Hello Everyone,

After searching the internet for weeks, I have found that there is really no formal listing  of who

is in the outer band of our Spirit guides.  So, I put the question to my own guides, and this is the

answer that they presented to me..

Granted they say," that it depends on the individual, but for the most part 

it will probably similar for most of the population."

I have already posted a listing of The Primary band of Guides in a prevoius blog:

Your Band of Spirit Guides and why it is Important for you to know them.


The clairvoyant visual that I have been given from my guides is that it like a slot or gate.

There are categories posted by each Gate, Example: "FAMILY" this is where the Family

Guide will enter from.

I will share with you the Gates in the order that I have been shown.

To borrow from Shakespeare: "All the world is a Stage, and all men and women are merely players."

We are always on stage in this life, the Spirit guides enter the stage from a doorway behind us.

Presenting the Outer Band of Spirit Guides

The Family Guide:

  Usually  Grandparent or of the Aunt/Uncle line (can be a parent if the parent left early in this lifetime)

The importance of this place, it is a fixed position, there will always be a family representative with you for the entire earth life time.

The Healer:

  They work with you on projects to heal certain situation or to send healing energies to certain people

usually leave when work is finished. This is not the same of the healer in your primary band.

8108964097?profile=originalThe Instructors: There can be more than one entrance for the instructors to come in at. I have been shown for myself that I have 3 gates or entrances

for them to come through.

   They  can be from various fields they work in the arts, music and literature field. Depending on your interests.

 They step in as needed to to assist on a given project and leave once their work has been finished. These are temporary positions.  Periods of time from a day or 2 to up to 7 years, or longer if necessary.

The Instructor working with me on this project is the Famous Leonardo Di Vinci. 

The Past Life Teacher:

The past life teacher comes back into your life, when you need help in overcoming a situation (lesson)

that you have already accomplished. they are there to guide you to remember how to handle that for the highest



I have seen Aristotle around in my Meditation from time to time.

The Friend:

This is person who was a good friend in this lifetime or past life.  they are usually there to help

you get through a certain situation.  

The Nature Spirit Guides:8108964297?profile=original

The nature spirit guide, my guides tell me that there is a slot in everyones band for the nature spirit guides.

Some have them all the time.  They are representatives from the 4 elements of Nature:  Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

I know someone who regularly sees fairies, (generally) small children are more open to these guides.

I do know that for these guides to be seen one must exhibit a childlike enthusiasm.

The Animal Spirit Guide: 

Animal Spirit guide, power animal or totem. This is a powerful guide usually with you though out your life.  It can also

represent a group of certain animals.  Some of us may be attracted to certain


groups of animals. 

  Spirit says, " Your not just here to be another pretty Face, to take up space. Your here to be 

"The Light of the World"

Rev. Betty Tatalajski  The Temple of Universality, Tucson AZ USA

I appreciate any comments you mind have regarding this blog.

Sal Salvadini

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  • true! :-) My guides have been all of the above. Animals in the physical have provided the greatest, most powerful guidance, teaching me patience, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, love, self-sacrifice, joy, humour, positive thinking, the power of the soul, wisdom, playfulness, beauty, appreciation, healing, and that death is not to be feared. 

    Awesome divine soulful animal magic :-)

    The humans in spirit form have been just as wonderful :-)

    Namaste! and thanks for sharing this EarthAngel <3

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