TOPICS: Rethinking our relationship with the planet - Japan tends to isolate itself - Japan’s economic problems - a ritualized society suppressed individuality and creativity - rituals cannot suppress nature - Japanese people in an ancient situation used nuclear weapons - the sinking of the continent of Mu - helping lifestreams move on by using them to teach the world - Japanese people volunteered to teach the world the dangers of nuclear technology - if nuclear weapons had not been used in Japan, they would have been used later with more devastating effects - global warming made nuclear power seem more attractive - nuclear waste far more dangerous than CO2 - the masters cannot warn people who are not open to them - allowing people to learn their lessons the hard way if that is what they want - physical self-destruction is better than spiritual self-destruction -

Question: Would you also like to comment about a) the current situation in Japan regarding the earthquakes and other disasters that occurred there today?

Question: Would Jesus offer some insights regarding the huge earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant problems in Japan?

Question: Please comment on the tragedies in Japan caused by the recent earthquake. Please help Japan so they and everyone can see the truth and learn from this.

Question: Could you comment on recent calamity in Japan? Event has so strong psychological impact that somehow the outer mind cannot cope with it even living on the other side of the world.

Question: Why wasn't there a warning issued about Japan disaster? It appeared to me that there was absolutely silence from above. I am absolutely sure there is a good reason for this but I, personally, cannot think of one.

Question: I am wondering if Jesus or Saint German have any comments regarding the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, as well as the recent events in Lybia and Yemen. I know something should happen to awaken the people to the higher potential in this is year of Mother but we pray for the changes to come with little victims if this is possible at all.

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Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (May 5, 2011)

In this Year of the Mother events will happen that will cause people to rethink their relationship with the planet upon which they live, even with matter itself. Thus, when you see so-called natural disasters, such as the ones in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, the best way to learn from such events is to take a close look at the attitude and deeper beliefs of the majority of the people affected. I am not here talking about their outer religion or political ideologies, but the deeper beliefs or attitudes relating to life in general and especially those that relate to people's relationship with the matter realm.

This, of course, is not always easy, as there can be quite a diversity in a population. For example, the populations of Australia and New Zealand are far more diverse than the population of Japan. There are general similarities in that all three nations have a tendency to isolate themselves, although for different reasons. Yet for people who have grown up in a specific culture, it is not that difficult to come to understand the beliefs held by most people in a nation. Especially by making use of the latest book on Healing Mother earth.

Several years ago, Mother Mary gave a list of how natural disasters correspond to the spiritual poisons:

Ignorance - earthquakes.

Anger and hatred - volcanic eruptions.

Pride - violent winds and storms.

Greed - fire.

Envy and jealousy - flooding

Non-will, non-being and non-belief - ice or cold.

And while this list can be helpful as a starting point, it is, of course, quite general. So if you really want to learn the highest possible lesson, you need to take a closer look at a population and identify these very subtle beliefs and attitudes towards life in the material realm. These are attitudes and beliefs that go far beyond what can be categorized by a one-word description of a spiritual poison.

As an example, let us look at the population of Japan as it is quite homogenous. Japan has for centuries had a tradition for isolating itself, creating a separate culture and then seeing it as being superior to all others; thereby viewing other cultures with suspicion and even hostility. There is a sense of feeling threatened by anything that does not fit into the mental box created by the culture, and thus a tendency to respond with anger against what is seen as a threat. And it is so easy for such a culture to see anything that is different as a threat.

So what the japanese people have created is a very narrowly defined and very closed mental box. This explains, for example, why Japan has not been able to adapt and get itself out of the economic crises that has gripped the country for more than a decade. Do you think the problem is that the Japanese leaders are not smart enough to reorganize the economy? No, the answer is that the Japanese people are generally not willing to make the changes – especially the psychological changes – that are necessary. The economic model that made Japan prosperous is simply no longer working – as times have changed – and yet too many people want to hold on to their dreams of having created an economic empire that will last "forever."

This is, of course, one of humankind's age-old dreams, namely to create an empire that will last "forever." It is also one of the dreams that are most likely to be shattered by "Mother Nature," as the second law of thermodynamics will break down any structure that is not constantly transcending itself.

Another thing you see in Japanese culture is a tendency to create a highly ritualized society. The Buddha attempted to do what I attempted to do, namely to give a spiritual teaching that was difficult to turn into a formal and ritualized religion. Yet the Japanese managed to take this loosely-knit philosophy and use it to reinforce their tendency to make every aspect of life into a ritual that must be followed blindly. In that respect, they are only surpassed by the Tibetans, who have created a form of Buddhism that is even more ritualized.

