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A Talk About The Physics And The Metaphysics Of Interstellar Travel

The physics of interstellar travel is bedeviled by alot of problems. This is mostly due to the fact that to reach stars in time, one need to travel at unimaginable speeds. So this leads to the following problems:
a)What energy and force should bring about such speeds
b)How do we avoid friction, dodge objects at such insane speeds and then abrubtly slow down to land?
c)How do we circumvent the so called einsteinian baririer?
Given zero point energy, there is a conceivable way of solving all those problems simultaneously, which I will elaborate latter. This uses a kind of 'Maxwell's Demon'.
I donnot find it appealing to brush aside such basement problems and then go straight to talking of the wonders of UFOs, star farmilies etc. i.e building a house of cards that begines at the first floor and which lacks the basement! We donnot dig graves and make coffines before someone dies.
It is tempting to think that information does not obey physics. If you are that type of a guy who think that incase some unseen entity as 'soul' is responsible for consciousness, then I donnot need any physics to shoot across the skies like a witch flying with brooms, then you are exactly that guy who need to know that information IS physical! The Einsteinian barrier for instance does not act on objects alone. It prevents ANY signal from moving faster than light! Not even a soul can circumvent Einsteinian barrier without throwing Einstein's relativity squarely in the dustbin folders. Mark my words carefully.
Ironically, the reason that makes even consciousness unable to shoot faster than light in Einsteinian world is exactly the very reason why the 'magicians' cellebrates Einsteinian physics! It is mass energy equivalence and time dillation. 'Magicians' blindly got interested with these concepts only because it triggers waaahs and aaahs amongst the masses. Ever since, we were told that occult is 'beyond understanding'. So whenever those after magics hear of any irrationalities emanating from the throne of mathematical physics, ants begin to get in their pants. Did they hear 'beyond understanding'? So they donnot think carefully about this new 'magic'.
So the major thing one must do to make interstellar travel imaginable is to demystify relativity. Specifically, matter is not the same thing as energy. This may at first send shock waves to new age religion, it is ultimately for their own good! 'Demassing' and 'deernergising' makes it unlimited how light it can be. Time will come when you will grasp well how stupid it is to claim that 'everything is energy'. Einstein's energy is very heavy! It gravitates around massive objects and can't get to demask itself from the curved spaces hamocks in its visinity. If it happens upon a blackhole, the wave of energy waves bye bye. So if your spirit is energy, get ready to be gobbled by big crunches, blackholes and other unintelligibilities brewed by mathematical physicists. What a bucket of cold water to those who worships man made concepts as 'energy.'
On the other hand Newton's physics never forbided anything to move at any speed. The thought moving instantaneously even upto adromeda is compartible with Newton's physics. Infact such is how Newton's gravity work which was famously termed action at a distance. Move a cup in Newton's gravity and you instantly move every object in the universe albeit by tiny amount! Newton's physics hinted a platform through which everything in the universe could be meaningfully connected with everything else irrespective of distance. Einstein physics is local. A thing can only affect its neighborhood and affect distant things only by sending crawling waves. The waves themselves propagates unintelligebly. So the entire setting does not help us to understand anything.
To truely understand how to move to stars, we must seek to understand the laws of physics. Say what? It is a taboo to try to understand 'laws' in the modern physics. It is a sort of like trying to understand God. 'Laws' are things to be gawked at and preached. But this way of thinking is paving way to another way of thinking. It is increasingly becoming clear that the thought of 'laws' as inevitable necesities is ultimately flowed! It is this mentality that makes the modern physicist get obsessed with equation. He is stupid enough to think that nature is the way it is out of some necesity much like the way one equation follows logically from another. But nature is not that way! There are no 'axioms' through which to derive every phenomenon as a logical consiquence of anything. Even Hawking is finaly losing hope in the idea of 'theory of everything'.
Had physicist not been misguided to look for LOGICAL reasons why things happen, they would have sought for PHYSICAL reasons. They won't try to bend logics and create absurdities so the phenomena may appear to follow from some logic. Not so with me! There are no 'laws' as such. We see 'laws' only because our impotence is enomous. Before we built jets, it was a 'law' that no man can break the sound barrier. Instead of laws, we have RULES that helps to make the world usefull and harmonius. I offer more of teleological explanations. For instance, lets consider the law of conservation of energy. If energy could be destroyed, the world would end in a big freeze. If energy could be created, it would end in a big bang. In whichever way, you won't be here to think about the universe. In some other regions where there are no such beings, there are no such laws! However, I am not advocating anthropic principle. But such is how the 20st centuary physicist tend to think, especially with the failure of supersymmetry.
When physicists sought to understand the second law of thermodynamics, a possible way of circumventing it became conceivable. And this is the importance of seeking to understand the 'laws' and not just get amazed by them. I find it best to illustrate Maxwell's demon in a state that is in thermodynamic equilibrium. This should be of interest because untapeability of zero point energy is due to it being in thermodynamic equilibrium.
Imagive moving through an ocean by tapping the wind. Then by simply changing the angle through which you tap, you can move at any speed. But the maximum speed will be the speed of the wind. Such a 'wind ' in aether explains relativity. The Einsteinian Barrier has nothing to do with getting fatter and fatter till you are such obese that it takes the whole cosmos to accellerate you. The latter ludicrous reasoning confuses INERTIA with MATTER.
Zero point energy is simply due to standing, longitudinal waves propagating bidirectionally at the average speed of light. Then atoms are Maxwell's demons that taps into the zero point energy to fuel the forces of nature such as magnetism. Zero point energy also fundamentally drives all the motions. This easily explains the Einsteinian barrier. The substances that we have come to term them as 'fuel' are those that 'knows' how to tap into the zero point.

But to get a glimpse that indead tapping the 'wind' explains relativity, let us consider time dillation. To tap the wind you must pute the vane at some angle, A, depending on how fast you want it to move. Then the speed, v, will be given by

v=csinA, or
v/c=sinA or
(v/c)^2=(sinA)^2=1-(cosA)^2(using phythagorus.

So we get cosA={1-(v/c)^2^}^(1/2)

The reasoning is that the aether 'wind' which is moving at c drives the clocks just the way turbines do. This means that if the atoms moves at c, then no wind will get past the atom and thus nothing will make it spin. Then generaly, the faster you move, the slower the clock will spin. Thus the maximum spinning speed, call it u1, will be experienced at rest. Then the moving speed, u2 will be given by:


So you can check that u1/u2 is indead the formula for 'time' dillation! Remember that A is LITERAL angle you place the vane at so that it taps to wind partialy. Such is how pilots do to manouver the plane using wind. To tap the wind maximaly, let A be 90 degrees. So A is the angle between the vane and the line of force that the wind is moving through.

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