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Kindness Transcends Differences in Beliefs ~ Divine Self via Simon NightStarr

Kindness Transcends Differences in Beliefs ~ Divine Self via Simon NightStarr

Your kindness is a mighty force, as it raises your consciousness above and beyond the petty concerns of the human personality, the personal mind, into the heights of the consciousness of the Higher Self. A major concern of those who become self-aware is the differences in beliefs between oneself and others, and many spiritual seekers have become very self-righteous in an egoic, lower-self sense as a reaction to this heightened perception of "differences." However, to heal this, a shift in one's self-awareness to the Higher Self--in other words, to a feeling-sense of Oneness--must be made in order to traverse the bridge of consciousness from fear and anger to love and compassion.
         Kindness transcends differences in beliefs. Indeed, kindness transcends all appearances of differences, of contrast, as it is an out-pouring of the Spiritual Heart. At times you may feel that your kindness is not reciprocated, and as a result you may feel irritated, annoyed and angry that your offering of love doesn't appear to be returned. In such instances it is always a case of "mistaken identity." In other words, you are identifying with the lower self, the ego, that feels victimized and abandoned. This "self" feels a lack of love; in fact, this is its defining characteristic! Identifying yourself with the common false belief, "Well, I am only human," is a sure way to avoid the spiritual fact that you are actually a perfect, immortal Divine Being that is temporarily playing a role as an ego, a personal "I," a human being. The "mistake" is assuming that you are human. You are not. You are Consciousness. The human part is just that; it is part of your Higher Self and not the whole of who and what you are.
         Your True Identity is expressed in loving-kindness. Your kindness shows you and others who and what you really are. Negative behavior never shows anyone's "true colors." This common human perception of seeing one's "true colors" is nonsense, for the True Self actually has no colors, Itself being Pure Light that has no opposite and no shades of Itself. Yes, you may indeed perceive the so-called "true colors" of your brothers and sisters, but unless you realize that these are but temporary, illusory personality aspects that are reflected in the persona, in the aura of the individual, you are making the same error of mistaken identity in not clearly perceiving and identifying with your Higher Self, your Divine "I AM."
None of you are actually here to figure out the minds of other people, but actually to gradually awaken to the Divine Mind, the Universal Mind, that is One. It is suggested here that you identify with the FEELING of kindness rather than with the human definitions of kindness. Throw your labels and definitions to the transformative winds of higher awareness. Likewise, in this process of Self-realization it is very important that you surrender your specific expectations of how you think others should react to your kindness. This is of utmost importance! Your kindness, your compassion, is not firmly grounded and anchored if you have knee-jerk negative reactions to those who may not behave in the manner that your ego would like them to react. Let go of such defensive, self-destructive attitudes, for they do not characterize the True, Enlightened Inner Person that you really are.
            Understand that your soul actually enjoys differences; it delights in contrast, or else there would be no range of expression, and thus no human experience at all. You, as soul, enjoy and appreciate ALL experiences. You will not clearly understand this with your human intellect, so the sooner you realize the futility of "intellectual enlightenment," the better. True intellectual enlightenment belongs to the Divine Intellect, the Divine Mind, and not to a mind that heavily relies upon its human intellect for its understanding of things. True kindness is that compassion that perceives all as One, in a deep, feeling sense that is beyond words, definitions and descriptions. ANY expression of kindness may lead to transcendental awareness, provided that you allow yourself the benefit of acknowledging your Inner Self. This is but a simple recognition of your empowerment, your Divine Reality.
              Cherish those that believe differently than you, for in truth no one else actually has "identical" beliefs to yours, anyhow. There is no such unity in the perceptive arena of "difference" and "separation," which is why separation is totally an illusion. Unity is only found in crossing the bridge of consciousness from fear and lack to Abundant Love. Your kindness is mightier than any perception of lack. You lack nothing! Let the emphasis of this Truth ring throughout your vibrational being, until you are vibrating in perfect alignment with Source Reality, and the evidence of this Truth will surely be found in your delicious FEELING of well-being. Be kind unto yourselves, beloved ones, and thus all are served well. :)

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