Hello everyone! I want to get a few things off my chest. First off I'm a fifth dimension being. This 3d world has not been a great thing for me and I don't know why I was brought here. In the 3d world I've been sick most of my life having to take many horrible medications, I'm in chronic pain all the time. I hate the battles of the negativity I have to fight with every day.I am a light being and  pleadian being.. Negativity energy latches on to me no matter what I do to protect myself. I dislike being here and not being with my brothers and sisters in the night skies..I did everything right in my life and negativity just comes and comes and it beats me down to the ground, and I still stand right back up... I really miss my fifth dimension life, I miss my powers and I miss my being and I miss my 5d abilities.and I truly miss being home.. This negativity energy in this 3d world is hurting me so badly in each and every way, physically, emotionally, mentally and I would love to go to my true home. The 3d world has taken its toll on me and I don't know what I can do, I've tried everything. I live to love everyone. I cherish every positive work I've done and every moment. Like I said before I don't know what else I can do to help myself out and I just want to go back to my 5d world...Can anyone help me any options,etc?


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  • ...if you like my dear sister, I would be to talk with you, on on the email or even some other way if you like. Sometimes, there are things that we don't understand, or sometimes we realy get fed up with  things, but to come here my dear also has been our decision, and if you feel a lot that you missied your life on your true home, i can tell you that there was a real reason why you come here. It all will depends on yourself to find tht reason, and the majority of the happenings in your life is also part of your agreement to be here. What i can see is that you have really to find the purpose of your mission on this planet, besides to grow yoursel to get back to the place that you belongs to.

  • ...we agreed to come to this planet for more than one reason. But the main one is for us to be able to grow, as we are eternal energies that spend time in various places on the universe, and we agree to do this before we came here, I think that we really have to be concerned on to do a good job. What really trick us when we come to habit this corp, (body) is that we suffer some kind o amnesia and don't remember nothing. But also this is another way to learn, is working on our understanding we also arrive to a conclusion about who we are. And we get to this point, we really start to understand the life on the universe. I can understand you my sister, it looks that time goes to slow,, but if you really look a little bit further, the time here is nothing, just imagine that this planet has more than 3.6 6 billion years. Do you imagine how many lives some one can live on it. For sure that it has not all this time to get life here, but it just a number to see that our life here can be measured comparativele to a seconds on the Universe's life.

  • me too

  • Hang in there!

  • Hello there...I am also feeling the strain of all the negativity around us. I am a single Mother of two girls so am pulled in lots of directions in my life..Although i feel tired on occasions and have suffered illness over the past couple of yr's i choose to live in Light and keep the faith...Sit in silence and breath, you can feel the positive change is coming. Love, Light and healing sent your way xx

  • Hello Samantha, thank you for sharing your story.There are exact reasons why you are here in this 3D world. The reasons why you are here, are stored within you. You are an unlimited, powerful being who is fully capable of knowing what these reasons are. Focus on what you want and firmly decide that it has happened. Not tommorrow, next week or in a couple of months, but right HERE and right NOW.

    Even though the suffering appears very real and may be experienced by yourself as very harsh and very real, it is a big illusion. Know that resistance attracts. Whatever you are resisting, you will attract. It appears that your  mental discomfort and resistance to this 3D world has resulted in physical discomfort and suffering. Look within and try to see if your mental and physical discomfort and suffering is a manifestation of your wish to leave this 3D world.


  • Hi Dear ....

    It is true and frankly here most or say nearly all of us feel the same ...

    But the purpose why we are here is also to be kept in mind ...

    Just learn to be happy in whatever situation we are out in  and go ahead in our work ...

    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL .....................

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LNOhZI72AY

    We Love you my Lady

  • ...dear sister, you are here as all of us my dear. We come for an specific reason, it's possible that you have not really found yourself on the part of your mission, and then it can be a little bit harder, depending the way you look on it. However, as you must knows now, we are getting close to the shift, and then everything will follow it's way my darling. Just look this as one more journey throughout your many lives with different dimensions.To tell you the truth, you have the power to pass through here, just be a little bit more patient, it will finish soon my dear. My best wishes that you Master help you my dear. Nani.

  • I thank you for you support, and yes I heal others and yes I remember my pleiadian life. I was also a warrior and fought for the light. And I'm an old soul, not the "young: person". I have helped everyone all my life. Everything u all said I've done. I would love to meet more pleiadians to see what there going through and just to talk. I know i have A LOT of good people and brothers and sisters looking out for me. I thank you all for watch everyone has said, I've done to much good things in my life, And I want to go home. I give you all love and light thank you all, please keep typing to me:o)

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