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I'm sharing one letter from a member who is going through very advanced stages of a re-birth experience that could turn into a death experience if it is not acted on immediately. There have been thousands of recorded near death experiences that have these same memories that many are going through while wide awake. What you don't realize is that we are all going through a near death experience right now.

Those who have near death experiences either go directly to the light because they have cleared their old Akashic memories before it happens and there are those who say they saw the devil. This is a letter that I'd like to share along with my response. I am here to help those of you who do not know what you are experiencing at this time.

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I feel your connection. I wonder if you know what I do. That if I don't get better I will die. My soul detached itself. I'm weak but when I do manifestation .. it works so powerfully then disappears and goes down like a wave. Please tell me if u know something. About my health. The abuse & torture of my past has to die to be reborn. I will read this. If you're not charging me I am beyond grateful.

I can't put in to words how much it means..please tell me what I need to do. I will make it up to you if I get through this. I know my path of success or death and it's both hanging on a fine string. I shouldn't be here. I should have been gone along time ago I know it. I tried. God wouldn't take me. I am not numb as before I can feel now. It hurts.

Every emotion on over drive. I don't know who or what to trust. I've seen the devil, felt him inside me. I've levitated. To my ceiling. I was paralyzed. I went in a complete circle and slowly came down on my bed. I've seen God, heard his voice and felt him fall into my body. It's very real. I just don't know where to start. Please help me. Please. I'll do ANYTHING. .

I just feel like you may know something I need to know. What you have described is exactly what happens when you are going through the transition called re-birth. We are actually dying and being reborn this time because we have arrived at this place in time.

Most of what you are experiencing of feeling like you have left your body and feeling paralyzed as if your soul has left. This is exactly the process that many practice for years in Mystery Schools. IT is called levitation and leaving the body to teleport. It is a very real phenomena that people have practiced for entire life times to obtain. We are in a time now where we are supposed to be able to walk into our Soul and look back at our body.

This is what happens at the time of death. But, it is also what happens when we become NORMAL. That is what is happening to you. You are becoming normal. What you have described also sounds like hundreds of near death experiences that I have read and heard from people personally. What is happening at this time on Earth is having near death experiences without actually dying at all. People who have near death experiences either remember meeting the devil or meeting an entity whom they think is Jesus. This is because they are either being trapped in their amagdalya gland of fear or they have moved into their secondary consciousness and plugged into the Mind of God and they are seeing themselves through the eyes of their Host Body.

Everything that you have described is what happens in this brain process that I have been describing in my articles for the past five years. We have been living in the part of the brain called the neo cortex. IT is the thinking brain. It is just a loop of information that doesn't let us move forward.

There is this other part of the brain called the amagdalya gland. If you don't come to a point in your life where you are ready to clear out that old thinking brain and it gets filled with so many old stories of fear and death and pain, the amagdalya gland takes over . Once this part of the brain takes over, it begins sending movies to you that are basically all of your old demons coming out of the closet. It is real. Because it is the movies that you have created within your own mind from all of your past experiences. There is only one way to break free from the thinking brain and the fear storage demon movie making brain. That is by moving completely into the Mid Brain.

That is the purpose of this training and the purpose of the music. When you get in your frequency brain by using the music to put the thinking brain into a TRANCE, the old demonic memories will not be able to come on to your movie screen. This is exactly what is taking place right now. You have a choice to stay in the thinking brain and amagdalya or move into the mid brain.

That is basically the same choice as death or life. And the life that comes from the mid brain is the Eternal life with no disease and no death. A very different reality that you can move into with out dying if you choose to. I know these are just a bunch of big words if you don't know what they mean. What you can believe is this. I do know what they mean and there have been several ascended masters on Earth channeling these facts to us so that we know what to do when this happens to us. I am showing your how to do this . Just read my books and listen to the music.

Love, Crystalai

Dr. Angela Barnett

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