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July 25th alignment and the Beginning of Release of Physic Attacks from the VISITORS, the Real Physic Vampires!

Photo: The Holy Spirit can indeed make use of memory, for God Himself is there. Yet this is not a memory of past events, but only of a present state. You are so long accustomed to believe that memory holds only what is past, that it is hard for you to realize it is a skill that can remember now. The limitations on remembering the world imposes on it are as vast as those you let the world impose on you. There is no link of memory to the past. If you would have it there, then there it is. But only your desire made the link, and only you have held it to a part of time where guilt appears to linger still. The Holy Spirit's use of memory is quite apart from time. He does not seek to use it as a means to keep the past, but rather as a way to let it go. Memory holds the message it receives, and does what it is given it to do. It does not write the message, nor appoint what it is for. Like to the body, it is purposeless within itself. And if it seems to serve to cherish ancient hate, and gives you pictures of injustices and hurts that you were saving, this is what you asked its message be and that it is. Committed to its vaults, the history of all the body's past is hidden there. All of the strange associations made to keep the past alive, the present dead, are stored within it, waiting your command that they be brought to you, and lived again. And thus do their effects appear to be increased by time, which took away their cause. Yet time is but another phase of what does nothing. It works hand in hand with all the other attributes with which you seek to keep concealed the truth about yourself. Time neither takes away nor can restore. And yet you make strange use of it, as if the past had caused the present, which is but a consequence in which no change can be made possible because its cause has gone. Yet change must have a cause that will endure, or else it will not last. No change can be made in the present if its cause is past. Only the past is held in memory as you make use of it, and so it is a way to hold the past against the now. Remember nothing that you taught yourself, for you were badly taught.
July 25th alignment and the Beginning of Release of Physic Attacks from the VISITORS, the
Real Physic Vampires!
This is not the blog that I wonted to write come this day of the new alignment Event& Energys coming into the earth & elsewhere at this time. But it's the truth & I believe that people on this site should know the truth, even if it's a bit heavy like this one, in case it happens to you. Some others here have reported attacks on there minds, they thought were Physic Vampires or witch craft & we have sent them Love and Light but I was too proud I guess to tell anyone that for many months now, I can't remember just how long but I have been recieving the same Physic attacks on my mind from what I can tell it must be the "Visitors". As you know for over a year now I have been posting  almost weekly blogs exposing the Visitors.
              And one of the main topics that was brought forward from our friends "the Allies of Humanity" was the Physic abilities that they had from what is callled the "Hive Mind or group mind" By joining together in some kind of mediation ritual  they are able to send out powerful thoughts to other minds, that invade the mind of the victim or target. So sence I was posting  these blogs exposing them, they did not like it and they had begun attacking me.
 What they did was to send negative thoughts even lustfull thoughts and judgemental thoughts of others when I was in contact with people for I live alone in what used to be the bush. Anyway having read all the warnings from "the Allies of Humanity" I became aware that it was them, so I fought back and when they did these things I told myself, not to worry that it was the Visitors and not my thoughts. I even began to get headaches,night and day.As time passed it got worse instead of better, it soon became a constant battle night and day for they attacked me in my dream state as well. As I am a avid lucid dream person, I can if neccessary control my dreams as I am conscious that I am dreaming. In the last months I have recieved only nightmares and terrible dreams of violence of all kinds. So I would wake myself up and start new dreams only it would happen again and again.
 I had already worked out most of my Karma from past lives so I knew it was them and not me and as you can imagine I have not had much sleep in these last months because on top of this I have been trying to overcome my 6 sleep disorders from my earlier life.I combated them by sending Golden Love energy to all the victims and my other multi-dimensional selves. I also white-light myself or bring in AA-Michael for protection and cleansed and recharged my crystals. But all to no avail, they still got through and sometimes I could even hear there thoughts in my head along with other strange noises. I am used to strange noises sometimes in my head for I have several implants in my head and more in my body. One of them is in my brain, a cord runs up and over both eyes and goes into my brain. I have written about this with pics in my last book of which I have posted blogs from on this site.
      To make matters worse my memory had begun to fade. Big gaps began to appear, I forgot simple things as well as things from time past and as the months passed it got worse and worse as though someone or something was blocking my thoughts. I have injured my self daily, forgetting what I was doing and sometimes very seriously. As a rebel warrior in many lives and a light worker warrior rebel in this life I have had to endure many things that most would think not possible. For instance when I was injured in the USAF they operated without my permission and used me as a guinea pig then tested mind altering drugs on me. Then I did my own mind altering with drugs during college and the Hippy movement. Then As I stated before I had implants put in me from both the good Aliens and the bad ones, the bad ones captured me and just like when I was in the USAF I woke up on the operation table and asked what the Hell was going on both times I was put back to sleep. I had to learn to except what had happened to me even though it did take its tole on me especially the brain implant. Through "Forgiveness" of them and myself I have come to terms with it all. But this Visitor thing has taken the cake. 