The effect of such a ritualized society is that it seeks to suppress diversity or variations. One outcome is that such a society suppresses individuality. Yet individuality is the very source of all creativity, so when individuality is suppressed, a society becomes less creative, and then it obviously cannot adapt to the inevitable changes of time.

Another effect is that a ritualized society wants to suppress nature and make even nature fit into its mental box. And this is precisely why the Japanese people long ago settled in an area that is so prone to both violent storms and earthquakes. They need to learn that their rituals cannot suppress nature, and unfortunately they have not so far been willing to learn this lesson the easy way. In fact, had the Japanese culture not ritualized Buddhism, it could have learned this lesson centuries ago. As it is, the people now need to learn it the hard way, and if the lesson is not learned, the so-called natural disasters that will hit Japan in the future will only increase in intensity.

One of the ways in which a particular group of lifestreams can overcome a mental box they have created is by being mixed with lifestreams from very different groups. Yet the japanese people have – as a soul group – resisted this for a very long time, which is why they are still homogenous and have a very closed mental box.

A very long time ago, this soul group had created another very ritualized culture that had developed the belief in their own superiority and their right to suppress and destroy what they saw as barbarian cultures. They had also developed the ability to use nuclear technology for weapons, and they used such weapons to destroy another culture. This was part of what caused the eventual sinking of the so-called Motherland or Mu. Take note that it is precisely the suppression of individuality that causes a culture to see other cultures as non-individuals or non-humans, thus thinking it is acceptable to eradicate them. Also take note that what truly caused the sinking of the Motherland was the attempt to force Mother Nature to fit into the ritualized society created by man instead of allowing nature and society to flow with the Spirit.

Now, you need to understand that we of the ascended masters do not look at human beings the way most people in embodiment do. We have no value judgements and we have no animosity or desire to punish a group of people no matter what they have done in the past. Our only concern is how we can help a certain group of lifestreams transcend their mental box and move higher in consciousness.

The desire to help a soul group move on has two main aspects:

  • The Alpha aspect is that in order to move on, there is nothing better for a soul group than to teach other people not to do what this particular group has done in the past.
  • The Omega aspect is that if people do not learn easily, they must experience themselves what they have done to others.

Given that the Japanese soul group misused nuclear weapons in the past, they have been given an opportunity to move on by being twice exposed to the dangers of nuclear technology. Yet this has also been their opportunity to teach the world a lesson.

If you look at humankind, you will see that basically any technology that has ever been developed has always been used. So it was predictable that nuclear weapons would have to be used in order for people to see the devastating effects of them. Given their misuse in the past, the Japanese people were prime candidates for being the ones to teach the rest of the world about the effects of nuclear weapons. I am not thereby saying the Japanese soul group are the only people who ever misused nuclear weapons.

What I am saying is that the Japanese soul group – in cooperation with the ascended masters who govern their growth – decided to volunteer to teach the world this lesson. This enabled them to pay back an ancient karma and also gave them an opportunity to shatter their mental box. Yet because the lesson from the second world war was not fully learned, the group and its leaders volunteered to teach the world another lesson through the earthquake/tsunami and its effect on the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

We of the ascended masters consider both of these acts as very courageous on behalf of this soul group. It is a very great opportunity to pay back karma by teaching the world an essential lesson. Consider what might have happened if the Americans had decided not to use nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the time, the Americans had only two bombs, so there was no danger that the situation could escalate.

If the bombs had not been used, people would not have had a clear vision of their devastating effect. Yet because they were used, there is now a more recent record in the collective consciousness of just how devastating this technology is. And given that this ties in with older records, it was enough to prevent the cold war from resulting in the use of nuclear weapons.

If nuclear weapons had not been used against Japan, the likely use of them would have been in a conflict between the USSR and the USA, and that would have happened when nuclear arsenals would have been built-up to a far greater size. Thus, you can see the potential that a nuclear war could have escalated with far more devastating effects.

Take the present situation. Over the past several years, the debate about global warming has gained traction, and as a result, nuclear power generation had started to seem very attractive to many nations. Many nations had already decided to reconsider nuclear power generation in light of it not generating CO2. Suddenly CO2 was seen as a greater planetary threat than nuclear waste.

