Careful! –

The above black swan warning appeared on Telegram with instructions to be careful. Watch for falling rock as our decrepit world implodes and crumbles at our feet.

We are called to remain on high alert at this time for several reasons. Enthéos posted the following on Telegram:

We are concerned about a FEINT counterstrike.

Find Sheriffs, USMS & Police Contacts by State/County Below.

Report anything suspicious. Trust your instincts.

The United States Marshals Service is responsible for protecting the Supreme Court of the United States, among other federal courts and judicial facilities.

Since the attempt on Justice Kavanaugh, home security seems to have improved. However, Supreme Court Justices typically do not receive motorcade/travel protection in the same manner as high-profile government officials or the President of the United States, and the area is experiencing a public safety crisis. No Justices are scheduled to retire (yet), so we must be cognizant of the stakes. (Scalia) THEY/THEM also want “payback” for Amy Coney Barrett’s October 2020 confirmation for Ginsburg + future election challenges and reversals.

🟡 Heightened Alert in this WINDOW

Emergency alerts for fires in the Phoenix area have abated for now but there was a very odd incident while listening to public radio a few days ago. The music from the Internet radio show stopped streaming, there was silence for several seconds, then a man’s voice with a British accent began reading a series of numbers, one at a time, and ended the list with a decimal three or seven or something… I don’t recall but it was “point ___”. Then the music resumed. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard anything like that.

The Human trafficking and sexual deviance stories have not abated. They are plentiful, but very low key in the mainstream news. From the sheer volume of them we know major operations are underway to save the children but the average person wouldn’t be looking for them and might not pick up on the frequency that it’s happening or the number of children involved. What is clear is that these freaks are everywhere and they gravitate to facilities and sectors where children are found.

In the Great White Gulag the fox is guarding the hen house according to this Telegram. Where’s the accountability? There’s no oversight and they get away with murder. Literally.

Canada does have a sex offender registry. It is called the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR), which is maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The registry was established to help police services across Canada investigate crimes of a sexual nature by providing current information on convicted sex offenders. Unlike some other countries, however, Canada’s registry is not publicly accessible; it is only available to law enforcement agencies.


We have a long update from Q the Storm Rider. Great stuff on Project Blue Beam. This is Part One. I will include Part 2 next time. This is wild, so be prepared.

Project Blue Beam

>Project Blue Beam

;>_Behind the scenes>]; The White hats Military Alliance +USSF///STARLINK are getting ready to initiate ( GAME THEORY, COUNTER OPERATIONS> ) _SKY _EVENT
What is +?
>] Answer: + is x > the crossing of operations> Game theory Operations ( mimicking the deep state moves & ops, but with a different outcome benefitting the Alliance military strategies and war games, real CURRENT Operations)

Why did Trump place the United States Space Force inside the military intelligence?
Why was Cheyenne mountain military Base closed off to the outside world and to Biden, Obama and CIA<?

Why did Trump, Ezra, Kash Patel give Elon Musk the biggest military contracts in history? ( Remember i told you long ago in 2020 that Trump and Musk’s public split in 2017 was a all a show, and then Musk would acquire Twitter and THEN AFTER MUSK AND TRUMP WOULD PUBLICLY REUNITE<<<< All these events happened now!)

+ = x
Who is Q+?
Why did USSF military intelligence put an X on their logo,?
Why did Musk name Twitter X?
Why did USSF use the color black and white and why did Musk MIMIC the color on X?

Why did Alex Jones say Musk was a chef and commander inside of USSF ?

Why did Musk reinstate Jones to X after this comment and the comment was never addressed and swept under the rug?

We are coming into a very strong part of THE STORM. The part where the deep state is going to initiate SKY EVENTS . FAKE ALIEN INVASION. ( INSIDE>]; their false flag event [THEY] want to use advanced hidden military technology of [ HOLOGRAMS ] ( created in under ground in Arizona Fort Huachuca Military Base and Nevada test sites) .
_[ THEY] also want to use the Power of 5g and advanced military sound weapons that creates SOUND/Waves that reach over a thousand miles
_these same 5 g military weapons use sound waves to create sickness and nausea causing massive mass panic
_Under ground D.U.M.Bs in Dulce New Mexico is just one of several D.U.M.Bs that crossed DNA of humans and Animals creating monstrous hybrids ( they want to release these monsters as Dangerous Aliens onto to cities in certain stages of Project Blue Beam )
_The deep state Military and dark deep ops have UAPs ( fake UFOs) and REAL Ufos
> The Cabal [ ds] dark ops want to initiate Project Blue Beam Alien invasion very soon to bring the world into one government and mass censorship and try to kill hundreds of millions through the Alien Wars ( fake false flag alien invasion using Holograms. 5 g, REAL explosives)
There is massive panic in the CIA. Pentagon. Mossad.mi 6 five eyes agencies that pushed and ran the fake PANDEMIC operations and the creation of the Death bioweapon Virus and death vaccines.
As EXPOSURE of the deep state operations of happening on a mass scale. Humans across the world are awake and aware that a corrupt system is controlling their governments and laws. And on a further note the human race has already rejected the idea of another plandemic and more vaccines.. less than 5% of humans have taken the vaccines since the 2023 push.

The deep state is in PANIC as TRUMP is getting ready to initiate ARREST WARS and firing of tens of thousands of U.S. government employee heads. Even the Media. Military leaders and politicians are in open panic of the arrest wars coming..>Nobody is laughing any more about THE STORM and coming Retributions. Arrest Wars.11.3. Military intervention. Nuremberg codes and tribunals.