               In the last weeks they started blocking my own thoughts. We all have these train of thoughts about 10,000 in a day. Well they started interrupting them, so I couldn't remember what I was thinking about. So I turned to my spiritual work with the ACIM-( A Course in Miracles) so instead of practicing my mantras and affirmations at the regular time I started doing it all day and sometimes all night  as this and my present spiritual beliefs and faith was all I had to combat them. They then started cutting up my words and sentences in these last days so that it didn't even make sense to me. Then they started again what they had been doing for the last month and that was telling me to quite this site and my work posting both blogs that I wrote and many others. They sent thoughts that no one was reading them or cared what I posted or wrote, they pushed this hard and told me to stop when I reached 1000 blogs but of course I did not stop even though I considered it.
      So they started messing with my mind even more and brought in negative thoughts that my books were a failure and my work here for the last 3 yrs. was a failure so I should give up and die the Body, besides I was getting old they said I was loosing my memory and in the last weeks I was loosing my ability to even think straight. So They suggested that I let my body die and have it all over with. But I have come close to death many times in this life time and I know my body wont die unless my mind and soul gives it permission to.
        They like to throw things back into ones face , they kept saying Look give it up, the whole 12-21-12 thing didn't happen, neither did the Disclosure or Contact or NASARA and this new Golden Age Event is just a bunch of crap its not going to happen. People in town and your family thinks your crazy. But I hung on to the belief that we have been delayed but not stopped and come the 25th July we are going to get another boost that should last for about 2 wks or more. But they would not give up, I often told them that I wasn't going to quite but they persisted by messing with my thoughts cutting them up into little pieces and saying to me now what are you going to do, your going Crazy, you have lost our mind and thats all you had in the 1st place. So I told them they may have messed with my mind but that my mind is part of Gods Mind and that mind they cannot mess up or even touch even with there Hive Mind control.
      And that I wasn't going anywhere but "up" in the Ascension plan no matter how much they messed with my laptop and my writing and posting of blogs and how much they mess with my mind that I know come this day that my work was important and is part of my mission here my reason for being here along with Ascending. they followed me to sleep and attacked me in my sleep and today when I was to get up at a certain time my alarm clock stopped working just at that time.
      I woke up on my own a little late to go to the next town to get medicine for my Arthritis I could barely walk or move my hand and arm . My Hand was so swollen that I could hardly drive and then the fairy was backed up from all the rain and just as I was finally getting to one of the stores to get my MSM. My trooper broke down. But instead of getting upset I noticed that my head was clear, there was no "Visitors" hive Mind to attack me,in fact I felt fine in my mind , my thoughts flowed smoothly again even though my body hurt. I got my MSM and then went across the street. to the repair shop and told them my problem and that I still had to go to the next store to get more medicine for my leg and arm and had only five minutes to do it in. The boss had a worker take me to the store where I got my medicine,just in time and he got natural medicine for his kidney that the doctors had not cured. Next they called another repair shop that stayed open late and they came and fixed my trooper. I paid them a small amount and got home took the medicine and laid down and I finally got some 3 hrs of sleep no Visitors in my mind or dreams.
       So to put an end to this story it seems that they have begun to put an end to the DC-Archons and to the Physic Vampires the "Visitors" or at least it looks like it. This new energy is surly here but slow and Hopefully something good is going to come out of it, especially if it continues the way it started out and on the 29th we should get a sign from the sky's. Maybe our space brothers but I am looking more towards a spiritual  sign " a sign of the Times as they say. I hope this blog helps any who have been through this same invasion of the mind to know that they are not alone in what they have gone through or are going through. We are here to help each other. My pride has stopped me from sharing this before now but I know you are out there listening or rather reading my story. I was told to write this by my higher self ,maybe it will help someone ,somewhere, for we are all one family in God. L&L,Adonai,Rev.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 31, 2013 at 10:21am

Bruce D is seems that you know your stuff. What is your source of info, for I have not heard of these things before. But you have hit the nail on the head. I do feel out of time and being pulled up into higher Dimensions and then back down to lower negative 3D. Thats when they would hit me with judgement thoughts on the people and my surroundings. Then I would depressed even though I was fighting it and then sometime later with out fighting or judgements I would be up again and feeling fine and no more accidents. And this cycle has continued for quite sometime now. I did notice that the more work that I did, especially on this site, to get rid of the Troll,shrills and Debunkers,I would be attacked more, they even attack my laptop and my writing of blogs or reposting them. In the end of last wk they were doing all the above and more, invading me with negative thoughts ,Dreams and disrupting my own thoughts . Thats why I wrote the blog, because it was quite a nightmare!!

