How Can We Best Find Inner-Harmony and Collective Unity?

This is the first of perhaps many video presentations given from yours truly.


In this video, I examine how we can find [and spread] collective unity by first attaining personal harmony. I also discuss the reasons some have been and are held back from attaining the inner-harmony that will help us achieve unity with everyone around us.


Accompanying essay:


I would like now to examine and discuss how we can best find unity a collective. As many of us know, unity is and will be the driving force that sees us collectively rebuilding the condition our world has been in and our finding of unity is crucial toward the manifesting of the future we wish to see come about. We simply cannot work together harmoniously if we are still separated from each other because of outer differences that have no importance in the grand picture of Life.


We are all One soul, One entity and we have allowed ourselves to split into different reflective personalities and cultures but beyond the perceived outer differences of each of us, we are still one entity and when we unite and realize the powers we possess as a collective body, we will truly begin to find peace and a restoration of the collective Lighted energies that have always laid beyond our sphere of perception, waiting to be accessed.


We cannot simply wait around for change to be enacted or unity to form itself; we must work with all of ourselves to bring-forth the change we wish to see in the Earth collective, for our governing bodies are not working in our best interests and it is and has always been We the People who must unite and work together to sustain our collective and our world. When we are kept separated with divisive mind and heart sets as well as stereotypes and assumptions about our fellow Man, we experience a temporary severing of our inherent collective unity and our ability to see ourselves and each other in a clear light is vastly inhibited.


Many souls are hateful toward others because they have pain locked within themselves and rather than accessing, surfacing and getting past this pain, such souls will take to lashing out at others and constantly attempting to tear their fellow man down with any perceived imperfection they can notice in another.


Perfection and respect is taken from their fellow man because they feel that theirs has been taken and do not want to acknowledge their own inner-held pain. It is easier to lash out at others than confront oneself if one holds pain deep within and severing the connection to one’s own God source has in many cases, caused a lack of unity with one’s fellow man.


The lower vibrations could not be prevalent on our world if they were not prevalent within ourselves, which is why it is important for us to mend ourselves and find a relationship with our higher selves which will inevitably mend and transmute all inner-held pains and fears, if we wish to find unity with those around us.


We can even tend to lash out at others who are close to us and we can be subjected to such a lashing-out ourselves by those around us. Such moments of frustration and anger come from a deeper-rooted issue or pain within oneself that is difficult to acknowledge, and it is easier to express that pain toward another than attempt to connect with the pain driving the anger or frustration.


We have heard time and time again of the importance of finding unity and most of us understand the importance of our doing so, but what are we doing in our everyday Lives to anchor the energies of peace, harmony and collective unity unto this world? Are we Living and speaking our thoughts or are we allowing ourselves to preach without practicing what we preach?


When we begin to open up within ourselves to the higher realms, we naturally see the importance of mending our inner-held pains and fears as well as respecting and Loving our fellow Man. We begin to understand and abide by the natural Laws of Karma and Attraction and we learn that what we do to others is affecting us in very real ways because again, we are One entity.


Again, I think it is very important for us to find balance and harmony with ourselves if we wish to find such harmony with all those around us. When we find that perfect balance within, we are able to shine our Light toward others who will gratefully accept such Light and gift it back to us and to all those around us and them. Our method of interacting with others in the time ahead will be so wonderful and we will be so very close with every dear soul on this world as we will realize that we are One collective entity comprised of individual Lighted personalities.


So many souls are doing all they can to anchor and spread peace and collective harmony on this planet and when we find that inner-harmony within, we will be able to express the inner-feelings toward those around us and many will respond favorably while some may withdraw from the unity, depending on how ready they are to accept it.


There are some people who would likely respond negatively if one were to approach them in an incredibly-nice manner and while the majority of us know that the world simply cannot move on and evolve without our collective experiencing and knowing unity, there are plenty of people on this world who just don’t seem to be ready for unity; for Loving their fellow Man and respecting all those around them; for getting in touch with their personal emotional side because they’ve been programmed to feel ashamed of it.


At present, plenty of gruesome vibrations are still manifested on this world as well and such vibrations drive exponentially, the separation-based realities that many unawakened souls are still feeding. However, so many of us are beginning to open up in ourselves and find that aforementioned inner-unity and harmony and our Lighted energies are long beginning to trump and transmute the dense ones that would hold themselves up forever on this world if allowed.


So let’s say we’ve found the inner-unity and we are ready to begin expressing it toward our fellow Man. How would we go about doing this? How would be go about further anchoring this energy unto the collective? Well, our channeled sources have discussed the fact that any concept or idea we get out into the collective in any ways will anchor itself upon the thought and emotional impressions of the collective conscious and subconscious, despite the physical exposure such ideas get.


For example, a video about unity or world peace could be made and seen by ten thousand people, but the very ideas and concepts expressed in such a video would be anchored upon the collective subconscious as well as magnified exponentially by each person who has seen the video, and the concepts of it would latently and gradually begin to make themselves known within the individual thought or emotional processes of each person on Earth.


So basically, no matter the physical exposure your cause gets you will still anchor it unto the collective and help each individual on our world to better-understand the cause you would attempt to bring forth. So dear friends, let us apply this concept to our dilemma of expressing our inner-unity toward those around us. What can we do? Well, we can get active in expressing unity to anybody who cares to hear about it! Even if you don’t get a lot of exposure, do it anyway because with the concept described above, your and our cause of spreading unity out to the collective of Earth will be quite successful if you simply show the incentive!


Write about unity; about world peace, harmony and collective sustainability. Blog about it; cover news stories about peace and unity unfolding in various areas of the world. Start a blog site; start a radio show; make a video; make a song; I could go on and on with things we can do to begin anchoring unity unto the collective and again, everything we do will aide our cause exponentially.


The more we discuss unity and world peace and the more focus and exposure we give it, the more its possibility will naturally expand and as there are very many efforts at present to unseat and contain the cabals, our spreading of unity and peace in any ways possible will aide such endeavors and see us delivering ourselves to our New World that much faster. It won’t simply come to us; we have to anchor it and display it in ourselves.


We have to be the peace, unity and change that we wish to see and we have to allow any personal or inner-held pains, fears or prejudices toward oneself or any others fade away completely as we realize the hollow and illusory nature of such things. Besides working with all of ourselves to familiarize the collective with the energies and concepts of peace and unity, it is important to display peace and unity in our everyday Lives.


If somebody cuts you off in traffic, send them Love instead of bitterness. If a perfect stranger smiles at you, smile back and display their respect back to them. Show yourself and others that you are a beacon of respect, of unity, of peace and every other energy of higher dimensional change that you wish to anchor upon this world and see expressed in a collective fashion.


Besides making a video, writing or singing about unity to anchor it unto the collective subconscious, the actions you perform will have the same effect of exposing the collective that much more to the energies and mindsets of unity and Oneness. Walk your talk and be a brimming example for the higher realms to come forth!


There truly is nothing stopping us from finding an individual harmony as well as a collective unity, accept for ourselves. Complacency has held us back exponentially in the past but we now have the awesome powers of enlightenment and realization and when we utilize these powers to the greatest extents, our goals will be quite easy to achieve and we will feel so fulfilled and rewarded for our own actions in anchoring unity and really putting those concepts and ideas out there for the rest of the collective to absorb and benefit from.


Inner-harmony is again, important if we wish to garner unity with those around us and it is hoped that I’ve been able to give a few suggestions that will help us all to anchor individual and collective harmony and unity unto this Earth. We can do it – but we have to try!


Wes Annac – Ready to see a world united in peace.

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