The deep State is getting ready to initiate SKY EVENTS to block the exposure of the pedophile elite rings and the true EPSTEIN saga connected to P Diddy and the music film industry…. The deep state military intelligence is at the heart of pedophilia operations controlled by BIG ELITES, CIA. ROCKEFELLERS.

Next up is an interesting chain of communications leading to an article discussing the “lipid nanoparticle envelope” with respect to the success of the Convid Vaxx and the installing of the bioweapon in the Human body.

Those who have researched NANO SOMA have heard Dr. Presser speak of the “lipid envelope” that is polycosonol, or part of the NANO SOMA “technology”. The “nano” part may alarm people who haven’t done the research, but it just means it’s so tiny it can easily permeate the cell wall and become available. It’s nothing nefarious.

Getting back to the vaccination that was never intended to be a vaccination but a bioweapon, that delivery system of a lipid envelope for the vaxx ingredients was patented, and as many of you know, Canadian labs were involved in the orchestration of the Covid shots.

It truly sounds like something out of a dark thriller but sadly it’s true and actually happened. Our fellow men sold us out for money and power, thinking no one would ever be the wiser and they would not be held accountable. Wrong. Oh, so wrong. Our Creator frowns upon genocide and betrayal.

A Tore says post led to the Enthéos post which led to Twitter/X and the Political Moonshine account, which may be the new account for Enthéos and included the following post about the lipid nanoparticle envelope via the article linked about the patents and the involvement of the Canadian labs. Click here to read that article.  

So there you have a little background on the lipid envelope and its coveted efficacy. NANO SOMA is the only product I support, recommend, and use myself. As part of Dr. Presser’s affiliate program I get a little reward for telling people about this remarkable product that somehow triggers the Human body to repair itself and even to turn back the hands of time by restoring our chromosomes to their original condition.

It’s possible for our meat suits to do extraordinary things if they are supported correctly and NANO SOMA is one thing that is recommended to regenerate a fully-functioning unit to house our soul. It’s perfectly safe, you can’t overdose on it, and it bears an intelligence we don’t quite understand which triggers the body into healing itself, including from serious dis-ease we may have previously been told was incurable.

You can learn more at Dr. Presser’s website by using this link. If you take a minute to register and get on the mailing list, Dr. Presser will send occasional updates [not spam] to share the astonishing testimonials users have sent after using NANO SOMA and/or the other two related products. He also sometimes includes new information or basic information we may have forgotten and I look forward to reading them.

Thank you to everyone who supports me and my work by ordering via this link. I appreciate it very much.


Curious little tidbits of information arise often and this one is worth noting from a private group on Telegram. Someone looked up the Gematria on “Hurricane Beryl” and its matches.

It is still looking like Beryl will impact the Gulf Coast of Texas, but we’ll see. It may be weakened and not do much damage. It’s already done a lot of harm.

SG Anon uploaded File 77 for fans of this top drawer researcher.


US Army NatGuard Deployed to Guantanamo Bay | Yen Collapse Imminent | SpaceForce Recruiting Mil Reservists | 25th Amendment Coming


Before you agree to get the jab for the Bird Flu they are trying to make into another plandemic, you might want to see the following stats. We don’t know what kind of scamdemic will accost us next, whether Dengue, Avian Flu, or something else. We all have immune systems, and if you take NANO SOMA, you have a much stronger immune system. We don’t need shots to protect us and if the world learned anything from the Convid hoax, they should know that the “immunization” promised by these injections is a pipe dream and will likely have negative effects on the body whether they are overt or not. They tend to turn people into ticking time bombs.


The full extent of the evil spun by the monsters on our planet will be revealed. Of that, WH Grampa says…

The full scope of the corruption in our federal govt is yet to be uncovered..

It is going to blow the public’s mind ..

And boy-oh-boy are they going to be pissed…

W.H.G. (

The problem with snoozing people is, they think someone would come out and tell them point blank if there were nefarious things going on. They want their television to tell them and until it does, they can go on about their lives like everything is fine. Normalcy bias. Jack Posobiec says it succinctly. People with critical thinking skills shouldn’t need to be told this but the average person doesn’t recognize propaganda when they hear it.

Jack posobiec

A regime will never tell you it is a regime

They’ll use a soft, innocuous phrase

Something like:

‘Our democracy’

He also says, “Once you replace ‘our democracy’ with ‘our regime’ every time they say it, it makes so much more sense.”
We’ve raised the issue of the bloodline families before, both positive and negative. Lately we have found a lot more information on the benevolent bloodlines engaged in this war to vanquish the dark. They did a good job of flying under the radar and used the same strategies as the dark ones when they changed their names. The following comes from Pascal Najadi.
Marine Le Pen 

We are The Kahlooni Family⚡️

« Family is the Most Important Thing In The World »

– Guardian Diana aka Queen Diana

Lincoln/Kahlooni/Kennedy children in order of birth:

Isabelle (Diana)

Arabelle (Marie Le Pen)

Caroline Kennedy

John F Kennedy Jr

Fatima (Yann LePen)

Patrick Kennedy

Shadia Kennedy

I believe that Fatima and Shadia were born by surrogate mother in Benghazi.
Shadia was born 7 years after Patrick.
He said she was beautiful and managed to name her.

Marine LePen is a cousin of the Kennedys who was born in Benghazi and grew up with Arabella, Fatima and Patrick in Benghazi until toddlers / primary school when the girls were sent to France and raised by the LePen family.

Marine is the legitimate president of France 🇫🇷 at the moment in the #NOW.

#WWG1WGA 🤝#SemperSupra 💫


« Truth is Non-Negotiable »

President John F. Kennedy ‘Q’
United States Republic

That is the end of the blog for today. Have a great weekend everyone and maintain situational awareness.  ~ BP
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