Lessons in Tai Chi/Chi Quan- Visit by a Stag

I Have been learning Tai Chi for about 3 years and I've been doing energy work and Reki for a long time now. In Tai Chi I learnt some excersises called Chi Quan, which translates to "energy work". Chi Quan uses quite simple physical movements but alot of energy movment, it's used to meditate and focus on the energetic body.


So far I've found 3 main types of movement within Chi Quan:


At first you move your hands, which moves the energy.

Then you conciously move the energy, which moves your hands.

Then you compleatly relax and let then energy around you to flow through you, which moves your hands.


This is the story of my lesson for the last one. I went to the woods near where I live to do some Chi Quan. I slowly relaxed into the excercises and focused on the energy. The movements of the excersises follow your breath, as I gentally slowed my movements, my attention expanded into the woods around me. I began to feel the life of the woods, I could hear it breath. I compleatly relaxed and let the breath of the woods to move through me, it's energy moved my body.


After some time doing this I heard a rustling noise. So trying on to lose the energy, I stilled the myself and foused on my dan tien (belly) and opened my eyes. In the undergrowth in front of me was a Stag. He slowly make his way towards me, watching me the whole time. He got to about 10ft. away, right at the edge of the little clearing I was in. Unfortunaltly at this point my silly head worried about what would charge at me, I was standing in front of a big tree and would have no where to run. I know it was a daft thought 'cos he wasn't scary at all but that moment of fear changed the energy and the stag darted off into the trees.


 This experiance was very powerful for me. It felt like I was doing well enough for nature to take an interest in me and come for a closer look. Also because I live in England, we have Celtic gods here, I wondered if the stag was a representation of the god Pan. I was dissapointed that I scared the Stag off. I know that it was the reaction of an undisaplened human mind, but I hoped that if given an oppertunity like this again I'd be able to keep the energy clear.


Lessons given to you be Nature herself are the greatest!


Love and Gratitude


Happy :)

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