I am God & so are you.

This experience of life gets more and more exciting everyday. I can not
help but to think the things I do, have the feelings I have or know the
truths that come to me. They have become who I am, in a sense they are
who I always was I just kept the feelings and thoughts to myself, it's
why I was so shy. But now all I feel is love, All I am is Love, because
I'm being me.

You all want to believe in god, something that will save you from your
problems, yet if he walked out into the streets and started proclaiming
it, you would label the man crazy & lock your doors. God has always
told you the most important thing was believing in him but would you if
he came knocking on your door? Probably not, you would choose to judge him. I am of god & so are you.

Have you labelled me yet? Thought that all these positive messages were
crazy talk? Why? All I am ever talking about is spreading love,
spreading equality, how is that a bad thing? You know what I think is a
bad thing, defending a society structure that allows people to be poor
and hungry. A society filled with labels &... division. You are all
love, you all want happiness. Why the hate?

So you wanna know why there is hate, why there is negativity? Because of
money, if there is one thing in this world that you can look at as
shaping the society is that not what comes to mind first? Why must 1% of
the worlds population own over 50% of the worlds wealth? Why can we not
just provide for each other & help each other? Cause the world is to focused on money. Who needs peace when we can have money right?

We have the technology to eliminate most factory jobs. That's one reason
the economy is doing so bad. Machines are replacing people. But if
people don't work, they don't have money. With no money, they don't have
purchasing power. So we are stuck in a limbo. We have a middle class
that is dying on credit, the divisions... in wealth increasing, and no
money to fix it all by investing in our citizens to go to school.

What as a species is the most valuable resource we have? If you answered oil, congratulations you're part of the sheeple.
It is not oil! Oil is not going to get us out of the ecological trouble
we are currently in, our the economical one, or help with equality. Our
greatest resource is our mind! So why are we not mining our mind and providing free education to those trying to reach there full potential!?

So why when we can eliminate most factory work, and be re educating our
society & fixing our structure do we still have to pay to continue
education? The answer again is simple; why not make money off it? Do you
see the fallacies in society yet? Then you wonder why people deal
drugs, because they aren't making enough t...o feed there family making
minimum wage at a job that destroys there body.

Then you wonder why marijuana isn't legal yet, fuck do you know how many
people would go out of business on the streets slinging, or middle wage
earners earning money on the side. Things wouldn't look good on the
streets. So why do people so drugs? Because this reality of life isn't
good enough, they do it to escape there life to open them up to more.

You ever wonder why someone high tends to laugh so much, at the simplest
of things. That's because they are finally able to see the beauty in
this all. The drug slows there mind down, it releases them from time, it
puts them in the now, in the moment. They forget there problems, and
appreciate what is in front of them.... They feel more love. I beg to
say that it is a spiritual thing.

So do the drugs that are legal do that to you? How about beer? I would
have to say that has some adverse affects when consumed, none of which
would I include spiritual or euphoric. A majority get depressed. How
about Tobacco? Insanely dosed with nicotine, used as a vice when you are
stressed... and both tobacco & alcohol give you severe cancer!!.

So why are Alcohol & tobacco legal & the others not, because you
are more useful to a society based on greed & power dumbed down,
not wide awake to the issues. Wake up world, wake up! If what I say
throughout my life resonates with you then hold onto it and seek more
wisdom from wherever you may find it, but remember to look within first.

The answers to our lives lie within our own experience, figure them out
and let go of the negative, come into now. If you are focused on
something in the past, if you complain, realize that you do so because
you have already made the choice to accept it and do nothing to improve
it. When does that end? If you are god and god is love, then to love god you must be love, love is not negative so why think that way?

You shape your life, it is said god knows your destiny, well you are
god, you know what will make you happy & only you can make the
choice to pursue it. If you want believe in god look no further then
that fact. You have always heard that it is important to believe in
yourself right? So does this all not make sense?

Every major messenger of god has told you the same very important thing.
I am of god, I am a manifestation of god, and you are my brother &
sister. Every religion! They have all taught equality, they have all
taught that god, the universe is all and is love! Yet you choose to
focus on things not of love during your lifetime. You choose to separate yourself from god & each other. With fear.

You judge yourself by judging your experience, you focus on the negative
& so you create your hell. Just as I focus on all the feelings of
love and my ambitions and what makes me happy, I am now going after it
with all my heart, that ambition being this. I've been writing a book
for over a year now, I have even been going to small speaking events to help me overcome my shyness & even have setup a website for articles

I am working on my issues only because I let go of fear & doubt. I
spent time to reflect on my life, to find the lessons in all the issues
of my past that I replayed in my mind over and over again when I got
depressed. Once I dissected all of this & had turned all of those
negative moments into positive experiences by ...realizing I had learnt
from them, and thus they shaped me into who I was. It changed

You see thinking negatively about anything you have experienced in the
past is only thinking negatively about yourself. It is not loving who
you are since in this reality you define who you are by the experiences
you share with others, essentially how other people perceive you. You
see yourself as an image, instead of ...what you really are. Of course
not everyone, but the majority

Remember if anything you read hereresonates with you, I suggest you begin to reflect on your life &
seek more wisdom. You don't need to believe everything I say, it is
merely my truth & the answers to my life,... you will find your own
through your own experience. Point is, this is heaven if you see it that

P.S. Any mention of god that I make can also be substituted for the
universe, everything, the one, one consciousness, Jesus consciousness,
you, me, I. All that good stuff, it's all the same. Am I crazy Yep! But
to society most people who ever did anything worth reporting in history
were to.
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  • Thank you for the sweet inspiration! I deeply resonate! ;-)
  • Thank you for the kind words everyone. I love you all so much. It pored out of me on my facebook page in status updates in a span of 30 minutes or so, it was an amazing thing to experience. I am glad it resonates with you all.
  • Absolutely, perfectly spoken. I love you as I love myself :) my God-friend!
  • I think that we are all gods and goddesses.... beings of a higher nature.


    We have the capability to become something phenomenal, and I know we are "becoming".... :)
  • Hello! My cosmic brother/cyberfriend! Thank you for the message.I enjoyed reading it very much.Your,"Cosmic Family of One!"Is with you always! The IS-BE'S(Immortal Spiritual Beings) unconditionally love you.As do I as well!
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"I do not have any opinion on tree in the forest, RL. I think it is meaningless. I also think Emperors clothes is literally irrelevant to discussion"
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""These are your words, not mine. I have not said anything even remotely like this"

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