   I don't think that I have a Handler, I was never that important, but I do have Angelic guardians who have saved my life on many times. I also have Spirit Guides , whom I have met with guiding me another step along the way. I have rose from lowly means and background with the help of these different angels. But I see them less now and more of the DC, Archons& Visitors. I have no set sleeping habits, maybe its to throw them off. In this life and past lives I have always been a rebel and or warrior with passion and a driving force. Maybe thats why they chose me or I chose them. But sometime it gets very lonely and depression. In this life my spiritual side has grown tremendously , I could not have lasted this long without my spiritual family that I call the Great white Family. It is the true power behind me and through me that has enabled me to continue this mission and my Ascension. Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 31, 2013 at 9:42am

Everyone with a mission to carry out is being attacked, but you can overcome these obstacles, and when you do, you are all the stronger for it. When you live in a world where the darkness rules, you will be tested by what is done or what is threatened. You need to be strong, firm in your beliefs. You need also to understand when others are being attacked and you must support them. Help them to realise what is being done to them. Hold them in love and light.

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Comment by Bruce D. on July 30, 2013 at 2:19pm

To rev. joshua in answer to your questions.

When you receive an implant it is given at a certain time and in a certain place or space. When it goes into restimulation (some may remain unactivated waiting for the right circumstances to kick in) your attentions units subconsciously go back to that time and place as if it was happening now. In other words your attention is stuck in some other place and time than the here and now and that throws you into auto pilot to one degree or another. Sort of like being mesmerized. This goes for both good and bad implants so be careful what you ask for. The difference is the message. One is beaming a positive message trying to pin you to a higher frequency and the other is beaming something more self destructive trying to pin you to a more limited awareness and frequency.

Not everyone has a handler. This is an aware or semi aware being who is assigned to you if you are of a particular problem to them. Many times they are assigned to you at birth and you are pinned to them if you are someone with power. They will sadistically torment you and feed off your energies to make sure you will never be any kind of threat to them in the future. You won't even know this person is around until you start to question things and are able to discern or sense your energy from that of another when they enter your space. Most people have been reduced to that of a stimulus/response mechanism and are unwittingly following the destiny the Reptilians have chosen for them. They are not the author of their own destiny. Their intention is not strong enough, they do not have a passion for the unknown, they accept what life has given them, and remain at effect throughout their whole life having little influence over the outcome.

A mechanical intention projector is an implant but can also be a machine they can point at you to affect your energies and frequencies from a distance. Maybe like a radionics machine. I know people who use radionics machines for protection and healing. I do not. I have focused on developing my own power and intention without any kind of mechanical aid. It is not simple and it is not something I can teach. It is something I developed over time that is very effective.

If you need more clarity or have more questions let me know.

Freedom is eternal vigilance,

Bruce D.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 30, 2013 at 11:31am

Well Bruce D, you are the fist one to tell me something new. I know all about the Reptilians or thought I did, and wrote about them in my last book and posted much of it here. But I didn't know that they could use the implants to throw me out of time, running on auto is exactly what's been happening to me, I think thats why I have hurt myself small and large every day up until the 25th. I also get lost when I know the streets perfectly in this small town, I thought I was time shifting or Dimensional shifting. I also have many near miss auto accidents, Belizeians look for them to get a new paint job, car or money.

As for the Dimensional shift, when the other missing time stopped on the 25th  I now find myself time shifting in a different way. Like when I get up or roll over or bend down or sudden change of movement, I feel as though my body is in two different places at he same time, its a very strange feeling but not scary and thats only been in the last days. Its hard to explain, I think it could be from the poles shifting or on a more positive side from consciousness shifting into the next level of 4D, now that my mind has pretty much returned to normal. As for the implants I have learned to except them, some of them I had agreed to, so that our space brothers could keep tabs on me, which they do from time to time. And the bad ones I ask for help from the AA and to shut them down but I don't know if its working or not. All of them except the one in my Brain I do remember when they put them in, but I am completely blank on the one in my brain, maybe its better that way, so I don't have any scary memories. I had thought that all of this was the work of the VISITORS but now I have a new slant on it.

