Kundalini Yoga!


Rama Rao Das asks,

“How does the individual soul (Atma)

Become the Universal Soul? (Paramatma)

What is the end of Yoga?

For Yoga be the union

With God, is Your firm opinion.”


Guru Siddha Nath says,

“In the body seven wheels are there

Concentrating on the seventh wheel, I declare

To thee, as the end of Yoga.”



Rama Rao Das asks,

“What are the seven wheels?

Where are they located?

What are their speeds?

What does a Yogi achieve?

In Your word, I believe.”


Guru Siddha Nath says,

“The first being Mooladhara wheel,

’Tis located at the base of the anus,

’Tis having four spokes,

Its speed is 1.84 X1015 rpb,

It reflects red light.

Stopping this wheel

One’s body becomes disease-free.”


“The second being Swadhistana wheel

Situated at three inches from the Mooladhara wheel

’Tis located in the genitals,

’Tis having six spokes,

Its speed is 2 X 1015 rpb,

It reflects orange light.

Stopping this wheel

One conquers the three worlds.”


“The third being Manipura wheel

Situated at ten inches from the Swadhistana wheel,

’Tis located in the navel,

’Tis having ten spokes,

Its speed is 2.14 X 1015 rpb,

It reflects yellow light.

Stopping this wheel

One’s body becomes as hard as diamond.”


“The fourth being Anahata wheel,

Situated at twelve inches from the Manipura wheel,

’Tis located in the heart,

’Tis having twelve spokes,

Its speed is 2.4 X 1015 rpb,

It reflects green light.

Stopping this wheel

One’s actions produce no reactions or

One’s Karmas end without a trace.”


“The fifth being Visuddhakya wheel,

Situated at eight inches from the Anahata wheel,

’Tis located in the throat,

’Tis having sixteen spokes,

Its speed is 2.67 X 1015 rpb,

It reflects blue light.

Stopping this wheel

One gets rid of breathing and life span increases.”


“The sixth being Ajna wheel,

Situated at sixteen inches from the Visuddhakya wheel,

’Tis located between the eyebrows,

’Tis having only two spokes,

Its speed is 2.86 X 1015 rpb,

It reflects indigo light.

Stopping this wheel

One becomes perfect and sleep is conquered.”


“The seventh being Sahasrara wheel,

Situated at one inch from the Ajna wheel,

’Tis located in the brain,

’Tis having zillion spokes,

Its speed is 3 X 1015 rpb,

It reflects violet light.

Concentrating on this wheel is Yoga.

Here the individual soul becomes the Universal Soul.

Here innumerable Perfect Beings are meditating on the Almighty.”


Rama Rao Das says,

“About this state, I cannot state

But on Your lotus feet I concentrate -

For this is formless, senseless,

Wordless and expressionless.”


Note: 1. Rpb: Revolutions per breath

          2. Inch: The length of the first phalanx of one’s index finger. It is not the same for all.

**** Salutations to the shoes of my Guru Kanhaiah Ram Nath ****             

               The True Guru's Grace Has No End!

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  • Dear Kingjeff,

    Hari Om! Thank you. I do hope your wish may be fulfilled by the grace of God and Guru for the benefit of all beings!

  •  What of the 1000 Petal Lotus Crown Chakra which I was informed by a 14 year old boy

     that I have from another time as he described it spinning to me on my head. That was 20 odd years ago.

     I acknowledge all you say but as I read I saw the transition of form when one moved up the ladder of vibration and frequency and as you know these things are not to be played with lightly. I was told a number of years ago that all the Chakras would merge and become one. I did not comprehend then but now I do.

    Nath Yogi may a trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles erupt from your Heart 24/7 healing all you come

    upon and leaving a bouquet of your favorite perfume. People will inquire as to the origin of the Perfume

    and you will say "from the Temple of Our Father/Mother and transitioned from my heart to your heart

    as a free gift. Blessings Love Joy Balance Grace Harmony Kingjeff

  • Dear Kingieff,

    Hari Om! Thanks for your comment. Not only you, everybody has the right to stop or let them revolve! It is only a matter of experience beyond the realm of thought, word and deed.

  •  If you place a peg over your nose surely you return to All That Is and a state of Bliss

     however you no longer inhabit your body. I have no intention of stopping my chakra's

     and ceasing all sentient life and moving on as I prefer to let All That Is who already

     resides in me to continue doing so.

     Feather Winger and Stella post  beautiful pictures with all the Chakras  functioning harmoniously and if I followed the advice posted here all the lights go out as the Chakras are in turn TURNED OFF/OUT so what profit is that. None at all. I prefer to be filled with the fresh Prana in a Forest after a Storm when there is Magic in the Air or Breath and give thanks for the Salt Laden Air of a Crashing Surf Beach.

    We are all Magical Expressions of All That Is so please BE so in your Magnificent Diversity. Blessings Love Joy Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff

  • HM068.jpg

This reply was deleted.

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