Keeping Darkness Fed: It's Time to Wake Up

Seven_Psychopaths_Poster.jpg?width=231(Photo: Darkness, largely fed and accepted)


Written by Wes Annac


I went to go into a channeling this morning, and found the connection was very shallow. Little purity of information was coming through and overall, the process felt much more mind-centered than heart-centered as it is intended to be.


Of course this has happened before, and any channeler who is well-practiced in their own right can usually recognize when their connection is just too shallow in that moment to proceed with the communication.

In my case; I try to find reasons why the connection could be shallow or why I’m just not receiving the fruitful, intricate impressions I’d otherwise joyfully receive. For this morning specifically, a few different reasons surface why the connection just isn’t as strong or pure as it usually is. One reason is my tiredness on this morning; depletion or lack of energy can lead to a lack of enthusiasm in the mind to purely interpret the impressions being received by the heart.

Another reason, which I’ve worked to surface and understand, is that I feel a bit of intolerance toward everything humanity is doing to allow ourselves to be held back, albeit unknowingly.

A bit of a bias against the dear unawakened humanity has developed, as while I don’t expect everyone else to have the perspective or understanding that I do, I look at some facets of our society and wonder how it is not painfully obvious to the rest of humanity that such facets are designed to hold us back and keep us feeding the lower realms that the cabals would have us feed forever.

I guess I could say a bit of a downtrodden, narcissistic view is emerging from within me this morning and of course, recognizing it is the first step to sourcing it and working through it entirely.

It’s simply that I see the various things about our society and the various ways the majority of people choose to Live their Lives and express themselves, and it makes me wonder if our collective is ever going to gain awareness of the incredible ways we’ve been kept feeding the lower states of unconsciousness and ego.

Specifically, I see that sarcasm is one of the largest ways we’ve kept ourselves feeding darkness. Some of the darkest things are allowed to be said in sarcastic ways, and it seems that many people are slowly being led to feed darkness via sarcasm and things that are not meant to be taken seriously (thus the ease in expressing exponential darkness via those things).

I see how we are allowing ourselves to feed darkness and to be ok with doing so, if it is under the guise of something we perceive not to be real. If one takes a broader look at this issue, one will see that nearly everything we’ve been designed to believe “isn’t actually real” is being used to funnel exponential darkness and negativity through for as many unaware people to absorb as possible.

Take movies and television shows, for example.

I’ve had fruitful arguments with a certain special someone who enjoys most of the television shows and movies whose creators use the opportunity that is making a show or movie, to funnel-through the most exponential of darkness; hatred; violence; lust; the list could go on and on.

I see what very strongly appears to be a purposeful funneling of every mechanism that drives the hellish realms of fourth density-negative, through television shows and movies but one cannot speak up against this, lest they wish to be given the old adage of “calm down – it’s not real”.

Despite the fact that television and movie makers take every measure they can to make it as real as possible, humanity still accepts the widespread death, violence and lust in our movies and television shows because we see them in a flickering box rather than in the reality right in front of us.

It’s very sad to think that most of what we see in movies and assume “isn’t real” actually is very real and is happening every day in our society; with violence against women being one of those things.

It’s been proven that the images we see have very real physical and emotional effects on us, and I think that the cabals know this. To express some of the strongest

TheDeparted-Poster1.jpg?width=160narcissism I’m feeling on this morning: I very strongly feel that humanity will continue remain unaware sheeple who are kept distracted with the Illuminati’s darkness if we do not wake up and see how we are being emotionally controlled.

Those of us who are awakened strongly know that the reality we find around us has been orchestrated, and the sheer unawareness and uncaring in the rest of humanity as to how we are being fed darkness nearly everywhere we look, is a bit frustrating to say the least.

(Right Photo: “The Departed” movie – Only further proves my point)

What’s worse, most of the people in our society still feed this darkness and not only do they not mind that it’s prevalent; they want more of it.

“Give us more blood in this movie. More guts. More gore. Come on, we want it to be realistic!”

“Sure, show a woman getting killed in your movie, and make it as real as you can. I’ll pay to see it!”

“Show more nudity in your film. More sex. Make it as realistic as you possibly can, and I’ll pay to see it”.

Our culture accepts violence, gore, lust, and just about everything else that turns a sane man mad and keeps a collective feeding the core mechanisms of Luciferianism and yet, nobody sees this or even cares. Truly, it is tragic and it is something I strongly feel we need to work to change.

Despite knowing that the ascension plan is for every person on this Earth to evolve, I worry for the fate of those who are so engrossed in darkness that they fashion their very egos with such darkness. I worry for those who don’t see that sarcasm and every other form of darkness is leading them down a very bad path, and that they’re willingly signing their own birth certificate into fourth density-negative.

Of course, at the heart of many of these problems lies the unawareness in the collective of humanity as to the realms beyond our conscious understanding. Because nobody seems to understand that there are heavenly as well as hellish realms beyond this third dimension, feeding darkness with no seeming karmic consequences just doesn’t matter to anybody.

Nobody understands that what we feed and accept will determine where we go after we leave this realm and to be quite blunt, I feel that the incredible amount of darkness fed to humanity via television, movies and a plethora of other things is done as a part of a ritualistic sacrifice of the goodness of humanity.

The more souls who feed into and accept darkness in our society, the more souls who get to experience the results of such darkness after they pass on, in the form of being taken to the hellish realms they have so willingly fed into for so long. Quite honestly, we need to raise awareness of these sorts of things and even if we are met with brick walls or outright insulted for the stance we are taking, we can know that we did our part and attempted to help the souls around us.

As it stands right now, I see that exponential darkness is still willingly and happily fed by too many souls on this Earth and without descending into puritanism; I very strongly feel that something needs to be done to awaken humanity into feeding the Light rather than the darkness.

A bit dualistic of a belief perhaps, but it is where I stand nonetheless. Purity and Love are here to replace twisted distortions and darkness, and I strongly feel it a part of my mission to raise awareness about the many ways we have been kept feeding Illuminati-dreams.

I expressed the viewpoint I’m about to give to that same “special someone” mentioned above: If you’re one who can see a woman being killed; a person being hung; a graphic sex scene; or a bloody and gory fight, and those don’t affect you in any way – than something truly is wrong.

Complacency toward those things and accepting them as “just a part of our society” is truly just as bad as claiming them not to be real or feeding into them willingly and I say this with Love:

It’s time for us to wake up.

It’s time to awaken to the many things that have been done to keep us feeding into hell because truly, if awareness is not raised than more and more souls will continue to be (almost-willingly) sacrificed.

Wes Annac – Ready and willing for the Light to transmute the largely-fed and accepted darkness

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  • Your words resonate deeply right now, Wes. Regardless of how centered, informed, connected directly with truth and the galactics, here is reality right in front. And suddenly without warning, the forays of 3D all around. Flesh being put in front of you, jealousies over the joys of music and the violence, the rage ... whether these come from someone else they still come from within too ... It's all there in black and white and colour - bodily "hells" of greed and fear that continue to ignite and forewarn of greater expansions. They come hardest from those closest to us. Despite knowing that we are to observe and experience, this all hurts so much. There is so much to step out of and into. This is what we are doing. The love is that big. The responsibility of shining our light is that immense!
  • Yes, I remember the old TV shows when family meant something, now it is all negativity.  And the sexual revolution - where did it get us?  Unwanted pregnancies and STDs.  They want to destroy the family unit.  They want to disparage marriage.  It is all so very sad. 

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