I really don't know what you call this

Well, the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects seems to be doing fine. The mental aspect tied to daily life though is a little strain. I mean of course I go to school and that brings stress, but I find I don't care as much. Did I become complacent along the way? I just don't care as much even though I should care a little I mean before I used to stress over getting the grade. I am not bother by a less than satisfactory grade. I guess it's not that strange considering my focus lately has been on inner work. Finding out what means what to me and how important they are. Perhaps I figured school was important, but not as important as mental health and freedom. I just don't get why half the time everyone around me is racing to get whatever done and here I am just lazily walking around smelling roses. Sometimes we want to feel or do things we can't. Sometimes a little stress pushes you to give a crap about certain things that are supposedly good for the future. Though the more I live in the present the more I just don't see the point in school. I still do what I'm suppose to though I'm not too bent out of shape by crappy grades. I don't know what to call except for semi-apathy. Is apathy one of those things you can choose half and half or you go all in? Anyways, yeah I just don't know perhaps calmness creates complacence to the point where previous stressors are thrown out almost completely.

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  • Hey Mevyn,

    I completely understand what your saying about going to school and not really caring about it.  Because i am in University in the UK and most of the time my heart just isn't in it because i know that most of what is being taught is pointless. Like last week i was being taught about derivatives which confused the majority of people in the class. I feel like beign out in the world and doing something else not being stuck in school lol.

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