i am loyal to those who are loyal to me!

i've realised some things lately, things i already knew but kind of came together and fit and made sence lately!


i am loyal to the one's who are loyal to me!


this saying has HUGE meaning, strong words and not much need to be said, weather it be friend or life partner or even magical beings it stands to reason that in life why be anything less


as a man i believe in chiverly, treating a lady right, never raising a hand to one, being myself but also occasionly being a gentleman and a romantic one at that and even if i'm not very good at it i try!


i am open to ALL opinions that hold a reasonable standing, i'm not going to listen to a fool running thier mouth, but a person with actual concern or knoweledge or even just an opinion i am happy to hear


i always say what i need to say and be done with it, there's no point holding a grudge or dragging something on any longer than need be and even worse bottling it up!


i will ALWAYS have my friends back both verbally or physically if they did nothing wrong, but listen to both side's before making that kind of judgement!


i hate physical violence and know when to walk away but also know when to stand my ground and fight!


i choose to flush my life of negativity, there's room to bitch ofcoarse to vent but not be draggin somebody else down with me or them drag me down!


above all i would get between a bullet or knife to save another, or run infront of an oncoming car and not hesitate to do so!


i help others where i can but also know when i have to stop and let them find thier own way, there's only so much that can be taught before it needs to be practised!


i am one of an old dying breed that i am trying to keep alive, i have helped many men be greater men and better themselve's and i'm proud of that!


i may not own much and i may not have much going for me career wise, but what i do have i value and it's these things that can't be brought or earned, they just are!






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  • Well said
  • i would say more 5 in a million atm, there's many million and many more like me, just harder to find, guys like me reside in rather anger or behind the curtains!

    my kind are never really seen or known about because that's not how we do it, yet although we do not fight much where heavily feared and not usually messed with because people know under the right reasons we will use force!

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