Exposing the truth about Covid-19

8109411490?profile=originalCoronavirus is a hoax and it’s not what you think it is, its an illusion for mind games, and what you see now are the remains of the old matrix.

Contrary to what you may see on your media, all hell is not breaking loose.There is a change occurring. Humanity and mother earth has already been uplifted into a higher dimensional reality. It's too late for the Illuminati, all they can do is to keep trying to delay our ascension by creating chaos.

They said that Covid-19 originated in bats from China's Wuhan’s animal market, then spread to Pangolin or dogs than to humans. And the innocent people of Wuhan China became targeted victims to be affected carriers of this virus by fake news

And another propaganda that China's biggest African community in Guangzhou, that Africans have been targeted in COVID-19 policies, banned from entering restaurants and shops, and even evicted from their homes.

This is Government treason against the people, Covid-19 did not come from China's Wuhan market or anything in nature. Instead, it was artificially lab created by CDC, a Government facility.

They have a history in creating diseases to control the public's health over decades since the 1940s, for global depopulation. CDC also has independent associates that are contracted to create pandemic viruses, it increases their goals to spread it quicker. This fake pandemic started in Wuhans and spread all over the world just within a month, All Illneseaes and diseases know to humankind don't naturally produce in the body, it was put in you by using different forms of silent secret weapons for slavery purposes.

And they also have a history of creating harmful vaccines that they use as a solution to cure diseases. Vaccinations weakens the immune system to keep you sick. That's the main purpose of vaccinations is to work with the virus/disease and not against it, and this is many reasons why they desperately scamming the public and want to keep vaccinating people for decades is to keep the immune system vulnerable. SAY NO to vaccines and keep the body clean and healthy.

maxresdefault.jpgCovid-19 is not contagious, infectious or transmittable in any way, it’s not breathable airborne or germ bacterial related on surfaces. 

The world give or take are being tricked and lied to on a daily bases by 30 thousand news stations in 200 countries and are being pounded by misleading fake news. Everything you hear on Covid-19 politic news updates, streaming online and news articles are all fraudulent and scams! There is no judgment day, the world is not ending. What you are seeing now in the world is the illusion collapsing. The false man made matrix dissolving, and the emergence of a new world, a new divine matrix.


Covid19 is not contagious or infectious in any way from ET FirstContact on Vimeo.

There was never a reason to need to waste money and wear face masks, face cover or gloves, and be on lockdowns.

Having food delivery from restaurants, and glass separators in stores and mandatory to wear masks everywhere. Sanitize and wash your hands, clean, wipe down areas and surfaces, keep 6' apart, and don't come in close contact, because of contagious health risks.

Covid19 tests are partially rigged, the results will always be either positive or inconclusive, and most likely saying you showing symptoms and may be carrying the virus, which in fact you're not carrying it. It's reverse psychology weaponized for fear tactics, tricking your mind into believing it so you can manifest it. Wearing any kind of protection is not necessary. but It's mandatory because its a global slavery control system and all they really doing is scamming, abusing, and humiliating us. And it’s not at all what people think is the reason for catching this virus.

8109411855?profile=originalThere are various ways of how they're making us attract this virus. One of them is by manipulating and using our power of manifestation against us, to help them create fear. Our thoughts have the power of the law of attraction, what you think it can manifest, you think fear you attract fear and can spread it to others. The body and mind is a biological electromagnetic receiver and 

With light energies intensively increasing around the planet, our manifestation abilities are getting extremely more powerful, they know this and use it as a silent weapon. And w
ithout people not knowing it, they take advantage and abuse it and that's giving them a boost in making it easier for them to have us create fear and accelerate propaganda chaotic public events. 

2 to 5G systems transmit harmful EMF microwave frequency radiation, which affects your health since the 1990s. The new 5G Bio-metric systems are installed along with 5G towers being built in public areas secretly worldwide, and 4G towers are being upgraded to 5G.

5G systems are just about everywhere, on street corners, and in every city across the globe. On buildings, apartments, street lamps, traffic lights, downtown cities, parks, schools and etc. And some are blending in with the background and hidden from view hoping nobody would see them, but a lot of us who are observers can distinguish them from the norm. By noticing things that weren't there before and don't fit in with the surroundings.


If you browse the mainstream media, you’ll be led to believe that 5G is just cell phone towers.

And is an amazing next-generation wireless technology that will make everything faster, easier, and more incredible.

But this is all a lie, as 5G is really an advanced military-grade assault weapon in disguise, that’s being implemented as one last final solution to control the public in fear and depopulation of the people to prevent us from ascending. They're probably might still try to slip in another fake virus wave, attacks, or something in that nature. They are desperate and are just trying to escalate your fear because their craving your manifestation, but they're not going to succeed because they have already lost years ago.

The inorganic way of life and all that came with it, are crumbling and dissolving. Artificial constructs of 5G systems, HAARP, mind control manipulation devices and any Illuminati Government related weapons, is the old 3D world and cannot withstand the light of the higher realms. These Illuminati criminals are being hunted and arrested for their crimes against humanity.

8109411878?profile=originalThe quarantine relieves the people from everyday work, stress, and worries, and for you to do what makes you happy, be home with your love ones, do recreational activities.

Times are financially hard and we are all feeling caged, things would partially get back to normal but serving the ascension process. All this is being done for the best of reasons, is to clear your mind and thoughts, and to stay entirely away from any fake Covid19 news media, this will increase your frequency and vibration preparing you for 5D consciousness. 

8109411499?profile=originalIn the higher dimensions, peace and love overcome corruption. There are no jobs, no bills, debts, rent/mortgages, car/health/life and home insurance, monetary systems, credit/social securities, and disabilities.

Death and dying are obsolete, no medication/vaccine treatments because our bodies are being cleansed for immortality. No welfare, retirement plans, banks, IRS/Taxes, and any Government related benefit control systems. No need for U.S. senates, bills/acts/laws, courts, no more fabricated wars, organized public crimes, violence, and all mandatory events that make us slaves to the system. 

8109412252?profile=originalSoon these control slavery structures will not exist and for you to get used to it. GFL doesn't like what's going on but they using stay at home as a tool to conditioned you to accept these future changes to higher awareness.

A new perspective, a new foundation is in place, a new peaceful and prosperous way of life has begun. The old is being dissolved by the higher light increasing daily. Illuminati is panicking and fears this humanity peaceful transformation change witch is happening right now with powerful spiritual light energies coming from the heavens every day. And that's why there's so much chaos happening around the world, they're creating fake pandemics, crises. fear and destruction so we won't be free, with peace and love, be healthy and spiritually ascend and be closer to God.

This is how billions of people were tricked by the Illuminati and had you believe that this new 5G technology will benefit you.


Article written by ETFisrtContact
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  • Pet Rock:  I call Dr. Fauci Dr. Faustus.

  • As soon as they started their 24/7 FEAR PORN I knew it was a FARCE. 

  • One of the first stories to come out in January was that covid19 was tracked to a Pakistani delivery guy in Wuhan. It was made in Wuhan by researches funded by Obamas' admin and overseen by the ghoul Fauci. 3.5 million green backs is all it took.


  • Good summary covering this false flag charade, to stop Trump 2020...

    GFL Ground Crew Special Ops are naming this whole scam [D] ; "MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH,"
    after the famous story by Edgar Allen Poe...

  • Very well done, welcome to the site, we need more like you. I like the way you mixed text with pics and lots of vids.Adonai

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