i'm in the middle of a VERY big cyclone!

i'm in townsville, well 30k out of the city

i honestly believe that not all of this is natural, i honestly think the war has begun on a wider scale!

i'm not sure what to think maybe i'll survive or maybe it's my time to leave this earth

i sincerly hope it all goes well and nothing happens, however i'm not completly nieve

i'd be stupid not to admit i'm a little scared of the possibilitie's of this severety of cyclone being a catagory 5 when it hits us tommorrow night!

either way i'm going to have to strap down get comfy and hope that i can do my best to stay alive but damage will happen!


we may even flood who know's

what i do know is that by every last full moon i accend to a new ability to learn and control and the last being water and the first air who know's but it seems like a coincidence that doesn't seem anything less than fate!

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  • thank you all we went 6 LONG days without power and allot of clean-up but we are fine, myself and a fair few others did what we could and did our best to ensure life would be sustained to it's fullest and by the looks of it we did well, i will say that it drained me for days, Lighsoulstar i do not believe anything is impossible so in this case it might well be!


    Randude: i understand what your point your making just keep in mind the darkest of destruction throughout history was caused due to the under-estimating of the darkness at hand, so in turn allowed themselve's to be surprised!

    it is at all possible they are out of power however on the flip side the darkness is stronger than ever so if it wants to it can just as easily renew power at a price!



  • randude wat makes u so sure ? they were busted on feb 3rd 2011 on youtube just search busted 3rd feb you will see wat i'm talking about!
  • So Goofy, been watching what's going on with you all down under from my living room in Kingston Jamaica. Looks pretty ominous however no loss of life which is good, but looks like a lot of devastation. Are you and your family safe? hope so...
  • hahaha its NOT haarp. i dont mean anything bad by this, but its not haarp.. they have basically lost power.
  • hey brothers and sisters I am in Mount Isa. this bad boy is coming my way! category 1 they expecting nothing like the extreme u had
  • What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger
  • hey there goofy, just wanted to say the elementals have a job to do, you can make it easier on yourself, the people around you and the animals and plants, by speaking to the elementals and asking them to be gentle and by maintaining a gentle calm within yourself and your home, do what you can practically to keep safe, keep your vibrations up, try not to imagine the worst, try to visualise it passing and brightening and bring unconditional love into yourself from source, anchor it, pass it to mother earth and radiate it out to the elementals..the worst thing really is to get scared do you know what i mean?

    if you can't stop yourself being scared invoke archangel michael, he's brilliant, you can visualise surrounding everyone you love including yourself with his blue light and he really will be there with you, you just have to ask 

    love and light to you 

  • Goofy,


    Why did you not evacuate to be safe? This happened in Brisbane with the floods people got blahze about it and now look at it. Keep safe.xx

  • Blessings Buddy hang in there i was over in Palm cove for cyclone Larry so i have and idea

    Blessings and know that all you know now i did not know in 2006 as i awakened not long after so stay strong

    and in your heart centre you and you will be fine no matter what the outcome..


    Blessings Love and Light nz

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