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8109297262?profile=originalWilliam Blake once said in a poem titled, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite, for man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern...

I see in this world such closed minds it truly is sad... When we close our minds off never allowing the possibilities of other ideas others truths we cut yourself off to the infinite universe... We can't see the possibilities of another being we are shut off to who they truly are and we only see skin deep.

If we allow our minds to open it awakens to all possibilities it finally sees how the smallest pebble skipped across the waters becomes a force to create a tidal wave.

Our minds are very much like the pebble close it off its useless its just there, but opening our minds is like skipping the pebble on the water it ripples out to the possibility of  tidal wave.... What could we do for the better of the world with an open mind a tidal wave created for love peace and joy to spread thru out the world to get all back to the heart center.... So be open to all possibilities and embrace them and see a tidal wave of light and love...

Iove and light


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  • I agree I never dismiss my thoughts but always try to see things from others points of view....keeping all in perspective but never loseing myself in that.... Just like to keep my mind open to all possibilities as I don't want to miss one moment of this experience being closed off.... Much love  family 

  • Rama I love your brain heehee yes you're very wise that's why you're one of my besties lol, Andromedan thank you for your great food for thought, Amparo as always a beautiful soul , acute always a good friend always reminding me how much he values and loves me and our friendship, feather thank you so much for your sweet friendship, marcus wow amazing you are, sky my irreplaceable sky my sistar I love you, and drekx my dearest you have come to know me wholly completely you've loved me always in and out of time and I you... I wish people could see this incredible loving brilliant man with a heart of gold that I know you have such a beautiful heart and soul.  It takes someone with patience understanding big heart to love me...someone who can see past the skin to see my heart and know my intentions a strong person to love me... Thank you for being that man...

     Thanks to all of you for your amazing precious friendship I love you all and Hopi thank you for your insight too much appreciated... Much love to you all

  • Thanks alot, Acute.:)
  • A full mind has a big room for more ideas. An empty one has no room for any idea.

    A full heart has a room for everyone. An empty one has no room for anyone.;-)
  • Andromedan you got me thinking there.... Yes.... One question you try to find the answer to is what makes that person behave in that manner.... What makes them feel the way they do.... And usually it's because they loved something or someone so deeply that along the way they lost that one thing they would have layed their own life down for... You have to see past that veil true yes.... Get to that root of why so they can start healing to show the true nature of themselves... That beautiful loving soul they are...I hope you don't think I was trying to dismiss what you were trying to get me to understand in your view.... I do try to keep my mind open to All possibilities even if that possibility means I was wrong in certain areas of my thinking... So no the person isn't filled with hate its the circumstance that gave them the hard shell that needed cracked open to see their true nature.... Great thinking dear friend...

  • Well Andromedan that may be the case yes the spirit is love pure love but there are people I have come across filled with hatred and wishes nothing but harm so no the world isn't filled just some people..... Much love thank you....

  • Andromedan...your remark is very wise...only they are still in the matrix, in the dream...They need to wake up...We can go back x number of years and see where we used to be...It is good knowing we are not in that frame of mind... 

  • Awesome Amparo thank you.... Thanks to all your support and comments....I just don't say things just to say them..... This world is so full time of hate it would be nice to see people just love their fellow man for who they are keeping tht open mind of the possibilities of others because as human that hey they just might be right or in them lays some truth not to judge others for their views race culture sexuality or identity but love them as part of the creation act its not our place to judge.... The wiccan creede Do what he will harm none..... Much love family and friends....

  • Let's keep an open mind...


  • @Rama Pemba

    You're a wise fellow. :)

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