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day 2 of NO sl3eep, day 5 of less than a couple of hours. I dont know whats going on becasue i cant focus, lack of sleep, no appetite and irritability. im exhausted and im not doing anythinhg...i know this is full of errors. im running on empty. im buzzing inside and out, sometimes to a painful degree. im very uncomfortable.  ive called forhelp and received a little bufer but not enough to let me sleep. i cnt even seem to just crsh from exhaustion. ayone else having serious problems/? suggestions? nothing seems to be working atm

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 16, 2012 at 11:01am

Sorry to get here so late but I see my friends have come to the rescue. Thats why we are here to help each other,STO (service to others) Any way do not worry ,you are just mutating,LOL. And many of us are going through the same thing. You have just decided to do it faster. A lot of strange things are happening to our bodes and to our minds as we begin to Ascend. I would recommend reading all the blogs that have to do with this and leave the others till you are better. Just tell yourself that it OK, your body and mind is trying to adjust to the Photon belt that has arrived. Give our self permission to move up this ladder to what ever degree you wish to attain, starting with 4D , DON'T WORRY, about 5D until your there if you wont to go there. Once your body and minds excepts that things are going to get very beautiful. You might say you are having birth pains and soon you will bith a new baby, a new you. Like the caterpillar who is to become a butterfly. This same thing happened 4 1/2 million years ago when we went from animal to human but this time we are doing it consciously. Once you have made it through, then you in turn can help others to do the same, for you have been there and done that. I hope this helps ,for I to am going through many changes and at my age I sometimes wonder if the body is going to make it. So I keep talking to myself, to remember all the things that I have learned to help me through. Adonai

Comment by Pandora on September 15, 2012 at 2:02pm

still awake and thanks , at least im not alone in this. i thought i ws losing my mind. 

@FW ty for the video, i do drink a lot of water but im going to increase it....

@marianinia ive felt the same way about food for years but complete loss of appetite doesnt happen often...i can barely look at it now. ugh its fristrating, i know i need nourishment

@kelly, i am very hypersensitive and it is increasing (ugh) i was already sensitive :P . it IS nice to know im not alone though. 

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