Let's Stop Whining & Get To Work

i'm not certain this should be considered a spiritual blog, but i suppose it has to do with living in a more "just" world.  i don't know about other folks, but i have been struggling just to get the two ends to see each other.  and, i have no plans in the near future for them to actually meet.  our political system has become nothing more than a thinly veiled sham to advance the agenda of "The One Percent."  i see places like the middle-east continue a war that began with throwing stones and has now progressed to being able to destroy the world.  i've read studies that confirm that both the democrats and the republicans server their masters well and leave the rest of the population as the raw material.

but at the same time, i don't think you can whine too long without consciously seeking a realistic solution.  complaints abound, but i've really heard very few ideas on how to fix it. as humans, we tend to get caught in the whiny stage but spend all our energy licking our wounds rather than searching for a solution.  i'm not saying this is THE solution, but i'm saying it might be a starting point for a productive discussion.  so, if y'all are still with me, read on.

virtually every part of our "system" is broken.  and what we have been doing for decades is trying to fix it from the bottom up.  obviously, we have learned a lot from this - mainly, that it doesn't work.  we seem to think that doing the same thing over and over will eventually lead to a different outcome.  isn't that one of the definitions of insanity?

so, my suggestion begins at the top. . . the president and congress.  when the next elections roll around, regardless of your party affiliation, vote for the guy campaigning with NO big money backing.  then, the first order of business is to enact laws that make it illegal for any "big money" donations.  ban ALL paid lobbyists from capital hill. and next, pass a law that ALL bills under consideration be presented INDIVIDUALLY.  no more adding pork to legitimate bills.  then, finally, demand that all elected officials have a government issued web page in which issues currently before congress be listed individually and in plain english.  at this site, constituents only will be allowed to weigh in on the issues before their representative.  

representatives work for us.  we don't elect them into office to represent themselves.  so, it would also list who was present for roll call when those bills were voted on and what their vote was.  if there was a clear preference on the part of their constituents and they voted otherwise, they should post an explanation.  then, when next voting season roles around, WE get to make a truly informed decision when we vote.

then, we rebuild the democracy our founding fathers intended from the top down.

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  • I think we should spread the word. 

  • When it's time to rebuild the financially torn U.S.A., let's remember three simple rules:




  • I'm not saying to love what they do but to recognize the need to love them for their true self, which is a part of the whole, that teaches us what we do not want.

    for those that can not see the good in what these individuals do,they are waking the masses to that which is not good for the whole,we can learn to overcome that as an individual by the realization that we create our world with the thoughts we have on a daily basis,so they teach us to monitor our thoughts  and we learn that in all experiences there can be good and bad . 

    The world is what we create, so lets see the love that is needed to be shared with those that need it the most,it is much harder to see when we are part of the it,so step back and look at it as though it does not affect you .when you can see things this way it can give a whole new outlook .If we get angry or hateful it only adds fuel to the fire and it will never go out.

    for five years I have voted for what I thought was the solution,no democrat or republican,thinking that it was useless to feed the fire.Then started looking to the reasons why there was no change,it all comes down to the fact that people have not seen the control they have over us.

    We have given them that control and now it is time to take back that control through the realization that we gave it away in the first place.So who is to blame ,them or ourselves?We have become a nation that lets others do it for us ,then we complain about the results.

    It may take a few more years for the masses to see what we have done on a collective conscious level, but it is happening.We are waking up ,we just need to remember we are all in this together and need to help each other. Love ya Bob

  • There's no doubt that the judicial, medical and educational systems all need massive overhauls.  But we've been trying to fix them without fixing the part that is actually making the rules. We have to fix the fixers first. And no one said it has to be ugly or hateful. We just use the system that is already in place. 

  • What a wonderful idea nighteyes. You've got my vote.

  • It would be a good start,this is something I have thought for the last ten years needs to be done ,

    love ya Bob

    please don't forget that this needs to be done with love for them as they are a part of us as well,many in these people really believe they have been doing what is right  and we need to show them a better way to do things,with love for all

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