If anyone else has more info on what Bruce is talking about I and the rest of us would like to hear it. Again thanks for the info Bruce D, do you have more?. And what is a handler/ and mechanical intention projector, the implants? And is there a Defence against them for the people who are not so strong. You know I just had a thought, maybe the good implants knock out the bad ones, who knows. I hope people learn from all of this, huh. Thats the main reason I posted it, it wasn't to get sympathy  but a warning to other light workers that this kinda of this is going on right here to us on this site. In fact I think they target this site more than others because of our numbers and all the rebuttals that we have gave them, the DC, Archons and the Visitors and its not over yet, til the fat lady sings ,huh.Adonai

Comment by Bruce D. on July 30, 2013 at 9:23am

Hello rev.Joshua,

  I thought your post was very interesting, Reptilians can and do everything you talked about including the group ritual if you can't be taken down by normal means of one handler or mechanical intention projectors. They are also masters at manipulating dreams. Reptilians believe this planet is theirs along with everyone on it and are here to serve them. They believe they are the superior race. They are very warlike but have been subdued although not totally defeated in the past so they operate in a more covert manner. They believe in integration also just like most on this site but it is not what the people here had in mind. Their intention is to integrate everyone into their collective, vibrating at their core frequency of integration. These attacks are to wear you down to assimilate you into their collective. Once you accept the core frequency of integration you will start operating on auto pilot and tend to not be in present time. This will cause accidents and forgetfulness. Once they zero in on you like that it can be deadly. You are a true survivor and heroic for your persistence. Implants knock one out of present time and push them into auto pilot where they can be easily controlled. They can also be considered mechanical intention projectors containing subject matter. You have to be able to hold your position in time and space which you persisted at and won. I salute your courage.

"Freedom is eternal vigilance."

Bruce D.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 29, 2013 at 1:33pm
Having lots of troubles on the site, just lost my comment.It took 4 hrs for me to get my new blog up. Anyway thanks everyones for the good cheers and yes I have tried them all out myself in the last mo's. Thanks Drekx for the forest music and I used the pic in my new blog. Thanks MOL for the pic that I also used in todays blog and I listened to the whole Tolle vid. He's good but he only mentioned the word Love & God once, sounds like Buddhism but he does have a point "Be Here Now". Remember to look up into the night Sky for a sign of the times. Adonai
Comment by Sweet Dreams on July 29, 2013 at 6:41am

I'm happy that you're feeling better, by friend.

Keep your head up, and dreams bright!!!

Their time is up. So, what ever they'll do, the Light will win!!


Comment by Drekx Omega on July 28, 2013 at 7:36pm

Cheers MoL, golden age, here we come... :-) So let's get flappin' to the beat, birdies... ;-)

Comment by Drekx Omega on July 28, 2013 at 6:12pm

Well I hope you're feeling much better than before, Rev.....Let's all chill out and ride the surf to the golden age, free of any further psychic attacks.... ;-)

Comment by Joseph on July 28, 2013 at 2:28pm

Well Rev,

I did have the same experience a whole time ago when i concluded that the "visitor" story did have some loose ends which in anyway you could not ty up.

Iohova himself payed me a visit @night, i could feel this dark energy coming but decided not listen to his nonsens & gave never in to his story & the end told him to get lost.

Rev, you had an once in a lifetime experience, Iohova or Satan is no more, the visitors are @ this moment so much weakend due to the incoming energy's that @ a moment in time they will all fade away.

They tried to sneak up on the earthservice @ the jump of Gaia from 3 to 4D, this didn't happen because Earth & it's inhabitants are evolving towards 5D entity's in such a rapid pase that the visitors could not adept in such a short time.

The visitors wined about the fact that the lightworkers denied them to land on Gaia's surface, it were not the lightworkers who denied them that. The visitors couldn't keep with the pase off evolution/ascension we are in today.

If even all lightworkers visualised their ships in earths atmosphere, their ships would be torn apart on an instant by earth''s frequency.

The frequency of earth was since yesterday not any longer oscillilating with the visitors ships, it is also the end of the road for the visitors, the 27nd has been gone, the visitors are out of frequency range. The rest of those channelings are fun to look @ but not to learn from.


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