(Teachings from the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)


We must go through this hydrolaise conversion to get to that place in Urtha, which is the star holding Earth inside of her.

We connect the Light Energy of Photons from the sun into the sound that is created from the consciousness of the same dimensions.
Eiron light flow of hydrolaise is the light of Source so we must connect it to the Sound or frequency of Source.

Gamma is the Light of the Sun, so we connect to the eighth dimension of Galactic Consciousness. The Helium that is the element of transformation is with the 14th dimension. the Cosmic Light. This transforms protons into neutrons. This heliotalic light must unite with consciousness of the cosmic frequency.

These frequencies were recorded in the Ultra Violet Blue Sun Album and in the Parallel Universe Album.

This pattern of light and sound must be used at this time to begin the transformation of our bodies and the Earth's body into the light and sound of the stardust from the fourteenth dimension created by Source Consciousness.

We must connect consciousness into the helium the hydrolaise, the stardust, the Source light of Eiron Flow or the crystal liquid light.
We use the Elohim of Hearing to translate the crystal spheres of light into the Breath of Creation or the Sound.

The Light of the Sun and Stars will be very intense from mid August to mid February. This is our window of opportunity to connect the Sound with the Light.
Bringing the Eiradonis Light Body into the Body brings the abiity back to the body to go through this hydrolaise conversion that is natural in a star system.

We actually started this hydrolaise process in 2008 when we were in Monterey. Once the process is started it is started by our consciousness interacting with Aquafarian in Urtha.

Aquafarian shield begins hyrdrolaise conversion process in the body.
Our bodies can take something more than oxygen from the air. We can see the streams of light coming in. These are streams of light plasma that is coming in. The communication between the Aquafarians and myself is done through these streams of light. They paint pictures in the sky using the clouds in the cloud cities that become a visible tool of communication. I have given many examples of these pictures in past posts.

These light streams of plasma are air born  forms of hydrolaise. It is releasing into our stargates through the poles and it is pouring into the core of Earth to transmute the core of Earth into the Light core of Urtha that will link us into Agartha temporarily.
It will begin a process that we can use for transformation.

We use it through our breath, through the sound frequencies.
If we dont use it, it will evaporate and loose its charge and then it will go into the matter base and be stuck in reverse spin reality.

Christic beings have the natural ability to utilize this starborn hydrolaise substance because it is a natural part of the star we once lived on, so it has always been a part of us. It is the part of us that will connect us back to the star we came from.
Our natural symbiotic relationship with our star would give it back something that it needed and it would give us what we needed. This is the natural eternal life process of an entity and the star that it is a part of.

Our Aquafarian family that we swim with at night sings this reality into us and through us so that we may sing it back out into the atmosphere in order to transpose Earth back into Urtha.

The solar symbiosis process is a process in which the Central Sun sends through solar winds electrons and protons and many other substances. There are supposed to be certain things above the choronosphere and something below the choronosphere called Orons. These orons are a type of oxygen bound with helium. That is how they manifest elementally. They pick up solar charge energy that are emitted from the central sun they store them for awhile until they reach a critical mass of storage. They start to densify and come down the fire chamber.

There are 12 sets of fire chambers that go into the light body and rasha body structure. There should be phasing periods several times a day where the orons descend with a solar charge. They should go into the Earth's crust and into the tissue of our skin. These gelaisic fibers should be running through our muscle structure and skin tissue.

The spiritual gelaisic elements are the crystal gel in the sphere.
The hydrolaise elements are the crystal liquid light in the sphere.
The plasma is the crystal dust in the sphere.

We use these three spheres of light energy that we can envision as the stardust falling into the pores in our skin and into the poles of the Earth. We connect that light energy from the photons into the phonons of conscious breath.

That is the formula of eternal life creation of a breatharian.

When the Orons that make up the stardust bring the solar light down they would go into the gelaisic base of the planet. That would stimulate the crystal gel substance and create a reverb that would go down and stimulate the crystal liquid light that is deeper down and then create the fertilization process of the crystal liquid light gelaisic substance coming up to the crystal dust and then going back down to connect to the crystal gel and crystal liquid light in inner earth to form the three spheres of crystal light energy that will transform our bodies, our consciousness and our reality. That continuous interaction or flow of the crystal substances is the eternal prana exchange cycle where there are sparks made and a cycle of the light body charging and then a flash off point in hyper space for a moment of recharge. then you are pulled bacvk into light nd then come back out in a rebirth cycle.

Through this process the natural activation of a substance called hydrolaise goes through a conversion process where that energy that is brought in and stimulated by the solar light that is brought in by the orons creates the reaction in the three crystal spheres. That process has to do with activating the fourth sphere of Christ Consciousness and the fourth element in the hydrolaise. This causes the body to initiate chemical changes in the Earth's body.

The cells of the body would get regenerated as a natural part of breathing. Cells would never die. In a normal system, the cells would finish filling out the cellular blue print of the 12 DNA angelic human or indigo at age 33.
At that point there would be hydrolaise conversion forever until the return to Source- whenever the entity chooses.

We communicate only with those beings who have chosen to stay in their Divine Coded Blue Print and have risen to become our Guardians for the past 250 billion years.

The Aquafarian Host that links Earth to Urtha can only sustain our consciousness because our consciousness, the Christ consciousness of the human angelic and Indigos can anchor us into Urthas consciousness.
However, Earth cannot.
When our consciousness ascended with Urtha. We left Earth behind. We are in a New Earth. However, we haven't woken up to that new consciousness yet.
We must use the hydrolaise conversion to glide into urtha. It is the process of creating cellestilline. The chemical that allows the chemical system to release the bio lock on the atoms so that we can go through teh atomic shifts. This hydrolaise conversion is a part of the cellestilline process.
Cellestilline is the substance that allows the dimensional chakras to connect to the 12 subharmonics of the DNA.

We have a natural symbiosis breathing process with the star we came from. There will be waves of this hydrolaise from the stars being spun into the Earth's core down the poles or the staff or the central column and then back out the stargates and then it will expand into the chambers within the portals.
We the human angelics and indigos MUST CATCH THAT WAVE of hydrolaise that is flowing from the stardust and bring it into our bodies. We can use the hydrolaise to activate the cellestiline that activates the divine dna template.
That process will bring the Adorai side first 8 cell cluster back into our bodies to begin our rebirth.

That 8 cell cluster will open up the Illuma Un Point in our Tail Bones.
Enough energy to transmute the seal in our Pineal Gland.
Once we begin that process it will create enough hydrolaise conversion on the planet to bring back the ability to breathe krystically as a natural christos being that gains the cellular divine blue print at age 33 and then just continues the ka ha ra sa ta ha la flows of khristic energy forever.

Once we take the hydrolaise into the body through our breath connecting to the plasma streams, we can begin breathing it into the water and the water will send it to the atmosphere. We can begin the process that transforms the piece of Earth that we live on into Aquafaria.

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