Dr. Angela "Crystalai" Barnett (c) 2013
Dr. Barnett channels Crystalai from the Crystalai Cosmic Councils to be guided in her articles. She has been personally trained by a group of Elohim Angels, the Sirian Council, Sun Alcyone, the Cosmic Councils and her original Aquafarian Family. She was trained how to bring the highest frequencies into the music that Activates the DNA. She was personally guided by Zaurak, from the Sirian Council to be in Monterey for the moment of the D5 and D6 Activation and Infusion to provide the Ultimate Foundation for 5DNA activation on Earth.
The way that I will approach this workshop is by guiding you through the manifestation process one step at a time. You will keep a journal of the steps you go through until you have completely re-written your reality within your cellular memory.
I would like you to try your best to answer the questions, and ask questions about the questions to your self. By the time you get to the end of one section, you will have written your own understanding of that section of manifestation. We will be using these questions to identify what it is that you are doing wrong. What is keeping you from manifesting.
Manifesting is our natural mode of life. There is a reason why each of us is not partaking in our natural reality. We must live in the I AM THAT I AM REALITY. We must be willing to admit that we are actually the MIND OF GOD MANIFEST in this dimension of reality. God is the divine template of manifestation. We plug into that template because we are that template.
When I was working on my final dissertation for my doctoral degree, I was given this great advice by a practitioner. I was told to hold on to the idea that God has already graduated. If God has already graduated, that means that I have already graduated. This is the I AM PRINCIPLE.
We must be in the I AM to manifest.
I am wealthy. I am perfectly healthy. I am a genius.
Most of the reasons you will discover, you probably have never thought of before. They are all things we do continuously every day. We are constantly manifesting the wrong things and de-manifesting those things we truly want.
There is a spiritual anatomy involved in manifesting. Our bodies are manifestation vehicles when we use them correctly. There are specific glands in our bodies that we need to become aware of and learn to use correctly.
One of the biggest reasons that we don't manifest will be something that none of you want to hear about. And it will be entirely up to you how you want to over come that obstacle in your life.
My main interest in teaching this Workshop is not so much to make you all rich. My main interest is to create a new world. That is my mission. There will not be a new world until someone gets to work and makes it. That is a Divine Law.
The world will stay the same until we change it. We must change it one by one. We can learn to change it into anything that we want. We can each have our own little divine reality of anything we want. We can live in a 3D world or a truly magical 5D world.
The process is very time consuming. You will each need to spend a lot of time reading, doing activities, practice changing your daily routines. This process will take at least four weeks as you are going through the articles and questions in the pdf.
During that four weeks you can communicate with me directly. I will answer some of your questions, and I will create more activities for you from the questions. This is a group activity, however, you may remain completely isolated if you wish. It will be a group activity in that I will always consider the group as a whole as I put out new articles, new questions and new activities. The group helps to stimulate questions and answers that the individual sometimes doesn't realize that he also has.
Send Questions to krystalaimagic@gmail.com
(c) 2013 Dr. Angela (Crystalai) Barnett

All rights reserved. No part of this book (pdf file) may be reproduced or  transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including  photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system,  without written permission from the authors, except for brief quotations in a  review.

Dr. Angela "Crystalai" Barnett (c) 2013

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