Introduction to “The Importance of Disclosure”







by Steve Beckow


I owe a debt of gratitude to Pat Donworth for putting together this book of articles from The 2012 Scenario on a most remarkable series of events that is occurring. To encounter these events is sure to lift us out of the ordinary context in which we live our lives and expand our abilities to open to new frontiers of knowledge.
This scenario holds that two events are happening. The first is the fall of a global elite that has exerted power over the world’s population for a very long time. The second is the arrival of human beings from other civilizations; in fact, the civilizations that seeded Planet Earth in the first place, as well as many other beings whose nature is wonderful and only known to us through readings that we usually consider either mythical or unproven.
All of these events occur at the end of a solar cycle of 26,000 years (some would say a cycle of even greater length) and will result in a total transformation in the manner in which we live and experience life.But even this, and all the actors who take part in it, are themselves part of an even larger drama – the drama of life itself. The galactic humans who’ll arrive here from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda and other star nations are, like us, involved in the very same cosmic drama. For them, their service to us is simply another chapter in an overall round of life that all of us share.
That round of life, the total journey that all of us make, is one from unconscious awareness of our true nature as children of God to conscious awareness, a journey that covers innumerable lifetimes and sees us incarnate sometimes on Earth and sometimes on other planets and even in other dimensions.
Knowledge of all of this awaits us and will be given to us after an event called “Disclosure.”
Disclosure refers to the announcement by our governmental leaders that we are not alone in the universe and that other nations who have helped Earth’s civilizations since time immemorial are now here and wait to join us.
Disclosure will be followed in a matter of weeks by a decloaking of the spacecraft in which these visitors travel and reside. These spacecraft may be on this Third Dimension, which we all occupy, and simply cloaked. Or they may exist on higher dimensions. Their technology is wondrous compared to ours. Their ability to traverse space and time will seem miraculous to us. And their intention in being here is simply to serve us to emancipate ourselves from the grip of the global elite and recover abundance, sovereignty, and an unrestrained life.
Following the decloaking will come “First Contact,” when their ships slowly land and their inhabitants present themselves to us for our observation and questioning.
Following First Contact, the galactics will set about cleaning up radioactive fallout and oil spills, overseeing the process of Earth changes that will release the stored negativity in the Earth from world wars and other negative events, and mentoring us on the transformation to occur on or before Dec. 21, 2012.
All of this is discussed in these pages.
We’ll be obliged to drop many of our outmoded ways of thinking. We’ll find ourselves needing to accept such things as the soul’s survival of bodily death, the existence of such things as angels and ascended masters, the existence of a human design, called the Adam Kadmon template, which results in different evolutionary lines such as mammals, reptilians, cetaceans, insects and even plants all over the universe gradually evolving until they assume a human form – and many other wonderful new areas and dimensions of knowledge.
We’ll find that the paradigm that informs our schools, universities, hospitals, courts, sciences, and many other institutions and domains of knowledge – which we generally refer to as “empirical materialism” – is far too limited to account for life as it truly is. As Shakespeare said, there is more to life than was ever dreamed of in our philosophies. And we are about to meet those who can expand those philosophies in ways we never dreamed of.
So I thank Pat for taking the initiative to gather together and re-issue these articles. I hope they assist you. There is nothing we need  fear about our future, as troublesome as it may appear at this moment. Our world is going through a reformation and, once concluded, all of us will be overjoyed at the results.
Welcome to a new and unimaginable world. And may we all realize our dreams in the Golden Age that is predicted for us in just a little more than one year from now.

Steve Beckow
Vancouver, Canada

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