The International Banksters (colloquialism for “bank gangsters”) have suddenly collapsed and have, per the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals), now left the planet, most last night, for an uncertain future. Their final disposition is unknown, but the international banksters, once self-styled lords of the Earth and owners of nearly everything and everyone, would be well advised to enter the (Galactic) Universities of Evolution, as did the first to flee, the Warburgs. This branch of the international banksters, among the owners of the private bank called the Federal Reserve System, read the “handwriting on the wall,” decided the game was up and that survival was now the new objective, survival even if it meant penury. The entry fee was high, but appropriate, coming off the planet essentially naked and devoid of assets, precisely the condition the international banksters have left us in. The rule is simple: “Evolve or die!” Even psychopaths and sociopaths should be able to understand that.

International Banksters–ETs/EDs To Intervene During Ticklish Transition to A New System

The ETs/EDs have been quietly working behind the scenes to keep the entire global economy from collapsing, but the sudden, wholly unexpected abdication of the international banksters has changed the whole situation. Financial experts from the Universities of Evolution are being brought in to sort through an epochal mess created by the international banksters, and that is precisely the right word to describe the howling, tangled, interrelated, booby trapped chaos the international banksters have left behind.
The international banksters wanted a financial collapse, but not too fast or uncontrolled. They wanted draconian social control, but had to do it by increments. They wanted conventional war, nuclear war and engineered disease and “natural disasters” to “thin the herd” and make the population more tractable. The international banksters did this so effectively only 86% of us have to die, provided no replacements are born over their “magic” NWO (New World Order) billion people. The international banksters created a situation where we are enslaved by energy, when it’s there in abundance (and ruthlessly suppressed), enslaved by money, which they control the supply of, enslaved by work, so we won’t have time to think and realize who we really are.
Thanks to the international banksters, our middle class is destroyed (core industries and jobs deliberately moved overseas), our children dazzlingly ignorant, our soils depleted, our food lacking nutrition, yet the international banksters want to ban vitamins and food supplements, meanwhile contaminating our organic food with chemtrails and genetically modified organisms. The international banksters funded terror, narcotrafficking, gunrunning, human slavery and worse, all for ever fatter profits. And when something went wrong, the international banksters, having gang raped us and the planet, not to mention cutting out most of her lungs (forests), had the hubris to have their victims bail them out, then partied on. No more! No more will the international bankster thugs and assassins intimidate and murder the good people who stand up to them. No more will the money of the international banksters buy them legal immunity or a tame, gutless mass media they own. Owned.

International Bankster Juggernaut Must Be Stopped–While We Still Have A Planet!

In order to achieve their horrific NWO, the international banksters have had multiple plans running for centuries, with backups to the backups. The resultant momentum is huge, as seen in yet another headlong rush for war against Syria and Iran, in the slew of international bankster ordered terrible laws coming from Congress which gut the Constitution like a fish, in a generally hostile to us court system beholden to the money power, in a President whose very survival hinges on pleasing the international banksters. We’re to have new biometric ID next year in the States, for driver’s licenses and passports alike, and the rush is on in India to biometrically ID the entire 1.8 billion there. Then there’s a deadly array of super diseases, hidden missiles and static nuclear devices, rigged reactors, weapons for waging war with earthquakes and eruptions, well-funded ideologue crackpots, engineered terrorism, exported torture and torture techniques, and a seething pot of plots, schemes, “justifications,” planned assassinations, destabilizations, new drugs and new attacks on what’s left of our social structure–all intended to create chaos and ring in the NWO so beloved by the international banksters. These and more will have to be stopped and dealt with–quickly.
We may be at war by Monday, you see, for that’s when sealed orders will be opened by the skipper of every U.S. ship in the Persian Gulf. That’s a staggering three carrier battle groups, with one more en route, some partially consisting of French and British escorts. The same ultra reliable sources who provided the dread Monday news also indicated Israel already has overflight permission for Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Somehow these avalanches of disaster, created and nurtured by the international banksters, must be stopped. The would-be combatants must be separated, the issues sorted out, and responsible leaders found to replace the current crop of homicidal maniacs in a bunch of countries. The ETs/EDs are arriving in force and have already repeatedly intervened, not just stopping wars the international banksters wanted, but cleaning up radiation from engineered reactor failures and “natural disasters,” saving millions from horrible deaths.

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  • Russia's It Girl becomes high-profile campaigner against Vladimir Putin

  • well it probably is a hoax , to bad , would be nice to see him in jail

  • apart from the 4 vatican bankers arrested  i found more reports from other small countries of these type arrestings and even the UK parliament suggested it be done

  • soooo sweet,

    spread the word of love........

    after all its valentines day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I pray for it every day, that peace  and love can take over again, making this world a better place....

    I pray every day that we grow in consciousness...

    Shine the light and love...I see a new bright world, it is here and now !

    Only needs to reveal itself ...


    Arrested have started! check the link above. plus a few were arrest a few weeks ago in Britain also with the Cabal Murdoch News Corp People and some Cops being arrested about the  phone Hacking Scandal wich closed the Old News of the World Newspaper and Website.. i keep you posted!

    Also felt like many here huge shifts in energies on the last week, even at night , but its all going in a peacefull way and my path is becoming even more clear and things are falling into place more easily..and  the full moon doesnt affect me that much anymore ..but its all happening!

  • there are sings everywhere that this is all happening for real it just takes a we bit to play out already seen evidence on main stream T.V. , just look with the right eyes ,all 3,and make it happen in your mind by envisioning it ,and keep praying for it and it will happen sooner even i bet

  • This is great news but almost too good to be true. How do we really know this is true? I can't believe it until I see it. Too many things have been promised to us that have not been revealed or disclosed yet through the usual or conventional means. I feel with the over inundation of information coming to us from all directions (ET, Channelings, Insiders, Whistleblowers, Mass Media) that without seeing any concrete evidence of this makes it difficult to discern or believe what is truth or not. I am shocked & angered by all I recently learned from David Wilcox and Ben Fulford. I, like so many others, have been personally directly impacted in my health, wealth and career by these people. My life, like so many others, have been turned upside because of these people. I went from upper middle class to lower class in a relatively short amount of time. These people need to learn their lesson and should not be just allowed to run away from all their misdeeds and wrong doings against humanity and the planet.

    I have been meditating, working on forgiveness, remaining present and focusing on positive affirmations and intentions. This does not mean I have not had some difficulty processing all of this information. There is a silver lining for me. Fortunately, these people assisted as a catalyst to cause a divine intervention which caused me to follow my higher life purpose to my current path to assist others in their healing and transformation.

    What the World needs now is Forgiveness, Healing, Peace, Love, Harmony, Cooperation, Truth and Love for the Benefit of Humanity One and Earth. I give you my love; I give you my heart. I accept your love; I accept your heart. Sending all of You many waves of divine love & light! The Holiness and Light in me recognizes the Holiness & Light in each one of You. We are ALL ONE!

  • How does one run from the dawn?  This is the age of transparency.  Hiding place?  Outside of the truth?  There is none!  While you're trying to close the curtain say, "cheese" (you know the one you stole) and smile.

    You're on candid camera.

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