Inter-Planetary Intervention. By; Mike J Hughes

Through the unwholesome use of the creative imagination some people are creating a great misunderstanding as to who the space brothers and as to their mission to help humanity in times of incredible and desperate needs of humanity if it is survive into the future as true spiritual beings.Just a day after the nuclear disaster in Japan I made an announcement that our space brother would soon intervene to help humanity with the clean up around Japan.

We all know that at first the radiation was millions of times above normal. Then there was the appearance of U.F.O`s spotted and seen by many who were there to assist humanity in the clean up ,then we heard on the news some time later that the radiation levels fell dramatically and that it was even more safer to continue to get the melt downs under control.

My friends this was the result of the intervention and compassionate service of our friendly neighbours from near by planetary man bearing planets who have been on a spiritual mission to help humanity in these times of desperate need. Those who know somewhat of the Divine Plan on earth and who are the initiated and trained observers in our world know that the U.F.O activity is the direct result of the gathering of the forces of Light ,and who are assisting with the Divine Plan on earth. The U.F O`s come mainly from within our own solar system such as Venus, Mars , Jupiter and its various set of moons of which four are artificial . Much of the life on the planets of our solar system exist in etheric matter ,or what can be known as dark matter, or living deep within the planet itself .

Science today is now coming to the discover the fourth ether which they call dark matter. The various levels of dark matter are the etheric planes ,and much of the life on the planets within our solar system and elsewhere are vibrating at these higher etheric planes. That is not to say that earth is the only planet with dense physical plane life,even Mars has some very primitive dense physical life on it at this time that look like those ``sand dollars`` you find on the beach , but the nine billion people on Mars dwell in etheric ,or ``dark matter``and are as well around the same point in evolution as we are, but did not make many of the same mistakes as we here on earth did ,so hence their technology is so very unbelievably advanced than ours is.

Mars is now in it`s fourth round in evolution ,just as we are here on planet earth, while Venus is in it`s fifth and last round while most planetary schemes run through seven rounds .The reason that Venus is now in it`s 5th and last round is due to the fact that the ``experiment`` of initiation was so successful and the planet and it`s inhabitants lived in a sort of ``spiritual hothouse``which accelerated their inner evolution to the point that the average Venusian has reached the status and stage of a Master of Wisdom as they are here on earth. Jupiter is as well a man bearing planet and it`s environment and people are composed of matter of both gaseous and etheric matter [ dark matter ] .The radiation levels have spiked up again., but this is the work of the space brothers in quickening the process of disintegration,;- like the sun will turn into a red giant and burn itself out``if I may use such a metaphor .The space brothers are speeding up the mess we made by speeding up the course the radiation effect that, if left unchecked, would take a very much longer span of time to clear up if it was not for the compassionate work of our neighbours from near by man-bearing planets .
The space brothers have been in contact and in co-operation with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet for countless thousands of years.

There is an incredible amount of glamour and great misunderstandings about the space brothers and as to their compassionate work that they are performing on our behalf .Hollywood's `s film industry is deeply engrossed in the unwholesome use of the creative imagination in making the space brothers look like these ``nasty space aliens``from hell!.!There are corrupt elements within so many Governments around the world that are very aware of the fact that we are being visited by humans from other planetary schemes right within our own solar system. The United States are aware of their presence over U.S air space, and so they would scramble their F-16`s, or some other fighter planes to intercept them only to find out that U.S ``primitive`` military technology can not keep up with ``the chase``or even clearly identify their ``hostile target``,and causes much embarrassment due to the fact that these U.F.Os can slip in and out of U.S air space anytime they deem necessary for the service work they provide, and there is nothing that the military can do about it!!!and have no understanding of the extraordinary technology they are dealing with,-which is very embarrassing for the ``great``U.S military. This is one of the reasons for the general cover up regarding U.F.O activity going on all over the world ,and the U.S is not the only powerful country who are powerless and embarrassed by their various activities.

When the World Teacher ;-Maitreya- steps forward he will inform humanity of the U.F.O s and of their reality as the gathering of the forces of light ,and will teach humanity as to their humanitarian mission to help our humanity in it`s times of desperate need, which they see as an evocative cry for help .HollyWood

The space brothers knows that 95% of humanity is so easily swayed by its emotional-astral nature than it is by logic and reason while billions are caught up in a world of glamour and illusion and will begin to think that such movies such as ``2012``,``Independence Day``,could actually be so true that they are caught up in such waking dreams that they are ,or have been abducted by nasty space beings .
One of the silly things I have read about space beings abducting members of the human family is that these ``aliens``are so unbelievably advanced by thousands ,or even millions of years ahead in their technology and yet people who claim to be abducted and having all of these ridicules experiments done to them by ``aliens`` using primitive 21 century medical earth technology to do their experiments which to my mind is making the noble and compassionate work of an highly advanced civilization of the space brothers into the realm fantasy and utter cheap comedy.

This goes to show that millions are reading the wrong comic books ,and with Hollywood's unwholesome use of the creative imagination stimulating the astral imagination of those who let their emotions rule over their logic and reason get caught up in a waking dream fantasy where they really believe that they have been abducted by ``nasty space aliens``.Many people are unaware of the fact that we have an spiritual Hierarchy who is protecting man from any so-called ``hostile space beings``.One of the ridicules claims again are the fact that these aliens have a technology that is so unbelievably advanced ,and we have those who tell of their abduction stories as these aliens using the same primitive medical equipment such as drills,suction tubes,blades,and so on. It`s like having our brightest scientists going to a far and distant place in the world to some Rainforest's tribe and trying to heal a head ache by drilling holes within the sculls of their patients.!!!

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  • Hi Mike,


    Yep this is hitting the nail on the head with me. Yep,  the beings that abducted the humans I reckon would use better advanced technology and even so, who to say they need technology?? Yeh the drills, needles dont buy me.





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