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Indian in the Machine: Do NOT Worry About Chemtrails;I Repeat, Do NOT Worry About Chemtrails;Marijuana will likely Help Detox the Brain from Chemtrails…

Do NOT Worry About Chemtrails…. I Repeat… Do NOT Worry About Chemtrails


Dear world,

I said do NOT worry about chemtrails… and there are reasons:

1.  Be concerned about chemtrails…. worry is useless to the cause.

2.  Marijuana will likely help detox the brain from chemtrails… have you heard of someone getting brain cancer or any cancer from marijuana… no because it is not possible… it detoxes the body, rather than adds toxic load.

3.  Love is the best antidote to chemtrails… when you worry about chemtrails, you will attract them… if you live loving from the heart… anything that is not love, will become ever more repellent from you… like attracts like… on the other side, if you are big into death… violence… gore…control of other human beings… then so too shall you be controlled…. by chemtrails or anything… it is called, karma.

4. I have a blog that documents that the sky elementals called SYLPHS, are neutralizing the sky toxins… most of it… they saved our planet FROM A BIG MULTI SPECIES DIE OFF… so show some respect and meet the SYLPHS.  Work with them…  they have been here since earth formed… so who is new in the neighbourhood hmmmmmm…..

5.  Educate yourself about anything that seeks control over you… but do not WORRY about it…. instead join with the solution which will be from a higher spiritual vantage point, from whence the problem came.

6.  Hold a better vision… if something in this world, is not to your liking… do not whine, ALTHOUGH TALKING CAN BE RATHER HELPFUL… instead offer your better solution, and share it… and be rewarded by the law of abundance for your contributions… watch for this law to kick in more and more… as the old world crumbles into dust.  In the old earth… if you did bad things, you got rich…. that world is crumbling… the new world, is about love, wisdom, peace, truth, unity and more… so relearn those qualities further, if you feel it is needed… we are after all UNLIMITIED BEINGS FOREVER EVOLVING…so no big surprise here, that we never stop learning.

7.  Work more consciously with our ET family, who are OBVIOUSLY IN THE SKY RIGHT NOW, through spaceship sightings, flashing stars, cloaked cloudships and more… the sky is starting to get rather busy.

Okay… so to not worry about something, does not mean you do not care, or do not take action.

Be heartful… this is where worry does not exist… if you are living focused in your mind, you probably have many hidden fears and falsely believe that you do not.

So you can get started with working with the SYLPHS….ask right now WITH YOUR HEART NOT YOUR MIND, for a visitation…


Indian in the machine


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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on June 30, 2014 at 3:42pm

Thanks for the pic FW. I did not know that about hemp. As for smoking it, I don't think so, its much better to eat it, remember its a medicine first then pleasure 2nd. But I still drink my silver water, its very powerful , killing all the bad bacteria and hopefully the nano-bots. Its very cheap if you make it yourself and its also natural but you must use pure silver wire and best to use spring water or clean rain water. As for the sylphs they are multi-dimensional and you can't always see them and yes you can be fooled into believing that they are always there to chomp on those deadly Chem-trails. I have taken pics of the Syphs called also "knots" and they are dark brn in color if done during the sun set. I personally send a mental message to the pilot telling him he is killing us all down here with the spraying of the Chem-trails, I don't know if it works but I Feel better about doing it huh. By the way I thought our ET friends were supposed to be taking care of that problem, maybe they forgot,indeed.!! Adonai

Comment by Acute Observer on June 29, 2014 at 10:04am

If you smoke weed while being under the influence that chemtrails are real, you will not get better. You'll only strengthen your already ongoing psychosis from a mild one into a full blown one.

Comment by Acute Observer on June 29, 2014 at 10:02am

You can NOT, I repeat NOT tell by using a photograph alone, the content of a cloud!!!

That'd be ridiculous. Why bother with chemical analysis at all when a simple photo will do? ;D

Learn a little meteorology and you'll soon see that "chemtrails" from passengers planes can't possibly exist. They'd defy the laws of physics as well as the laws of economically affordable global warfare. ;)


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