? Play is an essential part of togetherness, just because your 50 doesn’t mean you stop playing, it means you play even better than before! So play, the laughing and playing will generate new creative stirrings in your heart. “I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things… I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind.” — Leo Buscaglia

Prayer and Meditation:
Prayer is the greatest of all tools that when done together the power of prayer becomes unlimited source. It doesn’t need to be complex, a silent prayer for each other. The vibration of this type of prayer resonates and encompasses the Universe.

Make Time:
Make time to share your divinity as a union. Smile at each other in the morning, leave love letters, either hand written or e-mail. Call and chat for five minutes or leave a message at work or home, ask your partner to go on a date to dinner. Make time to create peace and union, many survive the first few years of marriage but 10, 20, 30 years or more is ever vague these days, we can change that. When we make time for what we love we create passion, encompassed love and harmony within self and others. Make the time!

Make Love:
Sounds simple; it is, but does it become an act or become a sacred spiral of union? Sacred love making is not s**, it is all of the above, it is listening, sharing, being present, creating whether through new ways of learning to pleasure or creating a safe sacred place to be together, it is playful, a time to laugh and be silly or giddy, it is a time for sensual, sensuous and erotic, it is a place of peace in which each of you come together as one in a fire that ignites the soul, where hearts are connected for only you to see, it is where the goddess and God meet in their enchanted castle, as if from a old time renaissance play, making wishes come true and dreams shared into the midnight moon.

So what needs to change? Creating a space of sacred union!

What is the older generation missing?

I don't know if they're missing anything it may be just that it's all new, and some of the new ways of thought can be scary to people, they don't want to change, change is inevitable. But not all of what the older generation says is all negative either, perhaps if we create together we can look at some of the older generation and share our gratitude for the many gifts they have shared with us, here are a few. Quilting, baking, knitting, listening to radio shows, listening to music on the radio, gardening, canning preserves, comparing how big a sunflower is against your hand, smelling a garden of fresh roses and sweet peas growing, playing cards, board games, playing outside, hide n
go seek, going barefoot, singing in the rain, sit and watch a rainbow, blow bubbles, making mud pies, collecting rocks and marvel at their colors, watching old movies, holding hands, lying down on a lush newly mowed grass on a spring day, looking up at puffy clouds to create ducks, fish and angels, watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon, watching a spider that has spun it’s web outside your window, the sound of the ocean, building sandcastles, singing your favorite song out
loud, learning to play an instrument, building with blocks, hula hoops, visiting grandma and grandpa, the sparkle in grandma’s eye when you give her a hug, watching birds, making lemonade, making ice cream (crank style), making clay, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, riding bikes, drawing murals, painting, coloring, puzzles, reading together, telling stories, helping out a neighbor, going to work with your parent.

In Gratitude for this opportunity, may the blessings continue to unfold its beauty to us all!

Peace and Love,
Kathy Parra

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Comment by Anandakass C on February 20, 2009 at 5:27pm
Thanks for posting this. I am an Indigo mom and understand what these children are saying very well. I am happy they are here.


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