Yet as I explain in my discourse on global warming, there is little reality to this debate. Thus, allowing a largely manipulated debate to result in many nations building nuclear power plants would be a grave mistake. The problem with nuclear power generation is that it is extremely expensive, so once a nation has invested, it is not likely to abandon the technology. Meaning that once the power plants have been built, they will likely generate nuclear waste for their intended lifespan. And of course, nuclear waste is far more dangerous – especially vibrationally – for the environment than is CO2.

The real issue being that if a large number of nuclear power plants were built in the coming years, Saint Germain will likely be able to release new forms of energy technology long before they become too old. And thus humankind would make this enormous investment for no good purpose. It would simply make a small power elite very rich in the short term and it would even likely hold back the implementation of new technology.

As you will see, the nuclear accident in Japan has already caused many nations to reconsider nuclear power, or even caused them to decide not to build new power plants. So, once again, the Japanese soul group has given the world an opportunity to learn an important lesson. It remains to be seen whether the people in this soul group will learn their own lesson and begin to truly dismantle the mental box they have been in for tens of thousands of years.

As a final note, let me comment on the question of why there was no warning. The dictations we gave at New Year's were indeed a warning for this year. We do not give specific warnings to groups of people who are not open to our teachings. And there has not historically been a very great interest in ascended master teachings among the Japanese people. This is in large part due to the tendency to ritualize everything. It is very difficult to ritualize a teaching given through the Holy Spirit (although some have indeed tried), and thus such a teaching will have little appeal to people who are focused on rituals.

So even if we had given a specific warning through any messenger, what is the likelihood that sufficient numbers among the Japanese people would even have paid attention to it? Furthermore, what is the purpose of giving a warning, when there are not enough people who would give invocations LINK or decrees LINK or make an effort to change their consciousness? In a case like this, it is not constructive that people over the rest of the world mitigate a disaster that is meant to teach the japanese people and allow them to balance ancient karma.

Certain events must be allowed to happen, because there is no other way people have been willing to learn their lessons and question their mental boxes. The simple fact is that for people who are beginning to develop some spiritual understanding, it is necessary to take compassion to a higher level. If you allow compassion to remain at the personal level, you will feel that it is unjust or wrong that seemingly "innocent" people are hurt by a disaster or that nothing was done to warn them.

Yet when you understand that the overall purpose of life is growth in consciousness, you see that a higher compassion is indeed to allow people to learn their lessons according to their own free-will choices. You also see that neither God nor ascended masters punish people. Yet if people are not open to a teaching from above, they must be allowed to learn their lessons by seeing the effect of their consciousness on the matter realm.

Although this can and historically has created great suffering, the fact you see as an ascended master is that in the eternal perspective nothing that happens on earth has permanent effects. Once you have learned a lesson, the suffering you went through in order to learn it will not affect you permanently. What will affect a lifestream is the change in consciousness.

I am fully aware that over the ages many people have looked at natural disasters and seen them as God's punishment. Yet the cause of this belief is that people have not been willing to take responsibility for themselves and acknowledge that Mother Nature simply outpictures what is in the collective consciousness.

The effect of this spiritual blindness or ignorance is that entire cultures can become closed systems. If such a system is allowed to remain closed, the people will be trapped in it for a very long time, until they create such a small mental box that their lives become very similar to the many visions of hell that sensitive people have seen throughout the ages. As we have explained, hell is not a physical place created by God, but a "place" in consciousness created by people's free-will choices. This "place" is not on the earth but in a lower realm.

The stark reality is that once lifestreams descend to that lower level, they are far more difficult to reach with any spiritual teaching. Thus, it would not be compassionate to leave people to continue in a downward spiral that will inevitably cause them to descend so low in consciousness that they can no longer embody on earth. That is why the planet has vowed to give people an outpicturing of natural disasters as a way to help awaken them and shatter their mental boxes.

Do you see why this is a greater form of compassion? The ascended masters could easily stand by and allow a group of lifestreams to sink into a lower state of consciousness, thereby making themselves unfit to embody on earth. They would then descend to a lower level where there is far greater suffering, but it would keep the earth in a far more pristine state.

Yet in the greater compassion of the ascended masters, we have allowed "Mother earth" to remain the home for many souls that are in a low state of consciousness. The "price" that the earth Mother pays is that she allows these so-called natural disasters to ravage her body. Yet this is, of course, in accordance with the purpose of the earth, namely to serve as a platform for growth for a very large diversity of lifestreams.

NOTE: For a more detailed explanation of this purpose, see the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom. For a greater understanding of how consciousness affects the physical planet, see the book Healing Mother earth.

Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels

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