Hello, fellow kindred spirits! I have received a beautiful message from my dear friend kingjeff telling me that I should no longer be called electricoutcast. I feel he is right. All my life I have been rejected and ridiculed for my beliefs in the so-called metaphysical things. For some living in other countries the metaphysical things are accepted more. Here in the U.S. despite all the paranormal shows blooming up all over the t.v. networks, there is still a lot of criticism and skepticism when one mentions the belief in ufo's or any other paranormal thing. Most of the criticism and ridiculing has come from some of my closest family members. We all know that hurts when it comes from family. A complete stranger can insult and ridicule me and I will not take it very personally. But with family, I have taken it quite personal and I guess it has scarred me a bit. I need to throw that feeling of being uncomfortable in my own skin away and just enjoy being me despite whatever people think about me. It is funny how experiences can create such deep rooted feelings, patterns and beliefs that are so hard to get rid of. I should not care about that and over the years it has become so much easier to be myself but I still find myself being a bit reclusive from the rest of society because of it. I have found peace with everything in my life though despite all of that and will be leaving this 3d plane with some well learned lessons :-) It has been quite an experience so far.


When I sign in here not only am I around like-minded people and energy, it is always so wonderful and welcoming as well. Always, so non-judgmental and supporting. I owe you all a big hug and a THANK YOU for allowing me to feel like I can be me and it's ok. That I will not be judged and ridiculed here. So from now on I am just Christa not an outcast but ME :-)


I know music is a powerful tool for communication and I don't think words give any justice to how you all make me feel. This song is how you all make me feel inside. Beautiful <3 thank you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo








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  • Read your post from about one week ago.

    Wow....It sounded like you were talking exactly for me, and my experience on this earth plane.

    I am Happy that you are here.



  • Welcome Christa! Glad you can join us! Thanks for the hug. Happy journey!
  • The same story as mine, when explaining paranormal things with evidence  that I collected, when making astral travel and explaining the feeling and experience, when explaining the coming events about UFO and so on, it’s really shame to be ridiculed by friends and family I agree with you Crista,

      But guess what, everything is turning around, what’s interesting is when we’re treated different because of our different point of view and belief, soon the time will come where these people no matter what or who they are gone feel themselves ignorant blind and week, they’re gone turn to us and ask questions that we knew it long ago.

    Now the FBI release 1,600 UFO case classified Files, this is the first step.



  • Thank you all for your inspiring loving words. I love all of you! You all are absolutely beautiful and awesome! xoxoxoxoxoxo
  • Awesome Krista, glad you feel good being here at Ashtar Command!! :)

  • Welcome to the site Christa! This site gives a positive energy as whole. You will surely like it here just as I do.
  • Thnk you Christa!

    Its soo good to have people with good humour around.

  • I love you Christa!  I love your ability to share and open in trust, you are awesome!  Thank you!
  • HI yep good on the name change, Christa is pretty, it suits you.
  • great

    this is how i feel too

    i just joined this crew and it makes me feel comfortable again

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