Dr. Angela Barnett (c) 2015
 We will become co-creators with the Mind of God, not with some new more harmonious social network. Our Guardian Races will remove us from warring consciousness by moving us out of this time matrix that is being controlled by fallen angelics. This present time matrix that we are presently manifesting in can not be saved. If the Guardian Races did not move us forward 2218 years in time, the Angelic Human Race would be destroyed forever. That is why we are being saved. We are not being saved by a group of high minded people creating or co-creating better social networks. We are being re-connected to our complete Universal Consciousness through harmonic resonance of the five spheres of harmonic universal frequencies.
We will be reconnected to a field of Consciousness that Normally co-creates through the Mind of God. This activity will become common place within the next ten years. Those of us who already know how to manifest our desires instantly through the activity of frequency alignment of the frequency specific brain into our Illuminary and Etheric Bodies and our atunement with our Higher Selves, will spend the next few months co-creating through the Mind of God. We will experience any and every imaginable dream come true. We can manifest a new body, a new age, a new house. We can manifest new flowers, new trees that grow anything we can imagine. We were once the creators of the Universe. We were once the greatest co-creators of the Cosmos. We had that divine reality removed from us by fallen angelics who wanted to control this time matrix. The only way it can be returned to us is by moving us into a new time matrix.
 But, that isn't going to happen. What is going to happen is a shift into the second wave of the second ascension cycle through a shift into a new time matrix. In other words, we are going to FUTURE EARTH.
Those who are still believing in the third dimensional world will continue to live in that dream, while those of us who have raised their frequencies in order to align our fifth and sixth DNA strands will be morphed in time into a completely new world. In our new future reality we each instantly manifest our own reality. If those who wish to manifest a better society that looks like the old one, but better, then they are free to manifest that reality.  Those who choose to change their belief system into a completely new reality that allows them to create new bodies, new terrains, new ecological environments made of exotic plants of their own imagination, will have freedom to create brand new realities.
We will be the creators. We will manifest the desires that are created in harmonic resonance with Source Frequencies. We will be guided and assisted by our Starry Families in Inner Earth who live at a much higher frequency and dimensional reality than we do. We will begin living in their magical terrain of crystals where every flower and blade of grass sings continuously. All forms of life seem to mingle in harmonic resonance of one wonderful melody after another.
 The three dimensional problems of this world were not really created by people, governments and societies. Our problems were created by Fallen Angelic Races in multidimensional and interdimensional time realms. Some of the problems were manifested through Illuminati puppets in our government.
The problems that we have become victim to could not be solved by thousands of years of better social networks. This particular problem has been with us for over 50,000 years. We have had similar problems blocking our ascension for 550 million years. At this present moment we have billions of angelic families from all 12 Universal Systems fighting to protect us from fallen angelic races. We also have entities from  Cosmic Systems working to realign our harmonic resonance fields into a new reality. What is happening is not just a local group of enlightened people planning on making a better society that will remove polution and stop wars. This is not what our ascension is.

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