In this space, In this time WE ARE

Hello brother and Sisters and ofcourse our beloved masters,

Just wanted to share with you my perception of this physical reality we live in, Most of us here have very special gifts where we can channel, sense others and know when great changes are coming,

Many of you are learning what gift you are blessed with, and everyone has one, and as we evolve it gets stronger but sometimes my fellow siblings, our gift can seem like a curse, I only say this as sometimes when we begin researching knowledge to excel it, we take a wrong turn and something that had given you energy, purpose and will can ultimately feel like a dead battery, your gift is eternal though so don't worry it won't disappear but the path to enlightenment can be consuming physically, mentally and emotionally.

I say these words not to stir up fear but to just give you some insight on what many are going through, as i am a welfare worker myself many people i work with feel the same,

One very important message i want to say to the older souls out there who the newly awakened gravity to, is please be patient with the young ones, you masters are seen as mentors, and alot of the time you are seen as more than an understanding brother, they connect to you in a way they never felt before, and sometimes it can be frustrating when they dwell on a experience or feeling and become repetative, of course be truthful, honest and transparent to them but most importantly when it's done with ease a grace, the impact is very positive.

I do also understand my beloved masters that it hard for you at times, as people turn to you cause they see an angelic presence in your reflection, and i seems like there is no balance for you and you just want to take some time and get out of your caged enviroment, but still you remain and assist, so i have this last words of faith for all of you.





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