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It is early hours in the morning and as usual I cannot and do not sleep much at night. In the early hours of the morning 11:11:11 Shamballa the Golden City of Light keeps coming to my mind and the message below is a transmission and automatic writing through me to pass to all.

During your 11:11:11 Meditation please remember to include Shamballa The City Of Light and capital of The Kingdom of Agartha in Inner Earth. Ask for the Resistance movement forces from Inner Earth to come to the surface and remove all the dark forces. Pray that the Divine Plan be in force and speed up Ascension on Planet Earth.
May the seventh Golden Age be in full swing on Planet Earth and may we see the rise of Golden Cities and Crystal Temples on Planet Earth. May all beings live in peace, harmony and in the spirit of Oneness so all beings are treated with equal respect. May we create Heaven on Earth and unite with all the benevolent beings in this Universe.
May Lord Kalki help us in every way to remove all the darkness on Planet Earth.
May we spread Love and Light to all beings on Planet Earth.
May we all live in the Mode of Goodness like no harming any living entities, no harming Nature and leading a more Spiritual Life by following The Galactic Codex.

Namaste and peace and goodwill to all

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Comment by somesayimnot on November 11, 2011 at 8:01pm

Thanks for this.  I am preparing myself for meditation, and I was just setting my intentions...these are great things to focus on. 


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