I received this message from a BEautiFUL friend, she sent this personal channel message. I've been experiencing a lot of energy shifts myself, and I know from others' experiences that they are having it too, so I would like to share it with you... It may explain some to you, or set your mind at ease about what is happening, also KNOWing that MANY are experiencing it, YOU are NOT ALONE in this - WE ALL ARE!!

I've left the message exactly as she wrote it. She is Heidi Muench, creator of the Group Todays Intuitive Children (check it out if you please).

"I normally do not post personal channels, but the energies of late have been intense for us sensitve folks. If you are on board with the whole ascension thing, this will probably make sense. As always take whatever you read and ask yourwelf is this true for you. this was specifically given to assit me, but in the being of oneness and unity many of you may be able to relate. As I said, this is specific to me but it may fit as well for you....

The energies you are experiencing are like a roller coaster right now. This will last about 10 more days. (Till bout 3/20 give or take a bit) With each energy influx comes a raise in your vibration, but as the energy subsides, you feel as if you have crashed. Up and down, up and down on a roller coaster ride. But the reason is quite clear. You rise up to a higher vibration of being, but at this time can’t sustain it for very long. Energy lifts you up, then crash. This is deliberate with a two fold plan.

First it is like a high…you reside at this wonderful vibration of being that is arriving, it is then pulled away. Second, the crashes allow a very rapid shifting and releasing of all that can’t withstand the higher vibration. These crashes are a time of detox, releasing of all that which no longer serve you. It can be very intense depending on how much you are willing to let go of. General feelings of malaise, upset stomach, sinus pressure, hunger for comfort foods, a burst of energy, then sitting unable to accomplish anything. It may also include sever symptoms of complete and utter exhaustion and intense joint pain as the old is being released.

These energies of March are intense, but you will see, the extremes will not be as big of a shift as the month goes on. You will be able to receive more, hold more, sustain it over longer periods of time preparing you for the wave of light, creation, manifestation that is beginning to flow throughout these ever lengthening days. This continuous flow of energy is, slowly being turned up in volume and frequency as the summer unfolds. Energy will continue to be shaken loose, but compared to the last few months it will be more distracting like swatting a fly off of you.

My brave souls, my children, ride the rest of this roller coaster. You are close, so very close to the next stage of being, living on glorious ascension. You are becoming your own Masters residing here on the physical plane. For many that may continue to mean a feeling of less guidance. For so long as we have been there holding your hands, supporting you, guiding you like a parent holding the hands of a child learning to walk. But many of you will be finding you can walk on your own, but that entails us letting you go. Just like a parent we are still here. But you will continue to grow. Trusting in yourself as you embody more and more of the Christ energy. The energy of oneness, the energy of unity, the energy of pure love. For as we are all one, you are one of us with all of the wisdom and knowledge, that it entails. You are on a journey to awaken to Christ consciousness if you and your soul so choose. You have the potential f you accept to awaken to your inner/united Christ consciousness.

El Moyra"

with Love and Light* and Gods bless to all,

Blue Ray Pleiadian Lightworker Nelly

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  • You're welcome, I'm going through some kind of rollercoaster myself too lately, and understood why this was going on with me and I'd like to share it with love and light, so all others now why this is happening and to have faith that this is only temporarely.
    Love & Light*
    Nelly xxx
  • Thanks for posting!

    True. The energies are more intense, and surging, and I can even hear it buzzing, and sometimes feels like a wave. When I focus on it, the feeling is getting stronger and then you feel heavy and tired, and feel those like tiny dots buzzling. Then you fell asleep.

    Just one of the night, I had those flu symptoms. It lasted the whole day, I spent most of my time on bed, then gone the next day. There is the random headache, uncomfortable but I just let it as I am aware that everytime I am feeling it, it means there are current energy changes surges. I don't drink any medicine (I don't for the last 4-6 years). They will just be gone in the next days.

    My mom is also currently experiencing the flu. She's drinking medicine. She doesn't know much into this but I asked my guides and spirit friends to help her be calm and somehow be registered into her mind that everything is well and will be fine.

    I have read in some source that every Illnesses that our body is suffering has something to do with energies. It is really sad and hard when you don't know what's happening, we tend to panic. =)
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